Sep 9 2015

Serafina, Fort- Review


Serafina 1Being a Verified Reviewer on Zomato has its perks and I must say that I’m blessed ‘cause I’ve been trying so many new restaurants and cafes all around the city! When Kaiarsh from Zomato, mailed me about the Serafina #Zomatomeetup, I was super excited! I had read mostly good things about the restaurant and I was finally going to try it myself. *woot woot*

Food– Where do I begin! So there was this special menu just for us at the #Zomatomeetup from which we could order whatever we wanted. Now imagine a bunch of hungry foodies sitting at a table…yeah kinda like vultures waiting to sweep its prey off the ground. Haha! Here’s all the stuff I had.

Fresh Lime Soda (sweet) – Perfect in taste, just needed ice.

Potato & Leek Soup- Have it only if you really must have a soup. I’m not a fan of potato in liquid form.

Potato Involtini (Roasted baby potatoes topped with creamy fondue sauce and caramelized garlic- THE BEST potato starter EVER! You cannot, just cannot skip this beauty of a dish when at Serafina! This dish must win the best starter award if there could be something like that. I swear, it’s that good.

Margherita Pizza- Pretty good. I liked that the crust wasn’t as thin as a naan and in fact was slightly crispy.

Serafina2copyTartufo Nero (Robiola cheese, fontina, truffle cheese, truffle oil, sliced black truffle) – Stinks like rotten milk mixed sweaty shoes and methane gas but tastes so good that it will compel you to forget about the stench. It doesn’t sound appetizing at all but once you eat it, you will love it. You’ve just got to trust me about this.

Melanzane Speziata (San Marzano tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, spicy eggplant, jalapeños, lettuce, goat cheese and balsamic reduction) – I’m not a fan of eggplant, especially on pizza but this one was quite something. A combination of everything right. Tad spicy but delicious nonetheless.

Penne Alla Vodka (Italian peeled tomato sauce, cream and a little vodka) – This reddish creamy pasta was good. I liked that the pasta was nice and saucy.

Farfalle Al Pesto (Bowtie pasta with homemade pesto) – I would have liked some more pesto in this pasta.

Serafina3Ravioli Al Tartufo Nero (Home style Black Truffle Ravioli and a touch of butter) – Smelly again but taste-wise ace.

Risotto Pepperonata (Creamy saffron Risotto topped with assorted bell peppers sautéed in pomodoro sauce) – Great combination and a happy taste that lingers till you have your next dish. I would say let nothing but dessert be eaten after this dish.

Jalapeno Mac n Cheese- Mac n cheese is my usual preference of pasta because I love white sauce pasta. I have to say though that this one at Serafina was just okay. The jalapenos didn’t do much and it was a little bland for my liking.

TiramisucopyTiramisu- OH MY GOD! Its been more than a week and I still can’t forget my first bite of Serafina’s Tiramisu. Whoever came up with that recipe, is pure genius! I would skip all my meals to have just that. Sogoodsogoodsogood! If you’re thinking of what to give me as a birthday or anniversary present, I would love Serafina’s Tiramisu, thank you.

Chocolate Ganache Mousse Cake- #Yummyinmytummy! This one’s got the right amount of chocolate to make you satisfy all your chocolate cravings, especially during that time of the month, ladies. Gentlemen, you will know what it feels like to have your craving satisfied during that time of the month if you were a lady.

Panna Cotta- This was my least favourite dessert. I didn’t like the texture of the Panna Cotta or the taste.

Ambience– With a mezzanine floor, Serafina at Fort is a very well planned and executed restaurant with adequate amount of space to sit, well done interiors and comfortable furniture. The music will take you back to the 80s and 90s, songs that are hum worthy. There’s a bar if you want to just grab a drink and a wood fire oven open for you to see how well they make pizzas from scratch.

Service– I can’t really comment about the service until the next visit as this was a #Zomatomeetup and we had waiters at our service throughout.

Serafina4copyPrices– I wouldn’t say Serafina is reasonably priced. Yes, it is on the expensive side but the quantity and quality of the food is perfect. The potato and leek soup is priced at Rs. 250. The Potato Involtini is priced at Rs. 375, the pastas are mostly priced at Rs. 600 and up and so are the mains. Now the pizzas are priced from Rs. 475 to Rs. 1250 for a 9” pizza. Yup! The Tartufo Nero is priced at Rs.1250 because of its expensive ingredients. The desserts are priced at Rs. 375 for the Chocolate Ganache Cake and Panna Cotta while the Tiramisu which is full value for money is priced at Rs. 595. A Fresh Lime Soda is priced at Rs. 150. In all, if you share a starter, main course and dessert along with individual mocktails, you would spend roughly 1000-1200 per head which is not bad for the brilliant food and Tiramisu you get here!

Verdict– My review can be summed up in 3 MUST HAVE dishes at Serafina- Potato Involtini, Tartufo Nero (Ignore the smell) pizza and TIRAMISU.

Rating– 4/5

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Jan 13 2015

Biryani360, Bandra (w)- Review


Biryani360 RoochsterSo I’ve tried biryani at many places in Mumbai and inadvertently it’s only been ordered ‘cause there’s still some space in the stomach after eating some naan and sabzi. Other than that I’d have some biryani at weddings. Yeah, so I am a vegetarian and I don’t find biryani fascinating the way a non-vegetarian would find it that too because of the mutton, mostly.  Lucky, Harpal, Copper Chimney, Samrat, Santoor, Shiv Sagar are a few places I have eaten biryani at. I also tried some in Hyderabad when I went there since ‘Hyderabad Biryani’ is so famous (Nothing to brag about, really!) Oh but let me not forget the most ridiculously  ridiculous ‘Birizza’ (Pizza Biryani) from Pizza Hut. So that’smy little summary of how important biryani is in my life. And then came Biryani360. *drum roll*

The Build up– So on a random day I received an email from the very good looking Shayan Italia who is the man behind Biryani360. I was on my honeymoon then and promised I would get in touch in January once back. After many email exchanges, we froze on Friday night to try some Veg Biryani. Karan (mi amor) and I went to his place along with blogger Uday and his friend. Now Karan being a complete non vegetarian and not-interested-in-biryani-because-of-all-the-oil-and-garam-masala kinda guy, he was a bit apprehensive and not excited at all to go try the biryani with me. But well, things did change the moment we entered Shayan’s place. The aroma of saffron mixed with flavourful herbs and rice filled our nostrils. The next half an hour or so Shayan spoke about how Biryani360 as a concept came along sprinkling some PR dust onto us and while all that was going on, all I could think about was the biryani!

The Experience– As we sat on the dining table, Shayan filled some Biryani360 onto our plates and left us there to photograph, analyze, savour, compare and feast on the mouth watering Biryani and raita. After taking our first bites all of us gave him our nod of approval and gobbled up every morsel. Once we told him how we felt about it, he gaveus a small serving of some Lucky Biryani. Now let’s compare.

  • Oil: Biryani360– Very little oil and the vegetables are cooked to perfection. Lucky– Rice and veggies soaked in oil.
  • Spices and flavours: Biryani360– Just the right amount of spicy, using natural herbs and spices. Lucky– Oil overpowering the spices and flavours.
  • Freshness: Biryani360– No artificial colours or preservatives. The biryani stays fresh only for upto 6 hours. Lucky– Has colours, preservatives and can be consumed even after 12 hours.
  • Price point: Biryani360– Light on the stomach but heavy on pocket. Lucky– Heavy on stomach and pocket friendly.
  • Portion: Biryani360– Portion only for one person. Lucky– Portion sufficient for two people.

So after some comparisons, I have gathered that Biryani 360 is the sure shot healthy option. However, there are pros and cons which I shall mention too.

Pros of Biryani360:

  • A good meal option for office goers.
  • The biryani is rich in herbs, spices and uses very little oil so it is good for those struggling to maintain weight.
  • It is undoubtedly yummyinmytummy, thoughtfully made with the finest, premium
  • The raita that comes along with the biryani is lip smackingly delicious! It goes very well with the biryani.
  • The Veg biryani is given equal importance (if not more) as compared to the Un- Veg biryani so a non-vegetarian will also love the veg biryani without the pieces of chicken or meat.

Cons of Biryani360:

  • 360 for a Veg Biryani is a bit much for a regular meal. So for a family of 4, spending Rs. 1440 on just Biryanithat too to be eaten at home would be quite expensive.
  • They only accept online payments.
  • No dining in as of now. Once they begin operations, the delivery will be limited to Bandra and Khar.
  • No variety. Vegetarians can eat only one type of Biryani. Non-vegetarians can have Un-Veg or Veg biryani which is still a limited choice.
  • If the ingredients are premium and fresh, having potatoes and paneer variations in Biryani would be another reason for one to call for the biryani more often.

Verdict– My mouth is watering as I say this… Biryani360’s biryani is the best Veg Biryani I have ever had and highly recommend you to try it atleast once. The raita is super amazing too! It is a bit heavy on the pocket but I promise you it will be worth every penny! Must try!

Rating– 4/5


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Apr 28 2011

Suzette, Nariman Point- Review


Good news, townies! You know how we townies aren’t as lucky as the burbies ‘cause you’d hear of a new place opening in South Mumbai only once in 6-10 months whereas in Bandra/Andheri a new restaurant opens almost every month! So I was really excited about trying Suzette, especially since it’s very close to my place. And here’s my review of it.

Food– Suzette is a creperie (A crêperie may be a takeaway restaurant or stall, serving crêpes as a form of fast food or street food, or may be a more formal sit-down restaurant or café- Wikipedia). Crepes- savoury and sweet, salads and non-alcoholic beverages are the items on the menu. I went with my brother who had already eaten his lunch so we decided to call for a savoury crepe and a sweet one. We had Italie (Roquette, tomato coulis, mozzarella and oregano). My brother had never seen a crepe before so on seeing it he said, “This looks like a Mysore Cheese Dosa!” To be honest, a crepe is almost a Dosa. The only difference might be that the flour is made of buckwheat or some other organic flour. It was very ok. Next we called for the Nutella Crepe which was heavenly! Simple but yet very well done and very yummy! I’d definitely have that again next time I go there! But I needed 2 crepes to fill me up. My brother hardly had 3-4 bites.

Ambience– Suzette is located at Nariman Point under an office building in place of Barista/Subway. They’ve done it up pretty well using matte black and white as the main colours and light wood furniture. The décor is very simple and minimal which gives the place a very informal and yet classy look. Also, being a small place, there are just 3-4 tables and a couple of bar stools. They also place nice music!

Service– The service is very good. We had the owners come and take our order and suggest what we should have. Only problem was that once they were gone, the kitchen staff was louder than the people eating at the restaurant which was not-so-cool! But otherwise, there’s a lot of warmth and friendliness which I liked in the service.

Prices– The savoury crepes (Suzette Specials) are priced at Rs. 230 and above. There are also the classics which start from Rs. 160. Salads are priced at Rs. 200 and above and sweet crepes/desserts are priced at Rs. 100 and above. They have a variety of drinks too. Juices- Rs.110, Smoozies- Rs. 130, etc. In case you want to go for a breakfast/lunch meal, they have those too priced at Rs. 200 and above. We ended up shelling out Rs. 470 (including VAT and Service tax) for a savoury crepe and a sweet crepe which is slightly expensive on a normal day.

Verdict– Suzette is a nice place, especially for breakfast. Unfortunately when I went there, I didn’t see their last page which has some pretty reasonable package meals. If I did see that, I’d have one of those! So I suggest you consider that before placing your order. I recommend the Nutella Crepe- MUST HAVE!

Rating– 3/5

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Apr 22 2011

Gostana, Bandra (W) – Review


Burgers are not my favourite things to eat. I don’t like Burger King or Burger Barn or any of those places that specialize in making burgers. The only burgers I eat are those from Mc Donald’s or home. So what did I think of Gostana? You’re just about to find out!

Food– Gostana specializes in making junk food healthy. They have burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and salads on their menu all made the healthy way. Whole wheat and multi-grain breads, steamed patties, salads instead of white bread, fried patties and fries and ketchup. Now that’s really interesting considering how diet conscious everyone is! They also serve a variety of shakes, smoothies and other things. I had the Spinach and cottage cheese burger which was pretty good. I could taste more spinach than cottage cheese but their Gostana cold sauce did the trick. It gave the burger a very good flavour. My friend had the Chicken burger and was pretty disappointed. Being a burger freak, he thought his burger was not up to the mark and said, “If I think of a burger place I think of a nice messy full piece of meat in awesome mayo, garlic sauce and something that is juicy accompanied by fries or onion rings and coke! I mean the moment I think burger I think wow unhealthy amazing food”. We were full at the end of it but not stuffed.  Finally, we shared a House Lemonade called ‘Magnificent’ which was nice.

Ambience– This little burger joint in Bandra shares space with the famous pizza place, Da Vinci at Pali Naka, in the lane opposite Basilico. It’s literally little with about 3-4 tables inside and 2 tables outside. We sat outside ‘cause there was a cute Labrador puppy inside which my friend was scared of. Haha!

Service– The staff is very warm and our food came superfast! We had called for whole wheat buns but since they didn’t have those, they gave us the multi-grain buns and didn’t charge extra for that. Really sweet na?

Prices– The burgers are all for Rs. 150 and above. A little pricey for a burger but I think the health factor works here along with the perfect location in Bandra. The drinks are around Rs. 100 each too. My friend didn’t think the burger was worth the money at all. He expected a lot better.

Verdict– Gostana is a good place if you’re craving junk food and still trying to lose weight. The prices are ok considering how expensive things have become anyway. The staff is warm and the place is small. So give it a shot only if you’re not expecting a burger full of mayo and cheese!

Rating- 3/5

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Apr 10 2011

Arthur’s Theme, Juhu- Review


I remember the Arthur’s Theme at Koregaon Park, Pune. I’d been there with my friends about 9 years ago when I was in college. Now since they opened one at Juhu I thought why not try that too and so I did.

Food– They serve European, Italian and French cuisine. If you check out their menu, they have very interesting names for all their dishes- named after European Kings and other popular historical figures.  You can check their menu here. My friend and I wanted to eat a light meal and so we called for a Rosa (Penne pasta served in cheese sauce with spring onions and lemon rind). Now that’d probably be one of the cheesiest pastas I’ve had! It was good and would be enough for one person to finish without starters but taste-wise it could’ve been better. For dessert we called for Crepes stuffed with chocolate cream sauce and topped with honey. We got exactly two small rolls of those. I personally am not a fan of crepes and this didn’t change what I thought of them. I mean to say that they were very ok except for the chocolate cream sauce inside. The second time I went to Arthur’s theme, I tried Bors (Jalepeno & Cheese Poppers). At first they looked like bhajiyas but right having a bite I realized looks can be deceptive! They were yum! For main course we tried Humbert (Cottage cheese shaslik with red gravy served on a bed of rice). That too was delicious! In fact, I was pleasantly surprised with the yumminess of the food the second time I was there!

Ambience– I didn’t get a European feel to the place. When you hear ‘Arthur’s theme’ you’d imagine something more royal-looking or something which has that kind of charm and elegance. I’m not saying the décor is bad but it’s not how I imagined it to be. We saw a sword lying somewhere in a corner. It is located at Juhu above CCD and Tian.

Service– The service was just ok for the first time but they took good care of us the second time I went there.

Prices– The prices are normal just like any other restaurant. I wouldn’t say value for money but just normal. The starters are priced at Rs. 250 and up, my pasta was for Rs. 320 and all the mains are also priced at Rs. 300 and up. The desserts were for Rs. 180 and up. I didn’t think my dessert was worth the cost at all!

Verdict– Arthur’s Theme is good. Don’t miss the Jalepeno Cheese Poppers and Cottage Cheese Shaslik with rice! I changed my verdict after going there for the second time.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Apr 6 2011

Penne, Juhu- Review


I decided to go try Penne to experience what it was like since I’d read so much about their pizzas and I’m a full on pizza fan. Was Penne good enough for me? You’re just about to find out!

Food– As the name suggests, Penne serves Italian & Mediterranean cuisine- Pizzas, pastas, risottos, etc. My friends and I decided to call for their famous 13” thin crust Margherita pizza which I just had to try and the veg Antipasti platter. Since it’s an expensive place, we decided to stick to just 2 dishes. The pizza was nice. It had cherry tomatoes and yum cheese. I just thought that the pizza sauce could have been much better… it was very tomatoey! I think if a person has that 13” pizza it wont fill them up cause it’s so thin and light! Then we got the Anti-pasti platter and our eyes started deciding which item to have first. There were baked mushrooms with cream cheese and spinach, jacket mini potatoes with cheese, Caesar salad, 4 different kinds of Bruschettas with mushrooms, Arrabiata, tomatoes & cheese and cold baked beans as toppings, babycorn with stuff in it that tasted good and a tartar dip. I only liked the Jacket mini potatoes, Caesar salad and the dip. Unfortunately we realized after eating that we had come to ‘Penne’ and hadn’t called for their pasta! 😛 Hota hai hota hai!

Ambience– Penne is located near Juhu Post Office, close to Rock Bottom. It’s a beautiful place where they have an outside as well as inside section. We decided to sit outside as it was just too lovely and it wasn’t too hot either. When you step inside, you’ll find gorgeous chandeliars, pretty candle stands and simple and yet chic furniture. Outside its just as good, only better. I fell in love with the place instantly!

Service– The service was decent; nothing to complain about.

Prices– Yes I know this is a high-end restaurant and I can’t possibly expect lower prices but I wish the food was as good as the price! The pizza which can’t fill a single person up costs Rs. 450 and the Antipasti veg platter cost us Rs. 550! Risottos are priced at Rs. 500 and upwards, the veg pastas are Rs. 450 and up and desserts start at Rs. 300. If you ask me, I don’t think the food is worth the price.

Verdict– Penne is beautiful and a great place to go to on a date or with a close group of friends and family. The food is ok and expensive for a casual lunch or dinner. Go if it’s something special or if you don’t mind spending.

Rating– 3/5

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Apr 4 2011

Fat Cat Café, Andheri (W) – Review


When you hear the name at first it sounds thoda weird na? But this café is anything but weird!

Food– You’ll find continental cuisine here along with alcohol, coffees, etc.  Somehow, even though it’s called Fat Cat “Café” it’s not a café. It’s a proper restaurant and a pretty expensive one at that.  At the beginning of our meal we were served a plate of garlic bread complementary which was pretty good. Then we tried the Pasta Alfredo and absolutely loved it! Everything about it was just perfect! I doubt I’ve had a better Pasta Alfredo anywhere else before this! Then we thought chalo kuchh alag mangaate hain ‘cause we couldn’t really make up our minds about what to call for so we called for the Arancini Napoli (Crisp fried Risotto balls served with tomato dip). It might sound funny but they tasted like Sabudana Wadas even though not really bad in taste but still you know what I mean! Haan so that’s all we had among the 4 of us and were semi-full which means the quantity here is superb!

Ambience– Located near Andheri Sports Complex at Veera Desai Road, Fat Cat Café is a lovely, simple and yet artistic place. You’ll find dark wood furniture with lots of circles as a part of their contemporary décor. They have an indoor as well as outdoor section. I love the place!

Service– Very courteous staff and prompt service.

Prices– I think the prices are a bit much even though the quantity and quality of the food is good. The  vegetarian pasta was for Rs. 325 and the Arancini Napoli was for Rs.225. The sandwiches and burgers are priced at about Rs. 250, the mains start from Rs. 365 and the desserts are for Rs. 185. So price-wise, I’d really like to see either some offers or they should consider dropping the prices and make it a little more affordable so people will go there often.

Verdict– Fat Cat Café is a great place with good food, ambience and service but they definitely should work on their prices to make this a more frequented place. Two thumbs up otherwise!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Mar 21 2011

WTF!, Khar (west) – Review


I’d been wanting to try this place ever since it opened. WTF sounds fun, young and full of promise.  Is it?

Food– Starters and drinks is what the place is all about. No particular cuisine but this café has just one thing in mind- have a good time with a couple of drinks and something to munch on. I’ve tried the Jalepeno Poppers- ok, Corn Cream Squares- good, Paneer Tikka- soft and fresh paneer but elaichi so yuck, WTF! Fries- different and nice, Spicy Chilli Cheese Croquettes- yum! My friend tried the WTF! Prawns which were just ok and could have been better.  Since I don’t drink alcohol, I tried the Fresh lime soda which was good and the Peach Iced Tea which sucked. By the way all this was tried on two different occasions haan! I’m not such a bhukkad also! Quantity-wise everything was good.

Ambience– WTF! Khar is very close to the station. Walking distance. I would’ve preferred it in Bandra but anyway. As a café it’s very chilled out. Nice interiors, very young and fresh. The music is not too loud which is a good thing. They also have a huge screen where people who love sports can watch matches.

Service– Good service, food on time and they even let us park my friend’s car right outside the café!

Prices– Value for money! The food is decent, the quantity is very good and I hear the cocktails are also made very well which makes it worth every penny! The Indian beers are priced at Rs. 120, cocktails are around Rs. 200, veg starters are around Rs. 140 each and non-veg starters are around Rs. 170 each.

Verdict– Wtf! is a great place to hang out with your buddies over a drink or just munch on snacks while watching a match or simply catching up. I say go ahead and try it!

Rating– 3/5

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