Sep 22 2013

Apron Patisserie, Malabar Hill- Review


Apron  Patisserie 2There are loads of people who envy me for the amount of food I get to try and write about as a blogger. Apron Patisserie is one such dessert place I came across on Facebook and I decided that I just had to try it. I don’t think I’ve had a sweeter week and I’m just about to tell you all about Apron Patisserie where each dessert has a spoonful of love.

What I had– I tried loads of desserts and I can’t wait to tell you which ones are kickass! By the way, the packaging is superb! Very classy!  Home bakers must look at this as an example. Also, all the products are eggless so vegetarians can breathe a sigh of relief.

Chocolate chip, Cookie dough, Oreo Fudge Brownie– It looked great and I loved the top chocolate layer but there was this coconut taste which I didn’t like at all and that somehow took away the essence of the brownie.

Apron 1Cupcakes– Cinnamon cream & fudge- Yum! Even though I’m not a fan of cinnamon I thought the cupcakes was great!

Chocolate with Mocha cream- Delicious! All you coffee fans will love it!

Boston Cream Pie- Scrumptious, creamy and rich! An absolute must have cupcake!

Vanilla with hazelnut cream- Brilliantly made. The hazelnut didn’t have a very strong taste but it went well with the sponge.

Red velvet with cream cheese- Not the best Red velvet cupcake I’ve had. Again, a strange coconut taste took away the taste of the sponge and cream cheese.

Chocolate with chocolate mousse- The chocolate sponge was nice but I didn’t quite feel the same way about the chocolate mousse frosting.

Blueberry- Nice. Would taste great cold.

Apple pie- cinnamon- Well made.

Vanilla Cookies & Cream- The best cupcake of them all, hands down! Must have!

Rainbow cupcake- It looked beautiful but the sponge turned out to be bitter and overall it wasn’t as tasty as it looked.

Mocha- Yum! The cream had melted but still fantastic!

Cookies– Chocolate chip & M&M- Both cookies had a generous amount of chocolate chips and MnMs. Apart from the coconut taste, the cookies were rich, soft and would be great to munch on at any time of the day.

Apron 3Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and cookies & cream– The cake didn’t just look tempting; it was full of surprises from the first bite. It was rich, creamy and fun to eat because of the many layers. Highly recommended!

Where? Apron Patisserie is run by a home baker- Anjani Kasliwal. She operates from Malabar Hill and delivers right upto Juhu. To place an order you need to give her a day’s notice. For a big order or to make a themed cake, she needs atleast 3 days prior notice. You can call her on 098 33 126116 to place an order.

How much? A 1 kg cake costs anything between 1200-1500 depending on the type you choose. Cupcakes are for Rs. 600 a dozen, Choco chip brownies are for Rs. 1000 a dozen, Walnut brownies are for Rs. 800 a dozen and cookies are for Rs. 450 a dozen. Great pricing for the quality of ingredients and richness of the dessert.

Verdict– Apron Patisserie’s desserts are rich, scrumptious and made with a lot of love! I highly recommend the Boston cream pie cupcake, the Mocha cream on chocolate cupcake and the three-layered chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and cookies & cream.

Rating– 3/5


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Aug 6 2013

Tawakkal Sweets, Suleman Usman Mithaiwala- Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai


So my Firni craving was finally answered today! So much so that I went to two places to try Firni! Tawakkal Sweets at Bhendi Bazaar and Suleman Usman Mithaiwala at Minara Masjid, both very close to each other. They have a whole lot of sweets at their shops but I’m just going to tell you about my Firni Trail.

Tawakkal FirniTawakkal Sweets- Located at Bhendi Bazaar, in the Saifee Ambulance lane, Tawakkal Sweets is a little shop that’s very well known among the Bohri community. In fact, this particular lane that Tawakkal is located in is also known as the ‘Bohri Mohalla’ and during Ramzan, Bohris from all over Mumbai come to break their fast after sunset (Iftari).

I decided to try the White Firni (Rs. 40) and Mango Firni (Rs. 50) which come in small clay pots (matkas). I can’t tell you how happy that made me!  Both were rich and yum, especially the Mango one which I highly recommend! Totally worth the price!

Suleman Usman MithaiwalaSuleman Usman Mithaiwala– This mithai shop too is very famous among the Muslims and during Ramzan, you will find the place packed! The entire Minara Masjid lane is in fact packed with non-vegetarians who are there to try all kinds of meat! So don’t be surprised with the number of people you’ll find hovering at Suleman Usman for satiating their sweet cravings.

Since I had already tried two firnis from Tawakkal, I decided to pack a couple more to take home and share with family. I tried the White Firni (Rs. 45) which was nice but not as rich as Tawakkal’s and the Strawberry Firni (Rs. 45) which was delicious!

Now I know where to go everytime I have a Firni craving! I’m so glad to have tried both these places! I recommend!

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May 17 2012

6th Street Yogurt, Kemps Corner- Review


Yogurt has never been a part of my choice in desserts. I prefer ice creams or milkshakes to gelato or yogurt. 6th Street Yogurt was not on my ‘To try’ list but since I was in the area, I thought of trying it anyway.

Flavours & Toppings– We went on a day when they had just three flavours of yogurt- Original, Cranberry-Watermelon and Orange Cheesecake. I tasted all 3 and chose to have Cranberry- Watermelon and my friend Fash had the Original. Waise toh they have more flavours but that day some machine had gotten spoilt because of which we could only make a choice from 3 flavours. Both flavours tasted great and were thick and creamy. They have a good variety of toppings- chocolate-based to real fruits to marshmallows, etc. I chose the Ferrero Rocher sauce which was yummy yum yum with my Cranberry-Watermelon yogurt and Fash chose MnMs with her Original yogurt which was quite nice too. They don’t do kanjoosi with toppings which is a very good thing. They also have smoothies, waffles and parfaits which I would like to try some time for sure.

Ambience & Service– Located at Kemps Corner, near Gangar Opticians, 6th Street Yogurt is a small place where you can just buy your yogurt and get out. The staff is courteous and let you try the yogurt and even toppings before you make your choice.

Prices– They have various sizes of cups to choose from depending on how much you want to have. Rs. 40 for a small cup, Rs. 70 for a medium one, Rs.140 for a large one and Rs.180 for an extra large one. We both had the one for Rs. 40 and that much was perfect for a dessert after our meal. Toppings are Rs. 20 for Regular and Rs. 25 for Premium ones.  So, we paid Rs. 65 each for our respective yogurts with a topping each. Now, considering other yogurt places, this one’s not only good taste-wise but the most reasonable too.

Verdict– Value for money and Yummy in my Tummy! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5

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May 9 2012

Roochster Recommends: Tiffany Cream Wafers


What? Chocolate flavoured cream wafers manufactured in Dubai, UAE.

Flavours– Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mango, Coconut & Pineapple.

Taste– Yum! If you’re a Pik-Wik fan or looking for something other than the usual biscuits, go get Tiffany Cream Wafers instead! The chocolate inside is tasty and the wafer covering is crisp.

Where? You can get them at most supermarkets. I usually get them from Mahatma Phule Market at a very good price.

How much? The MRP would be more than Rs.50 but at Mahatma Phule Market you’ll get it at Rs. 40 max for a 175gms pack.

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Jul 4 2011

Mokshkari Dugdhapan, Chira Bazaar- Review


You’re probably wondering from the name itself why I would go to such a place but this is one of those awesome places I discovered when I had just started working at my school, which is in the same area. So here’s why I just had to write about it.

What to have? They have different kinds of milky drinks. If you love milkshakes and other milk products, this place is for you. You get Cold Coco, Masala Milk, Lassi, Kaju & Anjeer Milk, Badam shake, Masala thandai, Kesar Milk, Fruit Salad, Rabdi and Seasonal fresh fruit milkshake if you’re lucky. My personal favourite is Cold Coco but I also like the Rabdi and Badam shake. Thick and yum! They add chocolate chips to the Cold Coco and fresh almonds to the Badam shake making it extremely hard to resist after one sip. I also thought the Fruit Salad was good, however, I didn’t like the Kesar milk ‘cause they put elaichi in it.

Where? It’s a small stall at Chira Bazaar, opposite this restaurant called Aanandashram. It’s at the naka of the Gaaywadi lane. Unfortunately it’s not listed online anywhere so there’s no map or exact location I can help you with but I hope this much info helps. So if you’re a townie and familiar with the area, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

How much? Extremely affordable, the cost of a regular glass is Rs. 20 and large glass is Rs. 30. The Masala Milk, Rabdi and seasonal milk are 5-10 bucks more but that’s hardly anything too.

Final Words? Go try it! You’ll thank me for introducing this place to you! Paisa vasool hai boss!

Rating– 4/5

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