Aug 3 2015

Noodle Play, Powai- Review


Noodle PlaycopyWhen I heard about the concept of food according to star signs, I was intrigued more than anything. How does the star sign of a person define their likes/dislikes of a particular dish? That one question was enough to get me excited to try Noodle Play.

Food– I am an Arien and Karan is a Virgo so the gravy and rice was selected by them accordingly. I got Thai Chili Basil Rice to go with a Mixed veggies in Hunan gravy. While the Thai Chili Basil Rice was perfect, every grain separated by a burst of exactly the flavours promised.  Karan got Egg Fried Rice with Chicken in Sopa gravy. He liked the gravy but felt the chicken could have been juicier. As a starter we got Paneer in Black Pepper which was superb! It wasn’t too spicy neither too sweet. Even though we had it cold, it tasted great so I can imagine how delicious it would be when it’s nice and hot. Great concept and so far they were pretty accurate about the food according to starsigns. However, I would love to try their Kung Pao gravy to get a better idea the next time around.

Prices- The prices are competitive with a lot of other Chinese and Thai places that have opened serving custom made noodles or rice in a paper container that surprisingly stays well inside. The starters are priced at Rs. 200, my Veg Thai Chili Basil rice was for Rs. 130, Egg Fried Rice was for Rs. 140, Gravies are for Rs. 150 for Veg, Rs. 200 for gravy with Paneer and Rs. 220 for gravies with chicken. They also have lemonade and Iced Tea priced at Rs. 60 if you’d like some. So a vegetarian would end up spending about Rs.250 if shared between two. Not bad at all!

Verdict– Apart from the star sign concept, which I think is just a gimmick, the food here is really good and I would definitely like to call from there again.

Rating– 3.5/5


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May 9 2012

Roochster Recommends: Tiffany Cream Wafers


What? Chocolate flavoured cream wafers manufactured in Dubai, UAE.

Flavours– Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mango, Coconut & Pineapple.

Taste– Yum! If you’re a Pik-Wik fan or looking for something other than the usual biscuits, go get Tiffany Cream Wafers instead! The chocolate inside is tasty and the wafer covering is crisp.

Where? You can get them at most supermarkets. I usually get them from Mahatma Phule Market at a very good price.

How much? The MRP would be more than Rs.50 but at Mahatma Phule Market you’ll get it at Rs. 40 max for a 175gms pack.

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Jun 28 2010

Tart, Bandra


After a not-so-tasty dinner at Ray’s last night, the four of us decided to go for sheesha to Mumbai Times Café. We spent at least 15 minutes waiting for an auto but were highly unsuccessful. And so, while walking, I saw a small little cake shop called Tart at Hill Road, near Al’s Tattoo. I remember having seen it before and I was super keen on trying it, plus I wanted to have my dessert. So I just walked into the little place whether or not my friends wanted to go in! The best part was that they were closing but they still let us come in and have what we wanted. 😛 Anyway, I’m just glad we walked in because what was to follow was a pleasant surprise!

On the Menu– Tart is a lovely cake shop which sells cupcakes, tarts, pies, cookies, mousse and all sorts of yummy stuff. Basically it’s a place for people like me who love everything sweet, especially chocolate. Now All 4 of us decided to have something and luckily we all had something different. Fash had a Caramel Cream Cheese Pie which was the melt-in-your-mouth types; I had a flourless chocolate cake which felt like heaven in the mouth; Sneha had Nutella fudge which was quite nice and Kunal had a Cappuccino Éclair which I thought was ok. I wanted to try a lot more but unfortunately we had to leave and plus I was quite full.

Prices– At first when you read the prices you’d think… whoa that’s quite a lot of money for that much… but once you’ve had your first bite, you’ll forget about the prices because the stuff they have is superb! I think its value for money! My flourless chocolate cake cost 85 bucks. The cup cakes cost around 55 per piece with a nice cream layer on top. Totally worth it!

Verdict– I totally recommend this place. You wont leave this place disappointed for sure! The guys who work there are also kind enough to open boxes for you even though it’s closing time for them. I know I’m going to try their cupcakes next time!

Rating- 4.5/5


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