Dec 13 2013

What The Fish!- Movie Review


What the fish! posterDimple Kapadia was the only reason for me to watch ‘What the Fish!’ I felt there had to be something about the movie because otherwise we don’t get to see the beautiful actress much. Let me tell you about my experience.

So, (Mausiji) Dimple Kapadia is a lonely divorced mother who leaves her house in Delhi in the hands of her niece for about a month when she goes to meet her son. The most important things in the house are her fish Mishty and a money plant. Leaving that responsibility with full trust, she comes back to find that her house was as it was… many years ago when she was still with her husband. What she doesn’t know is all the mishaps that have occurred in that one month and that her fish and money plant aren’t the same.

I’d like to say that ‘What the fish’ has an interesting story. However, the screenplay isn’t as exciting as it could have been. Perhaps the director tried too hard to say too much. With individual stories in the big picture, he got a little carried away. Even the two hours seemed too long because of how stretched it is. There are some scenes which are repetitive like the one with one scene about a woman in a white saree running out and Dimple Kapadia face palming or everytime a tenant goes to the Fish Store to buy a fish for the aquarium. It could all have been a lot more fun if the movie ended in an hour. But unfortunately it didn’t.

The setting is real, believable and you do get a Delhi vibe. The characters are a big exaggerated and that’s ok but somehow there’s a hotchpotch in the story telling style which stops the smooth flow of the story and thus diverges from the entertaining factor especially in the second half. The styling is simple; with no extra effort paid to making any of the characters look more than what they’re supposed to be. The cinematography could have been a hundred times better. It’s as if a regular video camera was just handed over to someone who can use it and then high contrasts were used in the edit room later. I wish more attention was given to the editing of the overall film.

Anyway, coming to the performances… Dimple Kapadia is superb! As an annoying and nagging ‘mausiji’ she not only convinces but gets into the skin of her character. Even though she’s not there throughout, she has a strong presence. All the other actors too have done a good job. I thought Anand Tiwari’s role was quite funny in its own way and the role completely suits him. The girl who plays his fiancée Gopa – Deepti Pujari is sweet and plays her part with flair. Manjot Singh, Vishal Sharma and Meenal Tyagi are natural and fun to watch.

Overall, an average film with good performances.

Rating– 2.5/5

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