Sep 5 2014

Mary Kom- Movie Review


Brilliant direction, acting, screenplay, cinematography and overall execution of the story of a real life hero from India so that makes it an absolutely inspiring and must watch film!

Rating- 4/5

Mary Kom poster

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Oct 16 2013

Boss- Movie Review


Boss posterWho would’ve thought that Boss would be a paisa vasool entertainer? Only Akshay Kumar fans, of course! Well, I’m not much of an Akshay Kumar fan, to be honest. Anyway, here goes my review.

Boss tells the story of Surya (Akshay Kumar) who grew up with his father (Mithun Chakraborthy) and brother Shiv (Shiv Pandit) but due to some mishaps, was thrown out of his house and so started living with a gangster Big Boss (Danny Denzongpa) who then named him Boss. A situation arises where bad cop (Ronit Roy) is harassing his real brother Shiv because he’s in love with sister Ankita (Aditi rao Hydari). The father is no match for the cop and has no option but to hire a gangster to get rid of the bad cop, influenced by a politician. The gangster turns out to be his own son- Surya a.k.a Boss.

I must say that director Anthony D’souza has worked in perfect tandem with his production team and technical department. The story is a little lengthy with dialogues that aren’t the best but they do crack you up. There’s a scene in which Akshay Kumar wipes his forehead and some sweat falls on the grass. A plant shoots up. Man says, “Paseene mein itna power ke plant ug gaya?” to which Akshay Kumar says, “Issey ‘Power plant’ kehte hain”.  So yes, now you know what to expect! Haha! I did laugh a lot at this one though and immediately sent it to a couple of friends on Whatsapp who gave me gaalis for it!

The screenplay is a bit shaky but still makes an entertaining film because of so many things put together. The action sequences for one are brilliant! Action director Anal Arasu has done a great job, especially the last action sequence. Cinematographer Laxman Utekar has worked his magic with the camera and the slow motion shots look beautiful! The way he’s captured every frame makes the film look very rich. Also the background score and sound effects work miraculously with the flow of the film. Good job Sandeep Shirodkar and Leslie Fernandes!

I just felt that the music was average. The songs ‘Har kisiko’ and ‘Boss’ stand out and have been shot very well. The costumes are good except for the stupid looking ‘Boss ring’ Akshay Kumar keeps flashing throughout the movie.

Coming to the best part about the film… the performances. This is one of those films where the hero and villain must have great screen chemistry and we get to see exactly that. Ronit Roy is perfect as the bad cop and super convincing. Akshay Kumar is good as Boss and the way he does the action scenes is just fantastic! Shiv Pandit is natural and gives a good performance. Mithun Chakraborthy and Danny Denzongpa are superb! I also thought that the young Akshay Kumar did a great job too. Aditi Rao Hydari is not too bad either. In short, every actor in this film contributes largely into making it a performance-driven film.

Overall, Boss is a paisa vasool entertainer on the lines of Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore and Singham and I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it was slightly long.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Aug 23 2013

Madras Cafe- Movie Review


madras-cafe posterMadras Cafe is a political thriller that didn’t seem exciting enough to me so I went for it half-heartedly, expecting it to be completely boring.  But surprisingly it was not bad at all! Here’s more.

John Abraham plays Vikram Singh, an Indian spy working closely with RAW who is sent to Sri lanka for a secret operation. He meets British journalist Jaya who’s trying to uncover hidden truths about the civil war and in the process discovers that a former prime minister is under threat among other conspiracies.

Since I barely read newspapers, I had no clue about the civil war that took place between India and Sri Lanka for so many years. I had only heard the term LTTE but never bothered to find out what it stood for. Madras Cafe sort of educated me in that department. The story is different and deals with a sensitive issue and no doubt director Shoojit Sircar has dealt with it bravely. Ok now I have no idea what happened in the first half of the film. Everything went above my head and I was absolutely clueless and lost. The second half luckily saved the sinking ship and things were clearer. So as a thriller the first half was quite a build up where people like me are only blank and hoping the second half would be better and then it just grips you. . The screenplay written by Somnath Dey and Shubendu Bhattacharya is fast paced but I wish the first half of the movie was as good as the second. Also, I didn’t get why Nargis Fakhri spoke in an American accent if she was from the UK and only spoke in English even when she was spoken to only in Hindi.

Brilliant cinematography by Kamaljeet Negi. Great locations, setting and overall look of the film. It’s a good thing that the director chose not to add songs except for a track that’s played at the end with the credits. The background music is well done.

John Abraham is only getting better as an actor and it shows in Madras Cafe. He’s real, subtle and just right for the part of Vikram Singh. Although his worn out-and- retired-drunk-man look is bad he manages to look super hot in the rest of the film. Nargis Fakhri is shockingly natural and fits the part well. Remember her in Rockstar? Well, don’t! She’s a hundred times better as an actor in this. She looks beautiful too as we know. Raashi Khanna who plays John’s wife in the film did a good job too. Siddhartha Basu, Prakash Belawadi (even with his weird accent), Ajay Ratnam and Kannan Arunachalam did a wonderful job. I can easily say that the performances are all top notch and Shoojit Sircar knows how to bring out the best in his actors.

If you’re looking to watch a film that’s made well and has great performances, Madras Cafe is the one.

Rating– 3/5

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Jul 12 2013

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag- Movie Review


bhaag_milkha_bhaag_posterVery rarely do you come across a film that is nearly flawless. When you see the trailer and songs of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, you would never expect it to be so good but it’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised now isn’t it?

The story is Milkha Singh’s. An athlete who’s struggle was not only about winning races but about overcoming his darkest nightmares and fears. His courage and willpower along with his coaches motivated him to such an extent that he’s known as ‘The Flying Sikh’ because of all the records he broke and all his achievements. The film also gives a huge account of his childhood days when he was separated from his family because of the India-Pak partition.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has made Rang De Basanti in the past and we already know how brilliant he is as a director. He chooses the most powerful stories and turns them into masterpieces. He did that with Rang De Basanti and now Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Yes, it is a lengthy film of 3 hours and 8 minutes and not everyone will think its ok to watch his love story and childhood story which take up so much time. However, if you’re making a biopic, there’s a lot to consider because as an audience you would want to know what made the person do certain things and if they had a connection with their past. Even a film like Titanic had a love story. The fact that its a period film means there are even more things to consider. For example the styling, the look and make up of all the characters and places. I did expect a bit more ‘vintage looking’ film though.

Prasoon Joshi has written the story and screenplay and I think he’s done a fabulous job!  From start to end, in spite of the length, the film is gripping and entertaining. There’s drama, there’s comedy, there’s action, romance, patriotism and so much more. The cinematography by Binod Pradhan is like visual poetry and beautifully done.

The background score is good. The music by Shankar Ehsaan & Loy goes well with the theme but the songs don’t stay with you for too long after the film. I liked ‘Mera yaar’ in particular though. Nice and refreshing. The song ‘O rangrez’ is sung beautifully by Javed Bashir and Shreya Ghoshal. ‘Angreza’ is well composed. The choreography of the songs also deserves a mention.

Farhan Akhtar has proved in the past that he’s an all rounder. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag only reiterates the fact that he’s a brilliant actor. Natural, subtle and powerful. He’s perfect for the role of Milkha Singh and it shows how hard he’s worked for the film in terms of the look and character. Pawan Malhotra and Divya Dutta as supporting actors deliver fantastic performances. They’re both superb! Even the little boy Jabtej Singh who played Milkha junior is good. Sonam Kapoor barely had any acting but she looked pretty and was not bad at all. Prakash Raj too has a small but fun role and as usual entertains. So basically, all the performances in the film are top notch.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a inspiring, entertaining and an amazing film. It might be a little lengthy but totally worth a watch. Farhan Akhtar’s best performance yet. Must see!

Rating– 4.5/5

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Jan 20 2013

Inkaar- Movie Review


inkaar posterThe trailer looked interesting and that is what made me want to go watch the movie. Also, Sudhir Mishra and Chitrangda Singh are reasons enough.

Maya (Chitrangda Singh) joins an ad agency where Rahul (Arjun Rampal), the CEO, helps her take her career to greater heights. Her confidence increases and she starts doing very well, so much so that she is promoted to be the National Creative Head. In the middle of all this, she falls in love with him and they have an affair that’s sizzling. Now in a workplace, there can be competition and jealousy among other things. Maya accuses Rahul of sexually exploiting her and reports it to a Social worker who then forms a committee from the agency itself to help sort out the issue.

Sudhir Mishra’s made his own version of Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Corporate’ and the entire premise is well established. There are a few loopholes in the story, especially in the second half but the flow of the screenplay is good and there wont be a dull moment. Sure, you will feel a little restless at some moments and the film might feel like a drag then but the performances keep you gripped. What makes me wonder is… where is the ‘sexual harassment’ in the story? You’ll just find it like a cat and mouse game where one is trying to beat the other at their game and at the end of it, both can’t do without each other. The styling is good and so is the cinematography.

Coming to the performances… Arjun Rampal who usually acts with his dead pan expressions surprisingly did a good job in this one. I didn’t think he was that great in Rock On but Inkaar is his best performance according to me till date. He easily convinces as an egoistic, arrogant and yet charmingly good looking ad guru. Chitrangda Singh as we all know is a stunner and no doubt she looked drop dead gorgeous in this too but her performance wasn’t as good as it has been in the past. Not that she wasn’t good at all but she could have acted better.

The music by Shantanu Moitra is average. I like the title song that plays in the beginning when both of them are in the water and also the song ‘Maula tu maalik hai’.

Inkaar could have been a great film only if the story was cut short and the ending made not to please but to pleasantly surprise. The performances are the saving grace.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Mar 8 2012

Kahaani- Movie Review


Vidya Balan’s proved what a brilliant actor she is in the past with the movies she’s done and I had no doubt that Kahaani would be as good if not better. Here’s what I thought of ‘Kahaani’.

Vidya Balan (Vidya Bagchi) is a pregnant lady in search of her missing husband in Kolkata. As time goes by, various mysteries unfold leading to the truth.

And what a movie! The story is different and I love the way it unfolds bit by bit. The screenplay is superb and gripping, the cinematography makes the film look beautiful, the background music makes you move with the story, the production design, costumes, make up is all so real that you feel like you’re watching a real story. It’s just amazing the way the beginning leads to an end you’d never anticipate and that’s what makes a film stand out and that’s what cinema is all about! Sujoy Ghosh, the director is passionate and it shows in his work. Brilliant is not the word!

Vidya Balan is natural and unpretentiously real in her acting and that’s what makes you believe that she really is Vidya Bagchi. Her character is one you sympathize with and at the same time find her independent, brave and strong willed to go looking for her husband on her own. When she acts, it doesn’t look like she’s acting and that’s the best part about her. I also thought her co-actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay (Rana) was very natural and endearing. There’s a creepy character who plays a contract killer in the film who actually creeped me out big time! In fact, I think every character contributed well in the film.

Three cheers for Kahaani and its entire team! I recommend it! Do not miss it!

Rating– 4/5

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Nov 28 2011

Puss In Boots- Movie Review


An entertainer to the core with top class 3D animation, super fun dialogues and a charming cat to fall in love with!

Rating- 4/5

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