Dec 19 2010

Tron Legacy- Movie Review


I didn’t wanna watch this movie at all…but…ab dekh liya toh dekh liya!

Tron Legacy is about how this young, cute looking dude goes into a digital gaming world his father had created some 20 years ago. After going there, he finds his father trapped and so tries to get him out of there but realizes that there’s an evil man who can also get out and cause a lot of damage to the real world. So it’s about how the dude tries to win and get back home.

Let me tell you from first only that I’m not an action movie fan, especially sci-fi action so this had to be really good for me to like! Unfortunately it wasn’t. My friends think that I’d rather go watch movies like ‘Band Baaja “Barsaat”’ and the like (which I love watching, by the way) and to that I’d like to say that I’ve seen both and they haven’t; and I still maintain that ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ is a good movie…way better than this shit!

I agree this movie is graphically very well done… the special effects are superb; one of the things that lacks is the adventure that the movie should have had. The story was pretty predictable which is ok but the screenplay and dialogues were rubbish and the movie just didn’t seem to end…it was so long! In fact, I felt like going to sleep while watching it. After every action sequence there was a bland scene full of bhashan with poor acting. Also the entire film is not in 3d which they mention even at the beginning and I don’t get the point of that.

So, yes. Tron Legacy is bakwaas and I’m very happy watching the movies that I usually watch. I wont recommend you watch it unless you’re a guy and all you care to watch is action.

Rating– 2/5

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