Jan 10 2011

Joey’s Pizza, Andheri West- Review


After going through a crazy day… starting with a stupid ‘Garage sale’, walking through Lokhandwala and eating at random places, we (Fash, Sneha and I) decided to do dinner at Joey’s Pizza (recommended by my friend Irfan) cause us going to Andheri to chill is quite rare (yeah, we’re townies!) so we made the most out of our one day visit.

Food– It’s a regular pizza place, mainly for home delivery but they also have seating arrangement in case you want to eat there. What makes it so special are the variety of toppings and the fact that if you’re a girl, a 7” pizza can fill you up unlike other pizza parlours! My friend and I shared a 12” pizza- Popeye Special which includes spinach, baby corn and paneer tikka. My non-vegetarian friend had a 10” half Joey’s Special (Chicken salami, Bbq chicken, Roast Chicken and onions) + half Popeye Special. She couldn’t finish it! So if you go through the menu, you’ll find a huge list of combination toppings for both Veg and Non veg so you wont be disappointed at all. Taste-wise also the pizzas are good…not as bland as Pizza Hut…In fact they remind me of Mama Mia where the pizzas are value for money with great toppings and pizzas that actually fill your stomach.

Ambience– It’s a sweet small place located at Andheri West, near Indian Oil Nagar with just about 4-5 tables for the ones who want to go there and eat but its mainly a home delivery place like most pizza parlours.

Service– The service is very good. They make sure you’re happy with your toppings and choice of pizza and even suggest what to have in case you’re confused. They got our pizzas on time so no complaints.

Prices– As I said earlier, this place is value for money. They give you pizzas that fill your stomach and you wont feel cheated as far as prices are concerned. The 12” Popeye special cost us 270. If you split that into two, its about 150 bucks per head (with tip) and you wont even need dessert! So totally worth it!

Verdict– Joey’s pizza is paisa vasool. The pizzas are good, but not as good as Pizzeria (‘cause that’s the best) but still very good and worth your money. Great toppings! They should open an outlet in town too!

Rating– 4/5

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Jan 2 2011

Sky Café, Fort- Review


Accidental love. That is what this place is for me. I accidentally noticed this place just last week when I went to check the show timings of Tees Maar Khan at Sterling and just when I turned, I saw a lovely open air restaurant called Sky Café. It was love at first sight!

Food– They serve Italian, Continental and Oriental cuisine here along with desserts and mocktails. Let me tell you honestly, we had pizza, pasta and potato wedges among the two of us and taste-wise it was a little above average. The good thing is that they were ready to split the toppings on the pizza-half n half for my friend and me. The desserts were ok. We tried the Rich Gooey chocolate cake and Chocolate Mousse. If you plan to go for coffee, they have a nice 4pm to 7pm offer where you can have unlimited filter coffee for only Rs.45 per person.  They’re also planning to introduce breakfast there which I can’t wait to try!

Ambience– Located opposite Sterling theatre at Fort, Sky Café is an open air restaurant, (very rare in South Mumbai) which not only surprises you but also makes you feel at home. The décor is simple and sweet. There’s no snobbish air around to make you want to run out; in fact, you’d feel like chilling there for a long time. I think the love at first sight thing happens because of the first appearance of the place…but I think its too charming to lose its charm. I just have one complaint- their huge white umbrellas cannot take the pressure of the wind and while chilling there, we saw 2 of them fall. Luckily no one was sitting where they fell. So yeah, that definitely needs to be taken care of. Other than that, the setting is perfect for a date! Super romantic!

Service– This is one of their minus points. They are really sweet and try their best to make sure everything goes right, but the food takes forever to come! I think it’s the kitchen staff that takes so long (45 minutes for a pizza) but in the end it’s the overall service level that goes down. So they need to be a little more careful about getting food in atleast 20 minutes.

Prices– I think the prices are perfect. Not too much and not too less. Totally worth the food, though the food ka taste could be better. All food items (pizza, pasta, etc.) are priced at around 160 bucks. Toppings are about 20 bucks each. The desserts are about 90 bucks each. In case you want to go chill in the afternoon, the unlimited coffee offer is great priced at only Rs. 45 per head! So not bad at all! It came up to only 350 bucks per head and we were super full!

Verdict– Town really needed this place. I love it and totally recommend it to everyone! The food’s decent, the ambience is awesome and overall its paisa vasool!

A word of caution for snooty people– In case you only chill in places with A/C or places which charge a bomb for bad coffee, please don’t ever come to Sky Café…its better off without you! [Yeah, I just tend to get a little defensive about everything I love]

Rating– 4/5

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Oct 28 2010

The Orange Tree Studio, Breach Candy- Review


I’d been wanting to go for a spa since more than 2 months now and was waiting till I thought I could afford to go for one soon. Luck is always by my side *touches wood* and this time, it came in the form of SnapDeal. In short, it’s a site that has some pretty awesome deals for kick ass prices! The deal I chose was to get a Deep Tissue Body Massage at The Orange Tree Studio at Breach Candy.

The Process– Ok first of all, this massage is only for women. You’re given a green tube dress to change into. Once on the bed, the masseuse applies powder all over your body and gives you a dry massage. Once that is done, you get a hot olive oil massage all over your body. The pressure applied was just perfect.  Steam is what comes next. Now I had a problem with that. They had a small steam machine instead of a steam room. If a person is to get steam after a massage, on the whole body, it is but obvious that a small machine which needs to be moved around wont do justice. Also, after the steam, they had hot wet towels to wipe off the oil from the body. I’d have liked a shower room but I guess it was ok.

The Experience–   The Orange Tree Studio is not a dimly lit place exclusively for spas. It is a studio with multiple services. You’ll find clean white walls with olive green salon chairs as you enter. They do everything from haircuts to styling to massages and what not. So it’s a bright happy place and there is a separate massage/ waxing room where I had to go. The room had 2 beds and a curtain in the middle. No dim lights again. For the massage though, they switched off the lights and kept just one white light on. (Thank god!) Also, there was no soothing background music or candles. The massage was great though! Good pressure. Nice and relaxing but too short. I think it was less than 45 mins. I just didn’t get why it was called the “deep tissue massage” because to me it was a regular body massage. So experience-wise it was alright.

Cost & Duration– The Deep Tissue Body Massage actually costs Rs. 1300 for 45 mins, but thanks to Snap Deal it cost me only Rs. 349.

Verdict– The Orange Tree Studio is a nice place and the massage is decent. With a few changes in the ambience for their spas/massages, it would be frequented more often for sure!

Website http://www.theorangetreestudio.in/

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