Oct 27 2012

The Pantry, Kala Ghoda- Review


Sometimes you walk into a place and can’t help but fall in love with the ambience. There are many such. The Pantry is one of them. Here’s my review.

Food– The Pantry is mainly a breakfast cafe or one for the ‘High Tea’ kind of people. You get sandwiches, quiches, savouries, salads, mains, hot & cold drinks, breakfast specials and desserts. Now here’s an unusual concept. I was quite thirsty and so asked for regular water but we were rather surprised to see a jar with water and a slice of cucumber inside which they said was to add slight flavour to the water. I didn’t like the flavour of cucumber in my water, thank you. Make sure you ask them for water without cucumber in it if you like your water as it is.

The food options certainly are not like the typical cafe you’d have been to. I called for their ‘Flourless 70% cocoa chocolate cake’ as I had just had lunch. I thought it was delicious but would’ve tasted better had it been warmed slightly. My friend tried the Banana bread because she likes bananas. She thought it was nice. I thought it was alright ‘cause the concept of banana and bread doesn’t quite click for me.  She also tried the Ginger Lemon Iced Tea and really liked it. We decided to call for their ‘Fresh Meltdown sandwich’ (among the only 2 options in Veg sandwiches) which had Gorgonzola cheese and apple in multigrain bread. I swear it was just 2 slices of bread with cheese and apple slices and 2 dips/sauces on the side (mustard and tomato salsa). Interesting and also tasted good but not entirely satisfying in terms of quantity. The thing is that they’ve got their dishes right in terms of taste, presentation, quality and selection which makes them different from other cafes but the quantity is so little you’ll have to call for atleast 3-4 things to be full and that in turn might burn a hole in your pocket.

Ambience– Beautiful, vintage, charming, white, lovely. I loved it the moment I saw it from the outside and you will too. It sure is simple looking but is still very classy and chic with a high ceiling, fresh flowers, half blinds like the old times, bathroom tiles on one of their walls and a happy, positive aura overall. It is located in a very “officey” area at Kala Ghoda close to Rhythm House and Fab India. A lot of aunties and old uncles will love the place and will also relate to the music they play here.

Service– They’re warm, pretty aware of whatever little’s available on the menu and don’t take too long to get what we’ve called for. Even the watchman outside politely said, “Good evening” when we were leaving.

Prices– Ok so here’s the deal. If you’re willing to pay the price for a lovely ambience it’s all cool. If not, you’d be staring at the quantity you get for the price you pay no matter how nice the food tastes. The sandwich cost us Rs. 225. The Ginger Lemon Iced was for Rs. 95, the flourless cake was for Rs. 145 and the banana bread was for Rs. 55. So we ended up paying Rs. 281 (with 8% service charge) per head for barely a snack.

Verdict– The Pantry is a classy cafe that can boast of good food but that comes at a price which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s certainly not your regular cafe to go to but once in a while if you’re feeling rich and ok with spending a little more, go and live it up at The Pantry.

Rating– 3/5


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