Oct 28 2012

Cloud Atlas- Movie Review


Superb make up, styling, production design and characters but I felt like an idiot sitting for  2 hrs 40 mins in utmost confusion and thinking now there’ll be something breathtakingly shocking and only landed up disappointed because I already knew it was all ‘connected’ and hence the entire movie to me was pointless.  

Rating- 1.5/5

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Sep 15 2012

Arbitrage- Movie Review


Even though the trailer gave out most of the movie, I just had to watch it because it looked so good and of course, Richard Gere is in it.

So, basically Richard Gere plays a billionaire who’s broke but needs to put up an image in society that he’s not and try to sell off his company. He’s married with kids and has an artist girlfriend. Things take a turn when a careless road accident kills his girlfriend.

The plot is meaty and interesting but somehow the editor could have done a better job with the cuts. It felt a little longer than it should have been. The cinematography, direction and the look of the entire film is sharp. The build up to the main story takes a little while but once it does, it definitely gets better. The characters are also well defined.

People and critics have said that it’s Richard Gere’s Oscar-winning performance and what not but I don’t agree. He’s good but not so mahaan also! He looks super charming even at his age! Susan Sarandon is a great actress but looks rather old and to cover up she’s worn super padded bras to make her look “young and voluptuous” which doesn’t help at all.

Overall, Arbitrage is good. Could have been shorter but good nonetheless.

Rating– 3/5

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