Nov 23 2012

Life of Pi- Movie Review


I haven’t read the book…yet. The movie has inspired me to. Here’s why.

Pi’s father decides to move from Pondicherry to Canada for a better life. He owns a zoo and supports a family of 4 including Pi. They decide to go by sea and encounter a deadly storm. The only survivors- Pi, an orangutan, a zebra, a hyena and a tiger find themselves in a lifeboat. In barely any time, the tiger eats up all the animals except for Pi who strives to save himself from being eaten. As the food and water supplies on the lifeboat get over, Pi thinks of various ways to keep himself and the tiger alive in a beautiful adventurous journey.

Ang Lee is pure genius! The way he’s woven the entire story into a blanket of beautiful visuals and storytelling makes it a film that everyone will love. Yes it is slightly slow, especially in the first half but then you forget all about the pace as you’re busy taking in the beauty of imagination and Pi’ journey with Richard Parker- the tiger. I’ve seen the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks which was fantastic! I think this one’s pretty similar but goes up by several notches for sure. What makes it even better are the breathtaking 3D effects and the cinematography which play a major role in making the journey worth it.

Coming to the performances… Suraj Sharma who plays Pi for most of the film speaks the unspoken. His performance makes you feel what he feels. I think that’s the biggest compliment I can give him. Irrfan Khan and Tabu don’t have big roles in the film but still deliver beautifully as usual. All the other actors, including the animals, especially the tiger contribute largely to make the film what it is.

On the whole, Life of Pi is an inspiring film that must be watched by everyone! Do not watch it at home! Thank you Yann Martel for writing such an amazing story, a masterpiece and Ang Lee for making it come to life.

Rating– 4/5


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