Mar 21 2014

Ragini MMS 2- Movie Review


A badly made ‘horrex’ (Horror+Sex) sequel film that is neither horrific nor sexy starring Sunny Leone dressed in lingerie moaning and groaning to titillate the audience.

Rating- 2.5/5


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Dec 13 2013

Jackpot- Movie Review


Jackpot-posterJackpot? Really? It’s got Sunny Leone! Ok yes, then has to be a Jackpot. Ummm, well not really! Here’s more on that. Ummm, yeah.

Here’s the story- Francis (Sachiin Joshi) and his friends, all conmen decide to con a casino owner by the name of Boss (Naseeruddin Shah). Boss has a hot secretary (Sunny Leone) who falls in love with Francis without knowing his true intentions. She’s also confused about whether she should be on her boss’ side or Francis’ side. A con is planned but doesn’t really go as planned because Boss is one step ahead. But is he?

Ok I was as confused as you are right now. Haha! The story is not thrilling at all and neither does it make any sense. The screenplay worsens it. Luckily it doesn’t go on for too long otherwise I would have walked out without feeling guilty and trust me when I say that because I would never walk out on a movie. The characters lack any depth. Director Kaizad Gustad was probably thinking he’d hit the jackpot with this one, especially by casting Sunny Leone but he fails miserably.

Everything about the film is so B grade. The cinematography is ok. I understand it’s based in Goa but it just seems that the stylists didn’t bother at all. It’s as if the actors picked up clothes from home and wore them. Sunny Leone obviously would be given special treatment being the star in the film. Oh how special! Her makeup in the film is really bad though. All caked up, she looks like a firang trying too hard to be a simple Goan girl. Obviously now the clothes she wears are to create some excitement in this otherwise dull film. Sadly, that doesn’t work either because there’s just one scene in which she strips to her lingerie. Otherwise we just get to see her wearing tight-fitted clothes.

The music in the film is not worth mentioning and neither is the background score. I can’t say much about the performances either.

Sachiin Joshi doesn’t look or act promising one bit. He’s not got that lead actor thing in him and can easily pass off as a side actor whose presence doesn’t make a difference. Sunny Leone was good in Jism 2. I wonder what happened here. She’s nothing but eye candy and if this is going to be her choice in films, she’s had it with her Bollywood career. Naseeruddin Shah might look very interesting with the wig and funny clothes but I think his role was the most boring in this film. Jackpot is probably one of his worst films, acting-wise too. I can say the same thing for Makarand Deshpande. All the other actors don’t do much either except for go with the painful flow of the film.

Jackpot doesn’t hit the jackpot in any department and I can easily say that I wouldn’t recommend this film at all. Waste of time and money!

Rating– 1.5/5

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May 3 2013

Shootout At Wadala- Movie Review


Shootout at wadala-PosterDirector Sanjay Gupta is back with yet another stylized action film- Shootout at Wadala which tells us the story of Manya Surve, a notorious gangster who was killed in an encounter in Wadala in the 1980s.

John Abraham plays Manohar (Manya) Surve. In college, he’s a good guy, has a steady girlfriend and even scores well in his exams. So what made him become a gangster? A murder accusation leads him to jail because of which he gets aggressive and wants to kill the people behind his imprisonment.

This is a film only for the masses, rather only for guys who love violence. I went to watch it at a single screen and it was housefull! Sanjay Gupta’s style of film making is typical- action, dialogues and the women all must stand out. The action is very good, the dialogues are killer and the women are nothing but sex objects. In spite of having good dialogues, the screenplay fails to find a steady ground. It goes all over the place and doesn’t do much to tell the story properly. Sanjay Gupta as a director must realize that the film should be beyond violence, abuses and women. The writing is so weak that you wont feel for Manya Surve or his girlfriend. Also, there’s no special effort made by the production team to work on the look of the film. Apart from using old cars, Kangana Ranaut’s styling and Sonu Sood’s clothes in a few scenes, you wont feel like you’re back in the 1970s or 1980s.

On the bright side, the cinematography is rich, the editing for the action scenes is outstanding and yes Milap Zaveri does cause a stir among the audience with his powerful lines.

John Abraham as Manya Surve is surprisingly good. This is by far his best performance to date; probably because he hasn’t got the chance to do any challenging roles in the past. Tusshar Kapoor is alright. Anil Kapoor as always delivers an effortless performance and looks so young! Sonu Sood and Manoj Bajpayee are very good. Mahesh Manjrekar has a small role but is amazing to watch! Kangana Ranaut looks gorgeous but is stuck with the same crying and cribbing kind of role. She still reminds me of a pigeon.

The music by Anu Malik is ok. The background score is very good. What is annoying is that the songs just come up randomly during the movie. Sunny Leone as an item girl has nothing to flaunt but her physical assets. She’s not that great a dancer and can’t mesmerize you with expressions. Priyanka Chopra’s dance number is better.

Shootout at Wadala has nailed it in the camera, dialogue and edit department and can be a major part of John Abraham’s showreel but fails to make an impact as a film based on true incidents. I got quite bored during the course of the film.

Rating– 2/5

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Aug 3 2012

Jism 2- Movie Review


I think the movie should have been called Sunny’s 2. More on that. Read on.

So, umm, the story, right. Sunny Leone places Izna, a sexy porn star who fasaos this psycho assassin (Randeep Hooda) in her love, rather sex ka jaal for an Intelligence Officer (Arunoday Singh).

Looks like Pooja Bhatt wanted to take Jism one step ahead and so chose Sunny Leone, who is sexier, bustier and more famous as compared to Bipasha Basu who got extremely popular with her smooching scenes with boyfriend John Abraham back then. The look of the film is good, cinematography, locations, styling, acting, make up all good. The problem is the story, screenplay and lack of focus. The dialogues were cheesy and sleazy. Also, the music is very ok, not half as good as the music in Jism. It feels like the only reason for making this film was Sunny Leone. She’s probably in every scene, wearing push-up bras, low neck tops and short skirts to titillate every man sitting in the theatre. It was clearly expected which is why the theatre was almost full with 90% men and only 10% women that too for a 1:30pm show.

Sunny Leone looks sexy and we all know that, but the good part is that there was scope to see her acting also which was not bad at all. Even though her voice was dubbed, she acted really well and if I didn’t know she was a real life porn star, I would have just thought she’s another model. Her make up was superb! Randeep Hooda was very good as usual and has that intensity in his eyes which speak a thousand words. Arunoday Singh is a good actor but it seemed like he was struggling with his Hindi.

The music was ok. Unfortunately, even though it’s supposed to be an erotic thriller, it seemed more like a Sunny Leone commercial. It really should have been called Sunny’s 2, if you know what I mean! So yeah, avoid.

Rating– 2/5

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Aug 1 2012

Jism 2- Movie Preview


So, Jism 2 directed by Pooja Bhatt  releases this Friday and I’m looking forward to see whether it’s actually a movie worth watching or just focusing on Sunny Leone the pornstar. Here’s what I think after watching the trailer and songs.


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