Jan 24 2014

Jai Ho- Movie Review


Jai Ho msg from Salman KhanI didn’t expect anything from ‘Jai Ho’ to be very honest looking at the trailer and songs I had seen.  Apart from the fact that Salman Khan was in it, there was no reason why I would watch ‘Jai Ho’ unless I read and heard just good reviews of the film. Anyway, getting down to my review…

Jai (Salman Khan), an ex soldier for the Indian army gets suspended for no fault of his and starts living the life of a common man doing good deeds and helping people. He starts a chain- instead of saying thank you when helped, you help three other people and let those three people help three more people thus spreading positivity and being a good Samaritan. He gets into a mess while trying to help and raise his voice against injustice and lands himself in a mess when a corrupt politician (Danny Denzongpa) and his family do everything they can to get Jai and his family out of the way.

Inspired from the Telegu film ‘Stalin’, Jai Ho is a remake and what a great one! This is Sohail Khan’s best work yet as a director and he does full justice to the story. He left no stone unturned to make the film as entertaining as possible. He even made Salman get his shirt off in the climax fight scene. Apart from a few really sad comedy scenes at the start, the film is gripping and enjoyable for what it is and not just because of Salman Khan. The dialogues don’t stand out like his past few films but the script does most of the work. The message is strong and the idea itself is all heart. When you see Jai Ho, you will see Salman Khan’s heartfelt performance and know that this film propagates the message of ‘Being Human’ and that’s pretty damn noble. In spite of there being lots of action, the intention is good and it will remind you of Singham and Munnabhai MBBS.

Technically, the film is not bad. The cinematography by Santosh Thundiyil is good in parts, the action sequences are well choreographed but we’ve seen Salman do better and the editing also could have been better. The styling is simple and unpretentious. Salman does dress like a common man albeit the different colours of Raybans he wears. Daisy Shah’s stylist, makeup artist and hairstylist have done a splendid job! She looks drop dead gorgeous!

I would have liked a couple of songs from Salman Khan’s movies usually but this one fails to create any excitement, music-wise. ‘Tere naina’ might be the only ok sounding song but otherwise, Jai Ho loses points because of the music. The background score by Sandeep Shirodkar is power packed and takes the film forward.

We’ve seen Salman Khan the superstar in far too many films where you can easily say that he’s not even interested in making an effort to act. Dabangg 2 would be the biggest example of that. In Jai Ho though, we get to see Salman Khan the actor. You can see that he’s delivering a performance from his heart and not just for the heck of it. He may look a little old (how long can he look 25, right?) but still manages to make your heart skip several beats. He’s done a fine acting job in this one! Daisy Shah is a newcomer and barely has a meaty role. She’s a great dancer for sure, but acting, well we’ll just have to see her in a film that allows us to see her acting potential better. Tabu after so long was a pleasure to watch. She’s a great actress and has done a fine job with her role. Genelia Deshmukh is another actress who’s done a great job in spite of the short role in the film! She’s really talented and should be seen acting more often. All the other actors- Mukul Dev,  Ashmit Patel, Aditya Pancholi, Yash Tonk, Danny Denzongpa, Pulkit Samrat, Santosh Shukla, Mahesh Manjrekar and all the others who had small roles in the film have played a major supporting role.

Sometimes, we underestimate the power of a superstar. Who knows? Jai Ho could inspire a ton of Salman Khan fans and others to do good and help people in the society.

I loved the film for the message it gives out, for Salman Khan, all the other superb performances and above all for being an entertaining masala movie that’s made from the heart.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Nov 6 2011

Loot- Movie Review


It’s so bad that I can’t even begin to say how much ’cause I went thinking Govinda’s actually fun to watch but I didn’t expect it to be so pathetic, almost like ulti, worse than Drona so just imagine and hence I warn you that do not make the same mistake I did!

Rating- 0.5/5

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Apr 8 2011

Thank You- Movie Review


Thank You is a movie for the masses. If that’s your forte, read on; and if it’s not, read if you’re just curious!

Akshay Kumar, like Salman Khan is the movie Partner, is one of those relationship fixers. Now, Irrfan Khan, Bobby Deol and Sunil Shetty are cheating on their wives, like in the movies Biwi No.1, Masti, Shaadi No.1, No Entry, etc. The wives get suspicious and get Akshay Kumar for professional help and catch their husbands red handed. But the husbands are also smart. On finding out that their wives have hired a “jaasoos” to find out about their secret love lives, they also seek help from the same guy (Akshay Kumar) and of course, there are many other twists and complications to make the movie run for a little more than 2.5 hours.

As I already mentioned in my summary of the story, Anees Bazmi’s ‘Thank You’ is a mixture of tons of ‘married-husbands-cheating-and-wives-finding-out’ kind of movies. Super predictable only with new faces. Sonam Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Irrfan Khan looked completely out of place! Akshay Kumar was good but he really needs to stop doing roles in which he’s helping people out like he did in ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ and ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’! Sunil Shetty was really funny in some scenes in a very natural way which is totally awesome considering he’s not your typical hero! Rimi Sen and Celina Jaitley were just dressed in bad clothes with bad make-up and the acting bit doesn’t even count!

The Mallika Sherawat song was very stupid and it didn’t look like a New Year’s Party to me as it was meant to! The songs are quite useless and that stupid flute tune they kept playing was also thoda annoying! I loved the locations though, especially the houses…well scouted for!

Overall, Thank You is not a movie for everyone and needn’t have been made. I’m giving one star to Sunil Shetty and one star aise hi. Ghar pe tv pe dekh lo toh chalega! And for the first time Thank You has come after Welcome! (This joke was meant for those who will understand it! :P)

Rating– 2/5

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