Jul 31 2016

Vedge, Andheri (W)- Review


Vedge 6My recent visits to new restaurants proves one thing- all of them are trying to be ‘different’ and give customers something ‘new’ by experimenting with your basic dishes. With their new menu, Vedge too has gotten into that experimental space. I was invited along with some other bloggers from the Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) to try new items from their menu. Here’s what I thought of all that I tried.

Vedge 1Food– We had a set menu and could choose what we wanted from it. Let me tell you that it was a LOT of food as we ended up trying most of the dishes from the menu. I’m going to describe what I thought of all the stuff I tried in one- two lines each. All these dishes were well presented and looked delicious.

Vedge 2Pan Supari Martini (Masala, Betal leaf, apple juice)- A brilliant start to my evening, this drink is an absolute must have if you like paan!

Vedge 8Creamy Tomato, Basil & Parmesan soup- I am not a soup fan but this was a delicious soup! Thick, creamy and yum!

Wok Tossed potato, honey chilli sauce- This was the best starter we had! A winner for sure.

Sweet  corn & cheese ball bites with Fresh Herbed mayo- Unfortunately there was a small strand of hair as I cut through one of the crispy looking balls. A big turn off! However, I ignored that and tried another piece. Not bad at all!

Vedge Fully loaded Nachos- These were crispy, loaded with capsicum, cheese, sour cream, olives and tomato salsa. I wish the nacho chips were smaller though.

Chilli Bean Tacos- The filling was adequate but the taste was just ok.

Thai Corn fritters with sweet chilli sauce-This was my least favourite dish. There was too much corn and it was super spicey.

Vedge 4Jalapeno popper & Cream cheese pizza- This was probably the most pointless, bland pizza I’ve ever had! There was no sauce and it felt like I was eating bread and cheese.

Sabzi Galouti Kebab with Coriander & Mint chutney- This was better than I had expected. The kebabs were nice and soft and went well with the accompanying chutney.

Tandoori paneer tikka slider with cheddar cheese and Achari Mayo- The Achari mayo was the USP of this burger. A very interesting mix indeed! Try it.

Desi cheese korma with layered flaky Malabari paratha- Great texture of the paratha but it was so sweet! Since the Korma was also sweet, the combination just didn’t make sense. A spicy sabzi would probably taste better with it.

Vedge 3Thai Massaman curry, brown flavoured rice- The rice was great but the curry was too sweet for our liking.

Stir fry vegetables in hot chilli & basil sauce with Burnt garlic fried rice- I loved the fried rice even on its own! The stir fry veggies  gravy was nice and spicy and went very well with the rice.

Beet & Cheddar Risotto, Lemon, corn & Paprika Risotto- Both lacked the flavour, cheese and thick and sticky consistency one would expect to find in a Risotto.

Spicy Vanilla Chai shake- The combination is just bad! I had one sip and that was it.

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting- I loved the outer layer but the inside was super sweet and just not that nice.

Vedge 5Magic Chocolate pot- Apart from the melting gimmick, the dessert has nothing to rave about. It only oozes sweetness, eventually overpowering the real taste of the ‘Magic pot’.

Chocolate Mud Pile- I liked that the cake, ice cream, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar, chocolate soil and drinking chocolate were arranged separately and the chef came and mixed it all up for us. I could do without the extra sugar and chocolate soil though.

Ambience– The restaurant has a contemporary + rustic vibe to it. A little bit of this and that. I loved the Moroccan tiles and the hanging filament lamps.

Vedge 7Service & Prices– I wouldn’t be able to comment on the service and prices as we were invited as a blogger and the meal was complimentary.  However, I would like to say that our server Rajesh was very polite and served us well and tolerated all our nakhras while we clicked photos and discussed how the dishes were. From what I gather after reading the menu, I can say that one would end up spending roughly about 750 per head.

Verdict– It was an average experience where food is concerned. I would recommend the chinese food and the Pan Supari martini.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Jul 5 2010

Barbeque Nation, Khar


So a friend and I went to Barbeque Nation, Khar on Saturday for a lunch buffet. I’ve always wanted to try Barbeque Nation, especially after hearing about their extravagant menu!

Food– Your buffet will start with starters placed on a grill in the middle of your table. 5 veg and 5 non-veg starters. The non-veg starters, which include chicken, fish, prawns, etc. are to die for! My friend couldn’t stop eating the fish and prawns! The veg starters included paneer, jacket potatoes, mushrooms, Cajun potatoes (interesting and tasty) etc. The paneer tikkas had elaichi (yuck!). Once you’re pretty stuffed with starters, you can bend the flag that’s placed on your table and go get your soup and salad. The veg soup was pretty good. Salads were interesting! There was one which was very different…something I’ve never tried before- American corn in mango sauce. Yum! By the time you reach your main course you’ll probably already be stuffed! There’s good variety in the main course too! And finally after resting for atleast 10 minutes, we proceeded to my favourite part of the buffet- the desserts! There was Gulab Jamun, Vanilla ice cream, Strawberry cheese cake, Chocolate Brownie & chocolate sauce, Firnee, Choco mousse and Butterscotch tart. I liked the chocolate brownie with ice cream the best! So overall, the veg food was ok but the non-veg totally rocked! Oh and there’s a complementary drink with your food. You can take you pick from these- fresh lime soda, beer, soft drink.

Ambience– There are a lot of textured white walls and lovely furniture at Barbeque Nation and that makes it look so classy! The moment you step in, you’ll love the place! There’s an indoor and outdoor section. We sat outdoor and loved it!

Service– The service is superb! The waiter makes sure you enjoy the experience! He took good care of us so no complaints at all. In fact, the service was so good that we decided to tip him well.

Prices– 450 bucks for the lunch buffet. In today’s times even if you go to a normal restaurant, you’ll end up spending atleast 300 bucks. So 450 is a great deal, especially for a non-vegetarian and the amount of food you can eat! Value for money for sure!

Verdict– As mentioned earlier, this place is great for a non-vegetarian as there is so much variety. As for the veggies, there is variety but taste-wise the food is average. Ambience, price and service are perfect. And of course, good company definitely helps. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, please do! You won’t leave disappointed!

Rating– 3/5

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