Oct 24 2014

Happy New Year- Movie Review


happynewyear-posterI was more excited to watch Happy New Year for Farah Khan than for Shahrukh or Deepika. Somehow, Farah Khan’s films are the extremely corny, masala films which are my favourites! Does this fall into the ‘Watch’ or ‘Miss’ category? You’re just about to find out.

Plot in short– Charlie (Shahrukh Khan) avenges his father’s death by hiring a bunch of nuts for robbing diamonds worth 300 crores at the Atlantis, Dubai.

The Good– If you’re a masala movie fan like me, you will definitely enjoy Happy New Year for its over-the-top comedy, extra fillmy punches and colours. Her style defines Bollywood in its true sense, making the audience at single screens blow seetis and maaro taalis whenever Shahrukh Khan or Deepika Padukone appear on screen whether its showing his six pack or the way she moves her body to the tune of ‘Lovely’. The music and dance in the film complement the screenplay which is kind of crazy. There are many LOL moments, mostly stupid ones and some gross ones (like when Abhishek Bachchan vomits all over the people while doing the Dahi Handi).  For a film like this which doesn’t make sense (‘cause you’re making the most of the journey rather than the final product), it’s ok to have average actors because script is king. Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah, Anupam Kher and Jackie Shroff are all good actors and have done a good job but nothing worth winning an award for! The dances have been choreographed really well! Superb locations, gorgeous sets and brilliant styling make for a very glamourous looking film.

The Not-so-good– This film is clearly for the masses and I wouldn’t urge people to go watch it unless you’re a fan of this genre. However, I wish the story wasn’t dragged so much. It felt like it would never end! Also, I wish there was more emphasis given to the story. If dancers like them would win world-level dance competitions, the real dancers would forget what dance really is.

Verdict– A typical Farah Khan film that could have been better in so many ways and yet was fun to watch. Not bad but not that great either. So it may not be a ‘Paisa vasool’ film but it definitely is a Timepass film which I enjoyed.

Rating– 3/5


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Dec 6 2013

R…Rajkumar- Movie Review


R Rajkumar posterR…Rajkumar is certainly not another Rowdy Rathore! It can’t even be compared and expect not to be impressed! Here’s why.

The basic story is that Romeo Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor) goes to Dhartipur and starts working for a Drug dealer Shivraj (Sonu Sood) and is given the dirty job of getting rid of the drug dealer’s rival dealer Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi). While he’s meant to destroy Parmar, he falls for Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha). Now he does not know that Parmar is Chanda’s uncle and has joined hands with Shivraj because Shivraj too has his eyes on Chanda for marriage. Will Rajkumar be able to stand up against his own boss for his love?

Prabhu Deva must realise that not all his movies will work in Bollywood. This one falls into the ‘masala film’ catergory, yes but isn’t ‘masaaledaar’ enough. The problem lies in the story and screenplay. To a certain extent, direction too. There’s no substance in the basic story and because of that the screenplay suffers. There’s one dialogue that is overused in the film- “Silent ho jaa varna voilent ho jaaoonga”.  I was quite fed up with all the repetition in terms of content for the film so I definitely think it could have been edited better with more concentration on the script.

Stylingwise, Shahid Kapoor looks ok. There’s nothing great about the way he looks. In fact, Sonu Sood stands out more. Sonakshi Sinha in Indian clothes looks perfect for the role and carries off every piece of clothing with flare. The action scenes have been shot and choreographed very well. I’d say, that’s probably one of the good things in the film.

The cinematography is good. The art direction and choice of locations is lovely. Sandeep Chowta is brilliant when it comes to background score and music in general and R Rajkumar is not exception in terms of superb background score. Pritam’s music is alright in the fim. Except for ‘Gandi baat’ and ‘Saari ke fall se’ I didn’t quite enjoy any songs. The item number is forgettable. The choreography of all the songs is very good though, especially Gandi baat and Saree ke fall se. Shahid Kapoor is just getting better as a dancer!

As an actor I wouldn’t say Shahid Kapoor has gotten better. In fact, I think this film just doesn’t go with his personality even though he has put in all the efforts to be as dramatic as possible. Sonakshi Sinha as an actress is great but this is another one of her films where she’s just there to look good and do a bit of nakhras. Both lack chemistry as the lead pair of the film. Sonu Sood not only looks good in the film but also does a good job with acting. He creates more of an impact as compared to Shahid Kapoor. (So sad!)

So as a film R Rajkumar fails to impress. The acting overall is decent and the action is very good. Apart from that, everything is unimpressive so avoid watching R…Rajkumar.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Jul 19 2013

Ramaiya Vastavaiya- Movie Review


Ramaiya Vastavaiya posterThe song ‘Jeene laga hoon’ by Atif Aslam from the film had been stuck in my head for a long time because it had been playing everywhere. Is the movie better than the song? You’re just about to find out.

Ram (Girish Taurani) and Sona (Shruti Haasan) fall in love at a friend’s wedding. They both belong to different backgrounds- Ram from Australia and Sona from a small village in India. Everything’s going well until Ram’s parents (Randhir Kapoor & Poonam Dhillon) and Sona’s brother Raghuvir (Sonu Sood) become barriers in their relationship.

Director Prabhudeva’s third Bollywood film Ramaiya Vastavaiya was made with the clear intention of launching producer Kumar Taurani’s son Girish Kumar. The story has nothing to boast about because it’s been “inspired” by a couple of films we’ve seen in the past. Examples: Pyaar Kiya to darna kya and Maine Pyar Kiya. A story that’s super predictable with some very corny scenes and dialogues are probably not meant for the audience of today. But some of the scenes are quite funny, especially in the second half so screenplay & dialogue writer Shiraz Ahmed has done an ok job. What is amazing is the cinematography by Kiran Deohans. Beautiful and captivating. The styling of Shruti Haasan is bang on! She looks like a girl brought up in a small village wearing all her salwar suits and black bindi on her forehead. Girish Kumar’s styling is too wanna-be-ish. For instance, at a wedding function, he’s wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. The locations and art direction is superb!

The music by Sachin and Jigar is decent. The songs ‘Jeene laga hoon’ and ‘Rang jo lagyo’ are great compositions and sung very well. ‘Jhaadoo ki jhappi’ might be popular but as a song could have been better. The choreography is good.

Girish Kumar might think he’s a stud but he’s in for a surprise. He clearly is not a stud and neither does he fit the bill of an actor. He overacts and would looks more like a villain than a hero. Shruti Haasan looks gorgeous in simple clothes with barely any make up and lovely looking hair. She’s acted ok but is a bit off in some parts. The movie works because of the supporting cast who are very good. Sonu Sood, Vinod Khanna, Randhir Kapoor, Poonam Dhillon, Satish Shah and Pankhuri Awasthi to name a few.

Ramaiya Vastavaiya tries too hard to be a simple and sweet love story but is not a movie you should go to watch at a theatre. Average.

Rating- 2.5/5

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May 3 2013

Shootout At Wadala- Movie Review


Shootout at wadala-PosterDirector Sanjay Gupta is back with yet another stylized action film- Shootout at Wadala which tells us the story of Manya Surve, a notorious gangster who was killed in an encounter in Wadala in the 1980s.

John Abraham plays Manohar (Manya) Surve. In college, he’s a good guy, has a steady girlfriend and even scores well in his exams. So what made him become a gangster? A murder accusation leads him to jail because of which he gets aggressive and wants to kill the people behind his imprisonment.

This is a film only for the masses, rather only for guys who love violence. I went to watch it at a single screen and it was housefull! Sanjay Gupta’s style of film making is typical- action, dialogues and the women all must stand out. The action is very good, the dialogues are killer and the women are nothing but sex objects. In spite of having good dialogues, the screenplay fails to find a steady ground. It goes all over the place and doesn’t do much to tell the story properly. Sanjay Gupta as a director must realize that the film should be beyond violence, abuses and women. The writing is so weak that you wont feel for Manya Surve or his girlfriend. Also, there’s no special effort made by the production team to work on the look of the film. Apart from using old cars, Kangana Ranaut’s styling and Sonu Sood’s clothes in a few scenes, you wont feel like you’re back in the 1970s or 1980s.

On the bright side, the cinematography is rich, the editing for the action scenes is outstanding and yes Milap Zaveri does cause a stir among the audience with his powerful lines.

John Abraham as Manya Surve is surprisingly good. This is by far his best performance to date; probably because he hasn’t got the chance to do any challenging roles in the past. Tusshar Kapoor is alright. Anil Kapoor as always delivers an effortless performance and looks so young! Sonu Sood and Manoj Bajpayee are very good. Mahesh Manjrekar has a small role but is amazing to watch! Kangana Ranaut looks gorgeous but is stuck with the same crying and cribbing kind of role. She still reminds me of a pigeon.

The music by Anu Malik is ok. The background score is very good. What is annoying is that the songs just come up randomly during the movie. Sunny Leone as an item girl has nothing to flaunt but her physical assets. She’s not that great a dancer and can’t mesmerize you with expressions. Priyanka Chopra’s dance number is better.

Shootout at Wadala has nailed it in the camera, dialogue and edit department and can be a major part of John Abraham’s showreel but fails to make an impact as a film based on true incidents. I got quite bored during the course of the film.

Rating– 2/5

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Jul 1 2011

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap- Movie Review


Ullu hoga tu jo yeh bakwaas picture dekhega! Read further to find out why.

Amitabh Bachchan is a former mafia who comes to India on a mission to kill Sonu Sood (a cop). With a little twist we find out that he is the BAAP of Sonumonu and has come to just protect him from the evil hitman who wants to kill him and destroy the nation.

The story is nothing khaas! I think Wanted & Dabangg have a similar vision- Masala movie with a star. Then whether it makes sense or no doesn’t matter ‘cause fans will come and watch it anyway. The same thing applies here. BHTP is a movie that just aims at throwing Amitabh Bachchan in your face in every scene and of course, boring you to the core!

I personally really liked Sonu Sood- the way he acts and looks. I think he was much better to look at than Big B who wore ridiculous shirts that didn’t suit him at all. I understand that Amitabh Bachchan is a star and acts very well, but I’d say this was one of his really bad films. I have no idea how people had given it good reviews online! Bollywood Hungama (Taran Adarsh) was one of the partners so you must expect a biased review. But a lot of people on Twitter also said that it’s a good movie. How man! Please stop lying to people and wasting people’s money!

I didn’t even like the music of the movie. Vishal-Shekhar have made way better music in the past!

Trust me; Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap is like potty. It stinks!

Rating– 1.5/5

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