Jun 28 2014

Kirith’s Patisserie, Byculla- Review


I’m a total junk food and dessert person so it was no surprise that I was super excited to try Kirith’s Patisserie at Byculla.

What I had:

Kirith's pastries1 Chocolate heaven (Rs. 70) – Rich chocolate pastry that’s hard to share! Truly heavenly! Must have!

Death by Chocolate (Rs. 65) – Not as deathly as I wished it was. The cake was not very soft and it didn’t taste that great.

Black & White Forest (Rs. 60) – Soft, creamy and nice. Lots of cherries!

Walnut Brownie (Rs. 60) – Not the best brownie I’ve had but this one’s loaded with walnuts and is quite tasty. Not bad for the price.

Chocolate tart (Rs. 50) – Yum! Worth having for sure!

Kirith's tarts1Veg puff (Rs. 40) – Superb! Loved the crispiness of the puff and the taste of corn, spinach and cheese inside. Really good!

Veg pizza slice (Rs. 50) – The bread was a little chewy but not bad overall.

Green Goddess Burger (Rs. 50) – Avoidable. I’d go eat the burger from Mc Donald’s instead.

Kirith's savouriesWhere? I had called for all the items at home but was not too happy with that service so it would be better to just go to their outlet. They’re located at Byculla, near St. Mary’s school, opposite Mazgaon court. You can call them on 022 67303649.

Verdict– Kirith’s Patisserie is a bit of this and that. If you happen to be around Byculla, do go there and have their Chocolate heaven pastry or Veg Puff.

Rating– 2.5/5

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May 9 2012

Roochster Recommends: Tiffany Cream Wafers


What? Chocolate flavoured cream wafers manufactured in Dubai, UAE.

Flavours– Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mango, Coconut & Pineapple.

Taste– Yum! If you’re a Pik-Wik fan or looking for something other than the usual biscuits, go get Tiffany Cream Wafers instead! The chocolate inside is tasty and the wafer covering is crisp.

Where? You can get them at most supermarkets. I usually get them from Mahatma Phule Market at a very good price.

How much? The MRP would be more than Rs.50 but at Mahatma Phule Market you’ll get it at Rs. 40 max for a 175gms pack.

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Mar 21 2012

Love & Latte, Bandra (w) – Review


I was randomly passing through Waterfield road when ‘Love & Latte’ caught my eye. It looked like a cafe I had to try!

Food– It’s just another café with the same stuff- coffees, teas, smoothies, coolers, milkshakes, sandwiches, rolls, paninis, waffles, desserts, etc. I decided to have a choco latte (pretty good) and a chilly cheese garlic bread (yum) while my friend had  a passion fruit lemon iced tea (Interesting and nice) and a choco chip cookie (bad- must have got like 10 choco chips in it!). The quantity and presentation of what we had was good.

Ambience– Located in Bandra west at Waterfield road, Love & Latte has replaced ‘Amore’ the gelato place. The décor is pretty with a great choice in colours and wallpapers. We sat in the inside which was a little clustered as compared to the outside section that looked pretty chilled out. But somehow, the café as a whole is not cosy looking or the kind where you could hang out for long.

Service– The service is good. The cookie they got us was the wrong one and on pointing that out, even though half eaten, they replaced it with the right one immediately.

Prices– The prices are alright. The passion fruit lemon iced tea was for Rs. 85, the Chilly cheese garlic toast for Rs. 75, Choco chip cookie for Rs. 35 and the Choco Latte for Rs. 95. With taxes it came up to Rs. 326 which is decent.

Verdict– Somehow, I just didn’t feel the ‘love’ at Love & Latte. Hard to explain but a café must have that warmth to make you come back again and again and I just didn’t get that feeling there.  Otherwise, it’s just your regular café in a different avatar.

Rating– 3/5

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Mar 12 2012

Snack in the Box, Prabhadevi- Review


Sick of CCD, Barista, Costa Coffee, etc.? Looking for a chilled out café to hang out at that’s not in Bandra or the burbs? Snack in the Box is the place to go to! Here’s why.

Food– I’d been wanting to go there since more than 6 months but nothing came off it! I had to literally drag my friend there and we’re both glad I did! You get sandwiches, rolls, burgers, Indian snacks like pakodas and samosas, Tandoori starters, proper meals, Chinese, Pizza, salads, desserts, shakes, juices, iced teas, chillers, smoothies, coffees and what not! Basically, this place is just like Candies! My friend had a black coffee which he liked and a chocolate mousse which we both loved; I had a Veg Club sandwich which was decent and a Strawberry chiller which was timepass (strawberry syrup with water).

Ambience– Snack in the Box is a small café located at Prabhadevi. Size pe mat jaao kyunki it’s warm and young and fun. They have an inside and an outside section where you can sit and just chill. They also have a mini foosball thing outside which I think is supercool! They also do home deliveries!

Service– Their service is prompt and efficient. If you’re looking for parking they’ll come and do it for you (unofficial valet). Also, they’ll serve you with a smile on their face which says a lot about them.

Prices– The pricing is perfect! It’s easy on your pocket and value for money. My veg Multigrain club sandwich was for Rs. 75, the black coffee was for Rs. 50, the Chocolate mousse for Rs. 65 and the Strawberry cooler for Rs. 25. Just like Candies, if you go after 8pm, you get a 25% discount on their food!

Verdict– Snack in the Box is a great café and you’ll definitely want to go back there more often! Roochster recommends!

Rating– 4/5

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May 30 2011

The Terrace, Chowpatty- Review


I recently went to not -just -another “terrace” with a couple of friends to see what it was like and here’s what I thought of it.

Food– If you’re planning to eat hardcore, this is not the place for you. Just like WTF! The Terrace serves starters and drinks only. They have an entire menu containing alcohol choices and for food they didn’t have a menu yet ‘cause they had just opened;  but they have starters such as French Fries, Pizza, Bruschetta, Burgers, Sandwiches, Chilly Mini Potatoes, Spinach & Mozarella tikis, etc and no non-veg ‘cause the landlord of the building doesn’t allow non-veg.  Since there were only starters we decided to call for 4-5 different ones. The Grain pizza was the strangest of them all! It didn’t look like a pizza but tasted good anyway. It had a thick wheat base with Bell pepper, Cheese, a Basil leaf and an Artichoke. The cutlet in the Burgers tasted like Kanda bhajiya with corn but it was good nonetheless. Next we tried the Spinach Mozarella thing with sev around it. That was ok. The Mini potatoes were also just ok… the taste of the potatoes overpowered the sauce. So the food was ok. I thought the quantity was very little. We were not even half full! Basically, it’s a place for those more interested in drinking and have starters on the side so make sure you don’t go there just for food. But one thing that I must add is that they’ve made an attempt to introduce new dishes and make them look different so kudos to them!

Ambience– Lovely place. Open air with comfortable seating- chilled out chairs and bean bags to sit on with amazing breeze slapping your face. The best part is that you’ll see our very own Chowpatty beach on the opposite side. So yes, they’ve got the right location with very simple and yet classy décor and furniture which makes the place just awesome and fun to chill!

Service– The service is fine nothing spectacular about it!

Prices– I’d say the prices are fine but the quantity of food is not. So they should do something about that. A Kingfisher beer costs Rs. 180, the pizza cost us 300 bucks and it wasn’t worth the money at all! The mini burgers plate cost us Rs. 225, the spinach Mozarella thing cost us Rs. 275 and the Mini potatoes cost us Rs. 245. So 4 starters, 1 beer and 2 Fresh lime sodas, adding 10% service charge, the bill amount came to Rs. 1460 among the 4 of us. But mind you we weren’t full at all!

Verdict– The Terrace is a great place to hang out with your friends, have a couple of drinks and just enjoy the weather is good ol’ Mumbai. The food, service and pricing is ok. If they make a few changes in the quantity and introduce more things to eat, I’d definitely be coming here more often! It’s worth a shot for sure so go try it asap!

Rating– 3/5


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Feb 28 2011

Candies, Pali Hill-Review


This place, I love! What makes it so special? Let me tell you!

Food– Candies has everything snacky and more. Rolls, sandwiches, starters, salads, rice, mini meals, breakfast, desserts, shakes, juices and what not! It’s one of those café’s where you can try something new every time you go there. Taste-wise everything is ok. The salads and shakes are great though! Also, I love the Veg Quiche and the Chutney sandwiches. Oh and the Chocolate Lava is to die for! That’s something you just must have! Also, the cupcakes are the best I’ve had so far!

Ambience– It’s my favourite café! I wish they made something like this in town! Candies at Pali Hill is so beautiful and well made that you’ll fall in love with the place instantly! There’s this instant connection that comes. Simple, sweet and lovely and of course, with its many levels, it’s huge! It’s ideal for a couple on a romantic date or a group of friends to just hang out. Oh and maybe once in a while you’ll also spot a celebrity.

Service– It’s a self service place and let me be honest, it’s a pain to get someone to respond to you ‘cause there’s too little staff for the amount of people that come here. So I really wish that’d improve.

Prices– The prices are just perfect. Everything is reasonable and easy on the pocket. The sandwiches and rolls are priced at Rs. 50 approx, the salad buffet is 80 bucks and you can stuff your plate all you want at one go, the shakes and drinks are about 50 bucks each, desserts start at Rs.6! If you go there after 8 pm, you get 25% off on anything! Now isn’t that an awesome deal?!

Verdict– Candies is definitely one of the most awesome places to hang out at in Mumbai. It’s sweet and lovely and totally affordable! If you haven’t been to Candies yet, you have no idea what you’re missing! It’s hard not to fall in love with this place! Highly recommended!

Rating– 4.5/5

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