Jun 20 2014

Humshakals- Movie Review


This is by far Sajid Khan’s worst film as a director because not just the screenplay but even the acting, dialogues, story and direction but on the whole the movie is nothing but a disaster so please avoid watching it!

Rating- 1/5

Humshakals movie poster

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Apr 7 2013

Himmatwala- Movie Review


Himmatwala posterI had heard only bad things about Himmatwala and sadly didn’t even have company to go watch it in a theatre. The only thing I was wondering was if it really was that bad. I just had to watch it and see what went so wrong. Thankfully my brother got it for me and I could watch it at home. Here’s what I thought of it.

Ajay Devgan plays Himmatwala- a tough man who fights (physically) for women and children’s rights. At a young age when he lost his father, he was made to run away from the village but something makes him go back to his village to avenge his father’s death and that’s when he meets his old mother and sister who because of an asshole of a village landlord need to shift into a hut outside the village.

Sajid Khan’s films right from Heyy Babyy have always been about making people laugh at the corniest of jokes and childish humour which not everyone can digest and have patience watching. I love masala movies which have a bit of everything; and for me, Himmatwala is no different. If you’ve grown up watching films from the 80s and 90s where Kader Khan is always talking to the audience more than the characters in the film, saying the corniest of phrases or for that matter where the hero is a heavyweight champion and in this case, can lift an entire bullock cart without the bull and fling it at the gundas. It’s also the kind of film where the hero saves atleast one woman, preferably a sister from being raped.

Sajid Khan hasn’t made a mockery of the films from the 90s but has made exactly the kind of film that you’ve already seen during your growing up years. Most of it makes no bloody sense but the punches (comedy) and punches (with a fist) all add entertainment value for those who don’t mind stupid humour. I felt like I was back to the 90s man! I cracked up at the ridiculous cheesy dialogues, the over-the-top action, Paresh Rawal’s outrageous hairstyle, the sets and the whole idea of there being a ‘Himmatwala’.

Ajay Devgan as Himmatwala didn’t work much even though the tough guy look suits him. But if Salman Khan was doing that part, he would kill it and the movie would be a super duper hit for sure! Paresh Rawal with all his antics was hilarious and reminded me of Kader Khan. Tamannaah, the new actress looked pretty and acted ok but doesn’t quite fit the bill of a Bollywood actress, especially with a film like Himmatwala. Mahesh Manjrekar was superb!

The music in the film is unoriginal and hence, no comments. The Dhokha song was quite bad. The ‘Naino mein sapna’ song had everything it required except for the right actors to dance to it. Somehow Ajay Devgan doing those lame steps makes it look even lamer. Even ‘Taki re Taki’ doesn’t do much.

I enjoyed watching ‘Himmatwala’ and you can judge me or call me crazy for liking senseless movies but I’ll be honest and say that if it comes on Tv, I will watch it, just like I’d watch a ‘Biwi ho toh aisi’ or any of those typically 90s ka movies.

Rating– 3/5


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May 4 2012

Housefull 2- Movie Review


Stupid glossed out movie with decent performances and songs, good styling, beautiful locations, lame jokes and a very annoying Chunkey Pandey!

Rating- 2.5/5

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