Jan 16 2015

Alone- Movie Review


Alone posterImagine going for a horror movie called ‘Alone’ alone starring Bipasha Basu whose acting method includes breathing heavily and showing skin. To add to that, I watched the film at a shady theatre filled with men carrying newspapers (I wonder why!). Uhh yeah as snobbish as it may sound, the single screen theatres in the burbs can in no way be compared to those in town. Sigh! Let’s get down to business now.

Plot in short– Sanjana and Anjana (Bipasha Basu) were conjoined twins. They both fell in love with the same guy- Kabir (Karan Singh Grover) but he only loved Sanjana. So as to pursue love and start living individual lives, the twins decide to get operated and have separate bodies. Sadly, only Sanajana survives the operation. Cut to present day. Sanjana and Kabir are married and stay in Mumbai. Something strange happens to her mother in Kerala and that brings the both of them there, to her mother’s house. As she spends time at home, strange things start happening to her too. She starts seeing her dead sister Anjana doing spooky things and scaring the shit out of her. Badla! Duh!

The Good– So…. Ummm… well to start off, it isn’t that bad a movie. I mean, it’s strictly average. The story is predictable but luckily the climax was not for me atleast. I like how hot Bipasha Basu looks throughout. So that sort of covers up a lot of bad things in the movie which I will come to later. She’s mostly wearing negligees, short night dresses, tank tops and super short shorts which help her flaunt her curves. Karan Singh Grover is also a good looking actor who I saw acting for the first time and thought he’s pretty decent. I thought supporting actress Sulbha Arya who plays the maid of the house is a superb actor and even though she had to be a part of some really corny scenes, she did a good job along with the actress who plays her daughter.

The Not-so-good– Bipasha Basu is a hottie but as an actor she’s got a long way to go. Since Raaz, she’s been doing numerous horror flicks but her acting has remained the same since. Shame shame puppy shame! The story is unoriginal and predictable with bits and pieces of many horror movies. I wonder why they always make her walk out of the house all alone at night when she hears strange sounds and then the wind (read ghost) makes her hair fly a bit for effect. Then she’s either thrown somewhere or comes back into the house running breathing heavily shouting ‘bachao bachao’ (to titillate the male audience, of course). The ghost make up is terrible and so are the visual effects. Luckily not too many songs in the film. They’re nothing to boast about either.

Verdict– I mentioned it is an average movie earlier because I didn’t really get bored. There were some unintentionally funny scenes which kept the audience entertained. So I’d say no need to spend money and watch in a theatre. Watch it when it comes on Tv. Its timepass.


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Jan 13 2015

Biryani360, Bandra (w)- Review


Biryani360 RoochsterSo I’ve tried biryani at many places in Mumbai and inadvertently it’s only been ordered ‘cause there’s still some space in the stomach after eating some naan and sabzi. Other than that I’d have some biryani at weddings. Yeah, so I am a vegetarian and I don’t find biryani fascinating the way a non-vegetarian would find it that too because of the mutton, mostly.  Lucky, Harpal, Copper Chimney, Samrat, Santoor, Shiv Sagar are a few places I have eaten biryani at. I also tried some in Hyderabad when I went there since ‘Hyderabad Biryani’ is so famous (Nothing to brag about, really!) Oh but let me not forget the most ridiculously  ridiculous ‘Birizza’ (Pizza Biryani) from Pizza Hut. So that’smy little summary of how important biryani is in my life. And then came Biryani360. *drum roll*

The Build up– So on a random day I received an email from the very good looking Shayan Italia who is the man behind Biryani360. I was on my honeymoon then and promised I would get in touch in January once back. After many email exchanges, we froze on Friday night to try some Veg Biryani. Karan (mi amor) and I went to his place along with blogger Uday and his friend. Now Karan being a complete non vegetarian and not-interested-in-biryani-because-of-all-the-oil-and-garam-masala kinda guy, he was a bit apprehensive and not excited at all to go try the biryani with me. But well, things did change the moment we entered Shayan’s place. The aroma of saffron mixed with flavourful herbs and rice filled our nostrils. The next half an hour or so Shayan spoke about how Biryani360 as a concept came along sprinkling some PR dust onto us and while all that was going on, all I could think about was the biryani!

The Experience– As we sat on the dining table, Shayan filled some Biryani360 onto our plates and left us there to photograph, analyze, savour, compare and feast on the mouth watering Biryani and raita. After taking our first bites all of us gave him our nod of approval and gobbled up every morsel. Once we told him how we felt about it, he gaveus a small serving of some Lucky Biryani. Now let’s compare.

  • Oil: Biryani360– Very little oil and the vegetables are cooked to perfection. Lucky– Rice and veggies soaked in oil.
  • Spices and flavours: Biryani360– Just the right amount of spicy, using natural herbs and spices. Lucky– Oil overpowering the spices and flavours.
  • Freshness: Biryani360– No artificial colours or preservatives. The biryani stays fresh only for upto 6 hours. Lucky– Has colours, preservatives and can be consumed even after 12 hours.
  • Price point: Biryani360– Light on the stomach but heavy on pocket. Lucky– Heavy on stomach and pocket friendly.
  • Portion: Biryani360– Portion only for one person. Lucky– Portion sufficient for two people.

So after some comparisons, I have gathered that Biryani 360 is the sure shot healthy option. However, there are pros and cons which I shall mention too.

Pros of Biryani360:

  • A good meal option for office goers.
  • The biryani is rich in herbs, spices and uses very little oil so it is good for those struggling to maintain weight.
  • It is undoubtedly yummyinmytummy, thoughtfully made with the finest, premium
  • The raita that comes along with the biryani is lip smackingly delicious! It goes very well with the biryani.
  • The Veg biryani is given equal importance (if not more) as compared to the Un- Veg biryani so a non-vegetarian will also love the veg biryani without the pieces of chicken or meat.

Cons of Biryani360:

  • 360 for a Veg Biryani is a bit much for a regular meal. So for a family of 4, spending Rs. 1440 on just Biryanithat too to be eaten at home would be quite expensive.
  • They only accept online payments.
  • No dining in as of now. Once they begin operations, the delivery will be limited to Bandra and Khar.
  • No variety. Vegetarians can eat only one type of Biryani. Non-vegetarians can have Un-Veg or Veg biryani which is still a limited choice.
  • If the ingredients are premium and fresh, having potatoes and paneer variations in Biryani would be another reason for one to call for the biryani more often.

Verdict– My mouth is watering as I say this… Biryani360’s biryani is the best Veg Biryani I have ever had and highly recommend you to try it atleast once. The raita is super amazing too! It is a bit heavy on the pocket but I promise you it will be worth every penny! Must try!

Rating– 4/5


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