Sep 9 2015

Serafina, Fort- Review


Serafina 1Being a Verified Reviewer on Zomato has its perks and I must say that I’m blessed ‘cause I’ve been trying so many new restaurants and cafes all around the city! When Kaiarsh from Zomato, mailed me about the Serafina #Zomatomeetup, I was super excited! I had read mostly good things about the restaurant and I was finally going to try it myself. *woot woot*

Food– Where do I begin! So there was this special menu just for us at the #Zomatomeetup from which we could order whatever we wanted. Now imagine a bunch of hungry foodies sitting at a table…yeah kinda like vultures waiting to sweep its prey off the ground. Haha! Here’s all the stuff I had.

Fresh Lime Soda (sweet) – Perfect in taste, just needed ice.

Potato & Leek Soup- Have it only if you really must have a soup. I’m not a fan of potato in liquid form.

Potato Involtini (Roasted baby potatoes topped with creamy fondue sauce and caramelized garlic- THE BEST potato starter EVER! You cannot, just cannot skip this beauty of a dish when at Serafina! This dish must win the best starter award if there could be something like that. I swear, it’s that good.

Margherita Pizza- Pretty good. I liked that the crust wasn’t as thin as a naan and in fact was slightly crispy.

Serafina2copyTartufo Nero (Robiola cheese, fontina, truffle cheese, truffle oil, sliced black truffle) – Stinks like rotten milk mixed sweaty shoes and methane gas but tastes so good that it will compel you to forget about the stench. It doesn’t sound appetizing at all but once you eat it, you will love it. You’ve just got to trust me about this.

Melanzane Speziata (San Marzano tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, spicy eggplant, jalapeños, lettuce, goat cheese and balsamic reduction) – I’m not a fan of eggplant, especially on pizza but this one was quite something. A combination of everything right. Tad spicy but delicious nonetheless.

Penne Alla Vodka (Italian peeled tomato sauce, cream and a little vodka) – This reddish creamy pasta was good. I liked that the pasta was nice and saucy.

Farfalle Al Pesto (Bowtie pasta with homemade pesto) – I would have liked some more pesto in this pasta.

Serafina3Ravioli Al Tartufo Nero (Home style Black Truffle Ravioli and a touch of butter) – Smelly again but taste-wise ace.

Risotto Pepperonata (Creamy saffron Risotto topped with assorted bell peppers sautéed in pomodoro sauce) – Great combination and a happy taste that lingers till you have your next dish. I would say let nothing but dessert be eaten after this dish.

Jalapeno Mac n Cheese- Mac n cheese is my usual preference of pasta because I love white sauce pasta. I have to say though that this one at Serafina was just okay. The jalapenos didn’t do much and it was a little bland for my liking.

TiramisucopyTiramisu- OH MY GOD! Its been more than a week and I still can’t forget my first bite of Serafina’s Tiramisu. Whoever came up with that recipe, is pure genius! I would skip all my meals to have just that. Sogoodsogoodsogood! If you’re thinking of what to give me as a birthday or anniversary present, I would love Serafina’s Tiramisu, thank you.

Chocolate Ganache Mousse Cake- #Yummyinmytummy! This one’s got the right amount of chocolate to make you satisfy all your chocolate cravings, especially during that time of the month, ladies. Gentlemen, you will know what it feels like to have your craving satisfied during that time of the month if you were a lady.

Panna Cotta- This was my least favourite dessert. I didn’t like the texture of the Panna Cotta or the taste.

Ambience– With a mezzanine floor, Serafina at Fort is a very well planned and executed restaurant with adequate amount of space to sit, well done interiors and comfortable furniture. The music will take you back to the 80s and 90s, songs that are hum worthy. There’s a bar if you want to just grab a drink and a wood fire oven open for you to see how well they make pizzas from scratch.

Service– I can’t really comment about the service until the next visit as this was a #Zomatomeetup and we had waiters at our service throughout.

Serafina4copyPrices– I wouldn’t say Serafina is reasonably priced. Yes, it is on the expensive side but the quantity and quality of the food is perfect. The potato and leek soup is priced at Rs. 250. The Potato Involtini is priced at Rs. 375, the pastas are mostly priced at Rs. 600 and up and so are the mains. Now the pizzas are priced from Rs. 475 to Rs. 1250 for a 9” pizza. Yup! The Tartufo Nero is priced at Rs.1250 because of its expensive ingredients. The desserts are priced at Rs. 375 for the Chocolate Ganache Cake and Panna Cotta while the Tiramisu which is full value for money is priced at Rs. 595. A Fresh Lime Soda is priced at Rs. 150. In all, if you share a starter, main course and dessert along with individual mocktails, you would spend roughly 1000-1200 per head which is not bad for the brilliant food and Tiramisu you get here!

Verdict– My review can be summed up in 3 MUST HAVE dishes at Serafina- Potato Involtini, Tartufo Nero (Ignore the smell) pizza and TIRAMISU.

Rating– 4/5

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Apr 25 2011

Some like it Hot, Andheri (W)- Review


I went to this super duper fantabulous restaurant for my friend Rahul’s birthday and I just can’t wait to tell you what I thought of it! Read jjjallldddiiii!!

Food– Some like it Hot has a menu full of yummy things! Pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, sizzlers, risottos, burgers, soups, salads, fondues, Mexican food, mocktails, cocktails and what not! We called for the Paprika Cheese Fondue. They served it with grapes, bread, apples and some pickle and trust me, it’s the best I’ve ever had! We tried the creamy cheese pizza with mushrooms, olives and American corn as toppings which made the pizza taste delicious too! There was the Mexican Risotto with less cheese which was ok, could have been better. The Fusilli Alfredo pasta and Spaghetti Arabiatta pasta which also tasted really good. The non-vegetarians had Hot n Spicy chicken, mustard chicken which got over pretty quickly so I’m assuming it was good too.  The mocktails were a little disappointing though. I didn’t like Pomegranate Surprise at all and neither did anyone else who tried it. The Long Island Iced teas were decent. The quantity of food is very good and so is the taste. So it gets full marks in that department!

Ambience– Its located in Andheri west, next to 4 Bungalows and Lokhandwala. The décor is superb! The colours, the fun stuff on the walls, the black and white checked flooring, red seats and everything about the interiors is just amazing! I love it and so will you! Some like it Hot lives up to its name, only, instead of some, most will like it ‘cause it’s totally hot! 😛 They play great music too! From Whigfield’s Sexy Eyes to We no speak no Americano to a lot of foot tapping numbers, this place is fun, lively and charming.

Service– Since one of the people in our little group knew the manager there, we got excellent service. They were warm, recommended some really nice things to eat and didn’t mind the noise we made. Also, at 12, since it was my friend’s birthday they came with cake together singing with a lit candle. Now that’s really sweet!

Prices– Some like it Hot gives you great food, brilliant ambience and warm service at very good prices! They even have Happy Hours to let you enjoy a couple of drinks before biting into their yummy food. We were about 8 of us and the bill amount came up to less than 3500 which included alcohol, mocktails and food which filled us all up to the brim. I’d say its full value for money!

Verdict– In spite of it being more than an hour away from my place, I know that I’d definitely go there again. I loved everything about it! So I suggest you go give a shot to Some like it Hot!

Rating– 4.5/5

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