Sep 4 2015

Welcome Back- Movie Review


Ridiculously corny, not funny, not entertaining and not worth your time or money in spite of the huge star cast, production costs involved and the so called legacy of ‘Welcome’.

Rating- 1.5/5



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Apr 4 2014

Main Tera Hero- Movie Review


Main tera hero posterMore than it being a Varun Dhawan film, I was looking forward to watching David Dhawan directing his son and also to see if ‘Main tera hero’ would be as crazy as all his other films. Well, I must say he did live up to my expectations! Here’s my review.

Plot in short– Seenu (Varun Dhawan) is a brat from Coonoor, a small town in South India and wants to go to the big city- Bangalore to get a college degree and also prove to his parents that he is no vagabond. At his college, TIFT, he meets Sunaina (Ileana D’Cruz) whom he immediately falls for, hard. Little does he know that there’s a giant of a police officer, Angad Negi (Arunoday Singh) who would kill for her and does everything he can to keep everyone away from her. Things only get more complicated from thereon and it only gets more difficult for Seenu to be with his lady love.

The Good– I’d like to say that David Dhawan has stuck to his style of film making. Over-the-top acting, humour, dialogues and background music are enough to label ‘Main tera hero’ as a typical David Dhawan film. Now, Varun Dhawan was launched with Student of the year but this is a proper Father-Son debut film which launches Varun in a grand way. I loved the background music, cinematography and styling. The actors all look really good. Actingwise, I’d say Varun Dhawan has the potential to act well but by putting on the Govinda act, he just didn’t seem natural. Ileana DeCruz on the other hand looks stunning and can act well too. Arunoday Singh is a hottie and I think I’d faint if I saw him in person. I really like him because he acts well too but I’m not sure if I liked him in this role. Either way, he was good. Nargis Fakhri with her pouty lips and gorgeous face had her accent all over place and the Hindi kind of disappointed. She was very good in Madras Cafe but the bar just went down a few notches with her performance in this film. All the other actors- Saurabh Shukla, Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav and the rest do justice to their parts with a whole lot of over-acting of course. The choreography for all the dances is very good, especially ‘Besharmi ki height’.

The Not-so-good– I have no shame in admitting that I have loved some of David Dhawan’s films. Main Tera Hero unfortunately is not one of them. The screenplay isn’t too well written and the story seems unoriginal, constantly reminding you of Housefull, directed by Sajid Khan. I would have liked there to be some uniqueness in the plot. I barely found any scenes funny because they were so badly exaggerated and pretentious. Also, looking at Varun Dhawan in every frame did get a bit annoying even though he has a good body and all that. I wouldn’t quite put it in the romantic comedy category. The music by Sajid-Wajid is ok. The song “Tera hero idhar hai” was fun.

Verdict– All in all, an average masala film that could have been way better and shorter.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Jul 5 2013

Policegiri- Movie Review


Policegiri movie posterInspired by Dabangg, Singham and Rowdy Rathore and since ‘cop films’ are ‘in’ these days, looks like director K.S.Ravikumar wanted to remake his Tamil hit ‘Saamy’ to create a buzz using the Munnabhai star. Sanjay Dutt is in jail at the right time. Atleast he won’t have to face the media asking him questions about why he would do a film like Policegiri. Gah! Here’s my review.

Sanjay Dutt plays a badass Deputy Police Commissioner- Rudra who makes sure things are in order in the town where’s he posted. He beats up the bad guys for peace and harmony among the people but at the same time also takes bribes from illegal shop owners, smugglers, etc. as long as people are not harmed. He has a girlfriend (Prachi Desai) who is proud of him until she finds out about him taking bribes from politician Nagori (Prakash Raj) who does everything bad to be in the good eyes of people.

Imagine the kind of writing when you have a dialogue like “Born in Mumbai ‘bought up’ in India” (for those who know the difference between bought and brought) and Sanjay Dutt saying it so confidently. The story is so weak that the screenplay and dialogues can barely hold up. There are a few funny scenes and seeti-bajao dialogues though but the rest is quite boring. Some action scenes are well choreographed and the editing of the action scenes is very good. Beautiful cinematography except for a stupid song which is shot entirely in front of a chroma screen and a few other scenes. The styling is ok, the make up is horrible! Prachi Desai looks caked up!

The music by Himesh Reshammiya is not cool and the background score doesn’t do much either.

Sanjay Dutt’s performance is not that great to be honest. Also, at the age of 53, he looks a lot older. So to play a 25-30 yr old guy in love doesn’t suit him at all. Prachi Desai’s character is also quite lame and she doesn’t contribute much to the film. This might be her worst film yet. Where’s the Prachi Desai we saw in Rock On? Sanjay Dutt and Prachi Desai’s chemistry is also non-existent. Prakash Raj is superb! I loved him in Singham and in this film too with the limited scope that he had, he’s done full justice. If it weren’t for him, the film would be a bigger flop. Rajpal Yadav along with Rajat Rawail are there for entertainment but are quite annoying. Om Puri does his best.

If Sanjay Dutt was out, I would throw him back in jail for doing this film. Waste of money!

Rating– 1.5/5



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Mar 22 2013

Rangrezz- Movie Review


Rangrezz posterPriyadarshan’s films have always been based on realistic situations and people. Jackky Bhagnani is no star to pull anyone into watching Rangrezz and neither is him dancing to Psy’s Gangnam Style to get some popularity votes. So what can you expect from a movie like Rangrezz and is it worth watching? Read on.

Rangrezz is full of social messages about love, marriage, trust and friendship. Jackky along with his 2 best friends decides to save a long lost friend who wants to commit suicide because the father of the girl he likes and his own mother (both politicians with lots of connections) are against them getting married and will do everything they can to stop them. So the 3 friends help the couple elope, getting terribly beaten up in the bargain, so much so that one goes deaf, one loses a leg and one’s eye almost pops out. The funniest part is that both the friends of Jackky Bhagnani don’t even know the guy. They’re just playing ‘Rang De Basanti’ for the sake of friendship and because of too much ‘velagiri’in life.

Rangrezz is Bollywood’s remake of the Tamil hit ‘Naadodigal’directed by Priyadarshan who’s made some pretty awesome movies in the past, the slice of life type- Hera Pheri, Hulchul, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Chup Chup Ke, Malamaal Weekly, etc.  In Rangrezz too, you’ll see things as they are. No heavy make up, no designer clothes, no big cars, no swanky houses, etc. The entire look and feel of the film is that of middle class people and everything about them. The cinematography by Santosh Sivan was ok. I think he’s done better work in the past. Also the action scenes were a bit much. I felt that there was too much to be said in the main plot. Also, in the first half I was so disinterested, that the only thing that kept me hooked were the performances. The second half was way better!

The hero of the film Jackky Bhagnani is a decent looker and has given very average performances in the past. In Rangrezz he’s good. Rajpal Yadav is just superb! His comic timing and expressions are brilliant! All the other actors in the film are not biggies or are hardly known but have acted very well! Pankaj Tripathi and Lushin Dubey as the parent politicians gave powerful performances. I also thought the 2 guys who play his friends were very natural.

The music in the film is ok. The romantic song that comes in the start is nice.

Rangrezz as a film has a good social message but the screenplay, the innumerable characters and the long story with many other stories in it make you wonder why this film was even made. The only saving grace are the performances.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Dec 17 2010

Mirch- Movie Review


The movies this week weren’t too interesting and I wasn’t too keen on watching Tron Legacy cause it’s just not my type of movie so I chose Mirch.

There are like 5 stories in this movie so I’m not sitting and typing so much. I’ll tell you in short. A struggling writer approaches a producer with his rejected script with too much hope. The producer says sorry boss, give me a script which is solid. The only way to make money from a film is a dumdaar actor or sex.  So the writer thinks up 4 different stories, inspired from Panchatantra, in which there’s infidelity, sex and smart women.

Now coming to my review. The beginning of the movie almost made me snore. The title credits were simultaneously rolling with the protagonist waiting for his girlfriend and drinking beer at the same time. So for the first five minutes, all I could see was his hand and a glass of beer and car keys. But don’t worry… it could only get better from there. And it did. The stories were genuinely good. Ok the 2 stories after the Interval were a little weak compared to the first two.

There are some really talented actors in the movie- Konkana Sen Sharma, Raima Sen, Rajpal Yadav, Boman Irani, Shreyas Talpade, Shahana Goswami, Sushant Singh, Prem Chopra, Ila Arun, Arunoday Singh and Tisca Chopra. Director Vinay Shukla’s very smartly used most of them more than once in all the stories in the movie and they’ve done a good job, except for maybe Arunoday Singh who was just ok.

Cinematography could have been way better considering the beautiful locations they got. The music was pretty good and went well with the movie theme.

Overall, Mirch had quite a bit of masala to make it entertaining but it would’ve been better if the pace was faster too.

Rating– 3/5

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Jul 23 2010

Khatta Meetha- Movie Review


Kya socha tha aur kya paaya! Honestly speaking, I didn’t go for this movie with any expectations. In spite of being a Priyadarshan fan, when I saw the trailer, I thought it would be quite a sad movie but since my brother really wanted to watch it I went with him.

Priyadarshan has made some of the most real and good humored movies in the past and Khatta Meetha is definitely one of those. Ok story-wise it’s a little shaky and the movie really drags in parts; also I think the actresses in this movie can’t act, but the dialogues and a lot of scenes are howlarious! I’m totally the slapstick comedy type and this movie has that bhar –bharke!

The best part about Priyadarshan’s films is his natural setting and the look of all the actors. If they’re middle class, he won’t dress them up in Manish Malhotra sarees or Armani suits. He likes keeping it real and that’s what makes the movie more real.

The story is about corrupt people in general- from the politicians to the engineers to the contractors and the workers. Akshay Kumar is great at comedy and he’s done a decent job in this one too but his character is not well defined. He’s quite a loser with absolutely no aim in life and is shown wooing the lady in the end. Rajpal Yadav is always a treat to watch and his comic timing is bang on! Johnny Lever has a short role too but I think he over-acted. Manoj Joshi is another one of those good actors you’ll find in most of Priyadarshan’s films.

Luckily there aren’t too many songs in the movie. Pritam’s music is ok but there was a lot of whistling and clapping during the ‘Aila re’ song.

Apart from a few glitches, Khatta Meetha is a fun movie. I wouldn’t say you must watch it in the theatre… you can do watching it at home also.

Rating– 2.5/5

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