Apr 1 2016

Ki & Ka- Movie Review


Ki & Ka posterThis year so far Bollywood has made some fantastic films and its only April still. Everytime people compare Bollywood with Hollywood’s standards, totally degrading Bollywood, it angers me. There is so much beauty in the films we make even though they may not be technically as superior or may not have the budgets as they do. Whatever it is, Ki & Ka would be a slap in the face to all those Bollywood haters.

Plot in short– The tagline of the film says ‘Striling, pulling, samething.’ In Kia’s (Kareena Kapoor) world, there is no time to cook, clean or socialize with the neighbours. Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) on the other hand, is a builder’s son who doesn’t want to live off his father’s money but be a home maker and look after his family. They meet and fall in love and decide to get married. Can this role reversal result in a happy marriage?

The Good– This movie is meant for those who are open minded and non- judgmental. If you’re not one of these, then please go watch it with an open mind. Director R Balki who is also the writer of the film, has brilliantly executed a concept that works in today’s day and age. Many may not agree but that is only because of the kind of image one has in their head of what a man and a woman are meant to do in their lives. What Ki and Ka show is how wonderful life can be without the pressure of doing something you don’t want to do or being someone you don’t want to be.  A home maker deserves as much respect as a corporate slave. With the crisp screenplay and editing, you will find it an absolute pleasure to watch. Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor may not look like the ‘ideal’ on screen pair but both share great chemistry together. Kareena with her un-Kohled eyes and natural make up looks gorgeous while Arjun Kapoor on his Segway looks like the most chilled out person on Earth! They’re both so comfortable in their roles that it looks so real. Swaroop Sampat who plays Kareena’s mother in the film is effortlessly lovable in her character. I also thought Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan’s appearance was great! I found myself laughing and crying in the film and could relate to so much.

There’s a whole lot of research and mehnat gone into making the sets and locations come to life, trains being a huge part of it. The cinematography works its magic in several scenes and makes every frame look fresh.

The Not-so-good– While many will embrace the subject with open arms, most will turn it down due to narrow mindedness and stereotyping. So this turns out to be a negative because people aren’t even accepting the idea. It may be a little slow in parts but it doesn’t overpower the good in the movie. I wish Arjun Kapoor’s character tried atleast a little to do something with his time instead of acting so lukha at the age of 28. The final thing that didn’t go too well with me was the music. There’s no song that I would like to have on my playlist from Ki & Ka.

Verdict– Ki and Ka is a progressive film about a progressive ladKI and ladKA. Open your mind and I promise you will love it.

Rating– 4/5

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Feb 6 2015

Shamitabh- Movie Review


shamitabh-posterWhen you put two talented actors together in a film that is all about acting, you know you just have to watch it. And I did. Here’s my review.

Plot in short– Danish (Dhanush), a mere bus conductor has a big dream- to be a Bollywood superstar. Now the problem is that no one will sign him for a film because he is mute and a mute actor would not be able to say the dialogues in a film. He chances upon a young assistant director (Akshara Haasan) But then he meets Amitabh Sinha (Amitabh Bachchan), a drunken old Bollywood struggler lying around outside a studio. His voice is just what Danish needs to get closer to his dream. After a lot of coaxing, Amitabh agrees. Danish starts living his dream as Shamitabh while Amitabh remains just the voice. How long can this duo sustain without egos taking over?

The Good– Director R. Balki who has directed Cheeni Kum and Paa before Shamitabh, sure knows how to bring out the best in his actors. His film deals with human relationships, their ups and downs, their emotions and complexities in life. The screenplay is well written, letting some scenes go on for longer than expected and creating their own moment. The three central characters played by Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush and Akshara Haasan are well sketched out. Amitabh Bachchan can act drunk and how! I wonder if he was actually under some sort of nasheela influence while acting out those scenes.  His performance shines through! Dhanush too is excellent! He may not be the best looking, conventional hero but he can act very well. The emotions are conveyed beautifully even without dialogues. Akshara Haasan who makes her debut with this film is a natural. She acts not like an actor but what she says on screen comes from within. She’s got a deadpan style of acting and in a strange way that works. The cinematographer has done a fine job with the camera.

The Not-so-good– I did not like the picturization of the song ‘Piddly’ and the songs overall also are not that great. I also feel that the ‘dumb’ situation could have been handled with more sensitivity.

Verdict– Watch Shamitabh because it is a good film overall.

Rating– 3.5/5


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