Dec 21 2016

Dangal- Movie Review


2016 has been a good year for Bollywood with movies such as Neerja, Sultan, Rustom, Kahaani 2, Saala Khadoos, Aligarh, Airlift, Udta Punjab, Pink 2, Ki & Ka, Wazir, Kapoor & Sons and Fan, Azhar, Dear Zinadgi and now Dangal.

Dangal works for its focused screenplay and powerful performances by every actor, making it a film that joins the ‘Best movies of 2016’ gang. Go watch!

Rating– 4/5


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Jun 6 2014

Holiday- Movie Review


Holiday-2014-Movie-PosterFrom the looks of the poster I thought ‘Holiday- A soldier is never off duty’ would be an out and out action flick starring Khiladi Kumar but let me tell you it was a lot more than that.

Plot in short– On leave from the Indian Army, Virat Bakshi (Akshay Kumar) is bride hunting and meets Sahiba (Sonakshi Sinha). Along with his cop buddy (Sumeet Raghavan) he catches a terrorist who is part of a sleeper cell. From then on, he is engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with a terror mastermind (Freddy Daruwala).

The Good– A R Murugadoss who has written the story for popular films like Ghajini and Jai Ho in Bollywood, has written and directed Holiday. The film which has a fairly large patriotic streak is for the aam janta. It’s what we call a ‘masala film’. There is a little of everything and most importantly a message for the people of India. While the story is good, I wouldn’t say the screenplay and direction is superb. If it hadn’t been for the story, three hours of watching the film just for Akshay Kumar would be a nightmare! A crisper script and fewer songs would have helped increase the pace. The acting is definitely up to the mark, be it Akshay Kumar who had people blowing whistles and clapping everytime he appeared on screen. Sonakshi Sinha could have got a better role but she didn’t do a bad job with what she got. Supporting actor Sumeet Raghavan was natural. Govinda who made a special appearance was ok. The baddie Freddy Daruwala got the expressions right but failed with dialogue delivery. The action sequences are well choreographed. The cinematography, art direction and styling make the film look rich.

The Not-so-Good– As I mentioned earlier, the screenplay and direction could have been better. The editing could have been crisper. Pritam’s music is decent. Songs are placed anywhere and for the heck of it. They don’t take the story forward.

Verdict– Holiday is meant to be an entertainer for the masses so please don’t watch it if you’re going to crib. I didn’t think it was bad at all. Watch it especially if you’re an Akshay Kumar fan or if you want to watch a film about our war heroes.

Rating– 3/5

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Dec 6 2013

R…Rajkumar- Movie Review


R Rajkumar posterR…Rajkumar is certainly not another Rowdy Rathore! It can’t even be compared and expect not to be impressed! Here’s why.

The basic story is that Romeo Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor) goes to Dhartipur and starts working for a Drug dealer Shivraj (Sonu Sood) and is given the dirty job of getting rid of the drug dealer’s rival dealer Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi). While he’s meant to destroy Parmar, he falls for Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha). Now he does not know that Parmar is Chanda’s uncle and has joined hands with Shivraj because Shivraj too has his eyes on Chanda for marriage. Will Rajkumar be able to stand up against his own boss for his love?

Prabhu Deva must realise that not all his movies will work in Bollywood. This one falls into the ‘masala film’ catergory, yes but isn’t ‘masaaledaar’ enough. The problem lies in the story and screenplay. To a certain extent, direction too. There’s no substance in the basic story and because of that the screenplay suffers. There’s one dialogue that is overused in the film- “Silent ho jaa varna voilent ho jaaoonga”.  I was quite fed up with all the repetition in terms of content for the film so I definitely think it could have been edited better with more concentration on the script.

Stylingwise, Shahid Kapoor looks ok. There’s nothing great about the way he looks. In fact, Sonu Sood stands out more. Sonakshi Sinha in Indian clothes looks perfect for the role and carries off every piece of clothing with flare. The action scenes have been shot and choreographed very well. I’d say, that’s probably one of the good things in the film.

The cinematography is good. The art direction and choice of locations is lovely. Sandeep Chowta is brilliant when it comes to background score and music in general and R Rajkumar is not exception in terms of superb background score. Pritam’s music is alright in the fim. Except for ‘Gandi baat’ and ‘Saari ke fall se’ I didn’t quite enjoy any songs. The item number is forgettable. The choreography of all the songs is very good though, especially Gandi baat and Saree ke fall se. Shahid Kapoor is just getting better as a dancer!

As an actor I wouldn’t say Shahid Kapoor has gotten better. In fact, I think this film just doesn’t go with his personality even though he has put in all the efforts to be as dramatic as possible. Sonakshi Sinha as an actress is great but this is another one of her films where she’s just there to look good and do a bit of nakhras. Both lack chemistry as the lead pair of the film. Sonu Sood not only looks good in the film but also does a good job with acting. He creates more of an impact as compared to Shahid Kapoor. (So sad!)

So as a film R Rajkumar fails to impress. The acting overall is decent and the action is very good. Apart from that, everything is unimpressive so avoid watching R…Rajkumar.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Aug 15 2013

Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara- Movie Review


Once upon ay time in mumbai dobaara posterOnce upon a time in Mumbaai was unexpectedly good and that’s what raised the bar for Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara. Was it a better film? You’re just about to find out.

The sequel tells us the story of Shoaib (Akshay Kumar) an Underworld Don who is influential and lives life king-size in Mumbai. He hires Aslam (Imran Khan) at a young age to work for him and be one of his gang members. Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha) enters both their lives and everything changes. Can a mere gang member of a Don win against the Don himself and woo his lady love or will he be a shadow of the master for the rest of his life?

Milan Luthria is a great director! He knows his craft well and makes films for the masses. Now, we’ve already seen that in his earlier films and obviously this one is no exception. The story by Rajat Arora has nothing to boast about but I liked the end. In layman’s terms, this one’s a love triangle with the backdrop of the Underworld in the 1970s and 80s. The focus is on the love stories so you can’t really call it a gangster film. The screenplay is very good. The dialogues are alright but not as powerful as the ones in the prequel. The art direction is smart keeping in mind that it is a period film. Great visuals, sets and costumes. Cinematographer Ayananka Bose has captured Mumbai and all the actors beautifully with his lens, adding his bit to every frame. The action scenes are choreographed well by Javed Eijaz.

The background music is killer! Super job by Sandeep Shirodkar! Pritam’s music this time is just about average. I like the song ‘Yeh tune kya kiya’. ‘Tayyab Ali’ is of course a copy and so the credit goes to the original composers of the song- Laxmikant Pyarelal. Imran Khan’s done a very bad lip sync of the song in the film, by the way. I would have liked the movie without so many songs.

Moving on… The performances are all noteworthy. Who would have imagined Akshay Kumar with his voice playing a Don? Well, I certainly didn’t. Surprisingly, he was quite impressive even though Ajay Devgan’s voice and persona makes the dialogues sound better. Imran Khan who’s not known for acting was quite decent as Aslam. Sonakshi Sinha was outstanding as usual. She has a great on screen presence. Sonali Bendre had a short role but was graceful and mature. Far better than the actress she used to be.

So as a film, Once upon ay time in Mumbai dobaara was entertaining but not as powerful as Once upon a time in Mumbaai. Watch it for the brilliant performances.

Rating– 3/5

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Jan 25 2013

Race 2- Movie Review


Race 2 posterRace came years ago and everyone enjoyed it. Was Race 2 as good? You’re just about to find out.

So, Saif Ali Khan is back in another race for money and love and this time he’s got new competition. Deepika Padokone, Jacqueline Fernandes and John Abraham. They decided not to include Bipasha Basu in this one because Abbas Mustan wanted to cast Johnny boy. Anil Kapoor and his dumb assistant Ameesha Patel are also there to make the film lighter with their double meaning pjs.

The director duo Abbas Mustan is slowly losing it. With the attempt of making it filled with twists and turns, the movie only gets longer and a little pakao. Sure, the film is well styled in all respects and has the shine of a freshly cut diamond but the story and sense the film should have lacks a bit. It clearly isn’t as good as Race.

The actors in the film are all average. I wouldn’t say anyone’s performance is very good. Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel are good but have such cheesy lines that they get annoying after a while. Saif Ali Khan looks his age now with his hair gelled back. His entry scene with him walking out of the water like a young stud boy didn’t help one bit! Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandes look hot with all their sexy outfits revealing their legs and cleavage. Add John Abraham to that list. He’s smoking hot! 😛

The songs are decent and can be danced to. Thank you Pritam! The songs ‘Beintehaan’ and ‘Party on my mind’ are the best in my opinion.

Race 2 as a movie has been disappointing albeit a little entertaining thanks to the 2 and a half  hour fashion show.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Jul 13 2012

Cocktail- Movie Review


I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to watching Cocktail ever since I saw the trailer. Chick flick and all that jazz. So as soon as I got done with school, I ran to watch the movie and here’s what I thought of it.

The story is about Gautam (fun, flirtacious, outgoing), Veronica ( loud, attention-seeking, outspoken) and Meera (cultured, boring, compassionate). So, Gautam and Veronica hit it off instantly and start dating but then Meera gets into the picture and things get complicated between the three of them.

In a way, the main plot is a lot like Dil to pagal hai- Gautam- Shahrukh, Meera- Madhuri, Veronica- Karishma. What I mean is there is nothing unique about the story. Its quite predictable. The screenplay is not up to the mark because of which the entire story starts falling down rapidly even though the look entices you and makes you want to watch the entire film. Superb styling and cinematography- very rich. The direction and editing is a bit disconnected because of which there’s no proper flow and it gets you a little restless, especially in the second half of the movie.

I love how Deepika Padukone is styled in terms of costumes, hair, etc. She totally looks the character even though her personality doesn’t allow her to project that in the best possible way. I thought Diana Penty was really boring. She was seedhi-saadhi  and looks beautiful which she had to be but there’s no charm in her which would draw you to her. Saif was his usual self, subtly funny and charming but nothing different from his earlier roles.

Pritam has done a good job with regard to the music yet again. Groovy numbers and Kavita Seth’s voice in ‘Tumhi ho bandhu’ is just too good! I love how the verses have been sung by her! I also like ‘Daaru Desi’ and the songs they played in the nightclub scenes.

So yes, I am quite disappointed with Cocktail. I’d suggest you wait for it to come on some TV channel or just watch it on Dvd.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Nov 25 2011

Desi Boyz- Movie Review


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, especially ‘cause it’s called ‘Desi BOYZ’ and plus, you know, movies these days aren’t really that great. So… yeah getting to my review…

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham get laid off because of recession and must find a job to meet their expenses which include the rent of their apartment, Akshay’s adopted son’s daily kharcha and school fees, and the fact that John wants to marry Deepika Padukone and keep her happy. So, they become male escorts for Sanjay Dutt’s company- Desi Boyz and decide not to tell anyone. That doesn’t remain a secret and everything changes.

Ok now, as I said earlier, I wasn’t expecting much from this movie because it looked really stupid. But looks can be deceptive. The story is ok but the screenplay is very good along with the dialogues which make it an out and out entertainer. I just felt that more importance is given to the before -after aspects of becoming desi boyz and their role as desi boyz is limited to barely 1-2 scenes and a song. But as a director, Rohit Dhawan has done a good job.

The good thing is that both Akshay and John are given equal importance in the film. Akshay and John are a great team together and it shows on screen. They’ve both acted pretty well. Deepika Padukone looks pretty but her acting is ok as usual, Chitrangda Singh looks hot even with an overly-caked-up face and manages to do her part well. Omi Vaidya has a short role but is too funny and his comic timing is just perfect! Sanjay Dutt was decent and got the maximum number of seetis and taalis from the audience.

The songs are ok to listen to, not bad. I like the song ‘Tu mera hero’. It was a treat to watch Akshay and John and see the amazing clothes Deepika and Chitrangda are wearing. Also, the sets are designed beautifully.

Desi Boyz is a good entertainer and I can so imagine a sequel to this. Go watch it!

Rating– 3/5

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Apr 21 2011

Dum Maaro Dum- Movie Review


The reason I went to watch this movie is Abhishek Bachchan. I think he’s a brilliant actor no matter what people say. What I thought about the movie is irrelevant then…Ok no, read read! 😛

Dum in hindi refers to drugs. So the movie is based on that. Basically, Prateik Babbar has a girlfriend who gets a scholarship but he doesn’t and can’t afford to pay the fees of the University he wants to go to. He gets involved exporting drugs and is sent to juvenile prison when Abhishek Bachchan, the police officer in charge catches him at the Goa Airport. Joki, Rana Daggubati, a musician has an aspiring air hostess, Bipasha Basu as his girlfriend who is ambitious but is forced to take help from a drug mafia (Aditya Pancholi) in Goa who bribes her into exporting drugs if she wants to fulfill her ambition of being an air hostess. As the movie progresses we move deeper into the plot and see the power of the drug mafia.

Supposedly a thiller, I didn’t think it was that thrilling. The background music only has Dum Maaro Dum ka starting ka tune and Midival Punditz have taken credit for that. The story falls flat because there’s no proper build-up of the plot. They were trying too hard to put in love stories and songs to make the movie a little light which sort of takes away from the main story about the whole drug mafia scene. So even though the movie is just about 2 hrs and 15 mins, it seems incredibly long! They could have made it so much more classy and interesting!

The actors apart from Abhishek Bachchan and Prateik Babbar are quite bad. This Rana guy is just too bland and has an expressionless voice. Bipasha looks hot but that’s it.

The music by Pritam is not bad. I like the songs ‘Te Amo’ and ‘Mit jaaye gham’.

According to me, Dum Maaro Dum lacks dum. I didn’t have great expectations anyway!

Rating– 2/5


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