Oct 18 2013

Shahid- Movie Review


shahid-posterAfter watching the trailer, I read up a bit about Shahid Azmi and was looking forward to watching the film mainly to see if they’ve done justice to his real life story. Well, you’re just going to find out.

The film is based on Shahid Azmi who lived a short but eventful life. He was born in a Muslim family and after the Mumbai Riots in 1993, things changed for him. He joined a militant group in Kashmir to oppose the injustice done towards Muslims but ran off because he could not take the cruelty and violence adopted as a method for justice. He returned to his family but was arrested soon after under TADA. He serves seven years in jail where he studies and decides to become a lawyer to fight for innocent people typecast as terrorists.

Director Hansal Mehta has dealt with this subject extremely delicately and dedicatedly. The movie spans from 1993 all the way to 2010, covering all the important events and struggles of Shahid along the way including his marriage. I wish the screenplay was a little more fast-paced because you may get a little restless. Sharper editing would have helped surely. What is wonderful is the treatment. Very real and believable. All the characters and their lines are not filmy which is a definite plus point. The courtroom scenes are brilliantly executed adding a great amount of drama. In fact, the last half an hour was the best part of the film. The setting is bang on. Even the styling and make up is unpretentious which is what makes it cool. The cinematography is great for the theme.

The background score is perfect! There are barely two songs in the film and they too fit in very well. Soothing and apt for the theme of the film.

The performances are brilliant throughout the film. Raj Kumar is very convincing as Shahid and acts effortlessly. All the other actors too play an important part in making the film gripping. Kay Kay Menon has a small role but is as good as always. Baljinder Kaur who plays Shahid’s mother is so natural that you wont even think she’s acting. I’d say the same about the lady who plays a female lawyer towards the end. She’s fun to watch.  Tigmanshu Dhulia who plays the boss is not bad either.

Overall, Shahid is a good film to watch; slightly slow but yet well made.

Rating– 3/5


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Mar 17 2013

Mere Dad ki Maruti- Movie Review


Mere Dad Ki Maruti posterI should’ve known that naming movies after cars would become a trend. Why, of course! Its movie full of advertising for them! Here’s what I think about the 1 hr 40 mins car ad!

Ram Kapoor is a strict father to a lallu son Saqib Saleem. The boy is trying hard to impress Rhea Chakraborty who is the college hotty. So in order to have the most perfect first date, he along with best friend Prabal Panjabi decides to take his brand new car (which is actually supposed to be gifted to his to-be-jijaji on his marriage day). Unfortunately, the Maruti disappears and then follow a series of misadventures.

Firstly, there’s nothing new about the story. It seems like you’re watching a teenage version of ‘Ferrari ki Sawari’ and of course, a much more exaggerated version (Punjabi style). The first half will make you wonder why you’re even watching the movie because everything is so OTT (Over-the-top) and for what? Even such a short movie felt really long! I agree that the cinematography is very rich and the overall production design is beautiful and so is the styling. But the screenplay falls flat on its face. The last fifteen minutes luckily act as the saving grace in an otherwise boring movie.

Saqib Saleem as the lead actor tries too hard but doesn’t match up to Prabal Panjabi who is naturally funny and cute. I think he was a lot better in Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge. Rhea Chakraborty who plays the bitchy Jasleen looks her part and to a certain extent acts it too but I guess teenagers and kids will be able to relate to her the most. Ram Kapoor as the scary father is convincing and has even acted well but the very fact that his character’s so over-the-top is a bit annoying. Ravi Kissen seemed a bit out of place in this movie but he’s a good actor and even with the small role did a good job.

There’s not much music in the movie, just a couple of songs but the background music is good and adds alot to the film.   I’m surprised this film is produced by Yash Raj Films because they’ve definitely done better films in the past even if they’re with new actors or a crazy story. This one’s a major let down.

By the end of the film I had seen enough of the red Maruti Ertiga which is spacious, is called a Life Utility Vehicle (LUV) and costs about 6 lakhs. Purpose served I guess.

Rating– 2/5



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Oct 14 2011

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge- Movie Review


With a title like that, who’s going to take it seriously? Well, I decided to go for it only because I love chick flicks. Did I just end up wasting my time?

Rahul and Vishal are friends. Rahul is a rockstar whereas Vishal is just a sidekick who helps him write corny lyrics for his songs. Malvika and Preity are best friends. Malvika’s a hottie who Vishal likes and Preity’s a photographer who keeps a safe distance from relationships and men. Vishal becomes Rahul and talks to Malvika (who is actually Preity) and Preity becomes Malvika and talks to Rahul (who is actually Vishal) on Facebook and they start getting to know each other. Little do they know that in real life, Vishal and Preity can’t stand each other.

Let me tell you that sometimes the most unexpected movies can turn out to be awesome! Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge is one such movie. There’s not a single dull moment and I really did enjoy the entire movie. Even though the story is simple, the direction, screenplay, dialogues, performances and setting make it a treat to watch! College kids will definitely relate to it the most. The music reminds me of the music in High School Musical- not something people will listen to a lot but good enough for the movie.

The girl who plays ‘Preity’ has acted brilliantly and she’s one talented actress. Prabal Panjabi was also hilarious and super cute even though he’s a tingu.

Trust me, you might think this movie looks stupid and must be just like how the title sounds, but its totally worth watching it. I really enjoyed it! A must watch for people in college!

Rating– 3.5/5

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