Dec 28 2012

Happiness Deli, Fort- Review


Happiness DeliSo there was this deal from Timesdeal which said that I could get a pizza/burger, a sandwich/salad and a drink worth Rs. 500 for Rs.250. Was it worth it? You’re just about to find out.

Food– Happiness Deli is just another cafe that serves sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, desserts, hot and cold drinks and sides. Unfortunately we didn’t get to choose our sandwich/ pizza/ drink and with our limited options we could have a cold corn and cheese sandwich, an iced tea, a cold coffee and a Margherita pizza (8”). Our sandwich came first and it was quite bad. There was no salt, pepper or any kind of taste except for boiled corn and cheese randomly put into 2 slices of bread. I asked them to atleast grill it which they said they can’t for whatever reason they have. Next, we had our drinks. The iced tea was good and so was the cold coffee but the quantities of both were more like a tasting. Our pizza finally arrived and gladly that did not let us down. The crust was nice and thin and the taste was superb! I would totally have that again. No meal is complete without a dessert and so I thought chalo let me finish off the meal with a happy ending.  Unfortunately the Oreo Mousse cake didn’t taste as good as it looked. It was quite bad.

Ambience– There are 2 outlets of Happiness Deli in South Mumbai apart from the one at Radio Club. We went to the Fort one very close to HDFC bank at Kala Ghoda. The cafe is decent but a bit cramped up.

Service– The service is alright. However, I would have liked it if my sandwich was grilled for me or the drinks were on our table before the food.

Prices– The prices are reasonable and especially if you go after 8pm, you can get good discounts. But Timesdeal and Happiness Deli certainly fooled us with their supposed ‘offer’. The Corn and cheese sandwich was not more than 50 bucks. The 8” Margherita was for Rs. 105 and the drinks together would not have been more than 160 bucks. So the deal that was apparently worth Rs. 500 was for Rs.250 which is what we would have paid anyway. The dessert of course was at an added cost of Rs. 70 approximately.

Verdict– I recommend the pizza and would like to try more of their food. Reasonably priced, Happiness Deli is a decent enough place to grab a snack but I wouldn’t recommend it for desserts.

Rating– 2.5/5



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Sep 24 2012

California Pizza Kitchen, Lower Parel- Review


I’ve tried the pizzas at CPK on two occasions, both times for free. Now, it’s a good thing because I love pizzas. Here’s my review.

Food– Apart from pizzas, they have soups, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, pastas, desserts, etc. I tried their thin crust pizzas- Margherita- super bland with a prominent taste of tomato, Spicy Cayenne (spicy cayenne pepper sauce with cottage cheese, sliced onions, red, yellow and green bell peppers)- too salty in some parts and bland in some. It was a weird pizza! Five cheese & Fresh Tomato pizza- Ok. Their thin crust pizzas are wafer thin and barely filling. For appetizers I tried the Mediterranean Wonton Spring rolls (Sautéed shitake mushrooms, grilled eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions and cheese) and the Margherita Wonton Spring Rolls (Fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, cheese) and again, both were superb bland! The Margherita was better though because of the cheese. So, in a way the food in general at CPK is bland and not meant for Indians.

Ambience– Walk into Phoenix Mills at Lower Parel, reach centre. Turn back towards Palladium and go up the escalator to California Pizza Kitchen. The place is dimly lit with comfy couches, a long bar and lots of brown! It looks more like a corporate place to dine rather than a place for young people or children.

Service– The staff is courteous and efficient. No complaints.

Prices– The wonton starter costs Rs. 295 which includes 2 types of wontons. The Margherita thin crust costs Rs. 425 and the Spicy Cayenne Pizza costs Rs. 325! So eating at CPK is not everyone’s cup of tea! Actually it would be, had the food been even remotely tasty!

Verdict– CPK is a big let down with probably the worst pizzas ever! Don’t even think about it!

Rating– 1.5/5

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May 16 2012

Francesco’s Pizzeria, Kemps Corner- Review


Thanks to Burrp’s Twitter updates, and Zomato for putting up the menu, I found out about Francesco’s Pizzeria at Kemps Corner and so rushed to go try it. Here’s what I thought of it.

Food– As the name suggests, Francesco’s serves an interesting variety of pizzas with choices in toppings. I had a basic Margherita 7”(normal cheese pizza with basil leaves on top) which I thought could have been tastier but was decent nonetheless and Fash had a 7” pizza called ‘Insalata’ or Garden pizza (basic margherita topped with Rocket leaf salad, Basamic Reduction, Heirloom tomatoes and pickled onion slivers). As fancy as it sounds, to me it tasted like bitter leaves with cherry tomatoes on a pizza. Fash liked it somehow. For the weight conscious, they also have a pizza called ‘Wellness Pizza’ or ‘Magro’ (Multigrain crust, wood roasted zucchini & honey carrots, Fresh Broccoli Florets, Mini Heirloom tomatoes & Fava Beans). As a side order we had their ‘Garlic Ciabatta Mini loaf’ meaning Herby Garlic bread. I liked the taste but the hard crust spoilt it for us. They also have a couple of desserts so we decided to try ‘Francesco’s Signature’ cupcake- Tiramisu with Mascarpone Frosting. That I will have to admit was just superb- soft, creamy and delicious!

Ambience– It might be slightly difficult for you to find this place if you’re not well acquainted with Kemps Corner. It’s located in a small lane right next to Creo and Subway on the main road, also close to Muchhad Paanwala. It’s mainly a delivery place as most pizza joints are but if you plan to go there, it’s a cosy place with 3 just tables. The décor is simple and contemporary.

Service– The pizzas didn’t take much time to be prepared but the hard crusted Garlic bread took ages and came after we finished our pizza so that wasn’t a very good thing as far as service is concerned. Otherwise, the staff is polite.

Prices– I thought the prices are normal because anywhere you go now you’d end up spending atleast 300 bucks but Fash felt that the prices are a little high. My Margherita pizza was for Rs. 125, Fash’s garden pizza was for Rs. 195. The Garlic bread was for Rs. 50 and a cupcake Rs. 70 each. After getting back home I realized that for a pizza joint, they are slightly over-priced. A 7” pizza would not fill me up for sure if I were to have it for a proper meal. This was just a snack. But we were lucky enough to get 2 cupcakes complimentary from them for which I would happily pay Rs. 70 because they were that rich and delicious.

Verdict– Francesco’s Pizzeria’s pizzas have good quality ingredients but taste-wise can be better. Their prices are slightly higher than the usual pizza joints which could be a drawback especially if they’re mainly into home deliveries. Their Signature cupcake rocks! Go try!

Rating– 2.5/5

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Mar 7 2012

Che Bar & Grill, Churchgate- Review


I had passed Che Bar & Grill a couple of days back and made a note to myself that I’d definitely come and try it. Luckily, a plan was made and I got to check it out sooner than I thought! Here’s my review:

Food– The resto-bar serves Mexican, Italian, Cuban, American, French and Brazilian cuisine and a variety of spirits including Absinthe. We were 6 of us and decided to go all out and try as much as we could from the menu. For starters, we called for their legendary Nachos which were so good that we just couldn’t get enough of them! We also had a Veg combo platter which included vegetable skewers which were ok, onion rings and French fries which were nice and crisp and Cuban ‘bombas’ which were delicious! The non-veggies liked their Chicken Skewer Appetizer. After that we called for a Primavera pizza 10” (tomato sauce, grilled onions, bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and asked them not to put aubergine) which was decent.  The Penne Pesto was yum and decided to repeat it. I personally didn’t like the veg Mexico burger (veg patty, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos & cream, chopped onions) and would prefer the burger at Mc Donald’s any day! The steak that the non veggies called for- Chicken steak lemon herbs and chicken mix grill were both good but the chicken could have been more tender. Also, the sauce that came along with it should have been more. I really wanted to try a dessert but everyone was too full to so we decided to skip that. Overall, the food was pretty good but it has scope for improvement. I loved the presentation which made the food look scrumptiously awesome! The quantity was just right.

Ambience– Che Bar & Grill is located at Churchgate near the famous ‘Eros’ theatre. It’s opened in place of the French restaurant- Chez Vous which was a high-end place that not many could afford to dine at. The décor at Che is simple, chic, comfortable and fun. Lots of red and cool pictures all around. The music they play is also fun. From the looks of it, college students from Jai Hind, KC, HR and Sydenham will frequent the place pretty often!

Service– Now this is what got us slightly disappointed. We were not served water till we were almost done with our first starter and that too we had to ask for. We were 6 of us and got only 4 glasses so again we had to ask for 2 more glasses. The AC was not switched on until we asked them to switch it on. Also, some of our dishes took ages to arrive which sort of killed my appetite.

Prices– The pricing is good and reasonable. The Nachos were for Rs. 199, the Veg Platter for Rs. 449, the Pasta for Rs. 229, the Veg Pizza for Rs. 229, the Chicken Mix Grill for Rs. 499 and so on. So including all the taxes and everything, we ended up paying Rs. 550 per head which is not bad considering how much we all ate! For those who find it a bit much for a casual meal can opt for their Lunch Buffet which is for Rs. 349 + taxes.

Verdict– Che Bar & Grill is a great place which had good food, a chilled out ambience, decent prices and service that can be worked on. Their Nachos are a ‘must have’!

Rating– 3/5


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Nov 2 2011

Poncho, Kurla (w) – Review


Poncho wasn’t listed anywhere online and I was really excited to try the food after being contacted by one of the owners to come, try the food and give feedback. I was wondering when I would go all the way to BKC but luckily a friend had her car and 4 of us foodie friends went there finally. I’m so glad I did!

Food & Prices– Poncho is a Mexican & Italian café/ restaurant and has food that will remind you of home food which tastes good and is superbly priced! The menu has so many tempting things that you may want to try everything. We sure did! Serious! You wont find this kind of food at such reasonable prices anywhere for sure! I’ll tell you exactly what all we had!

1)      Nachos with beans (Rs. 35) – Beans were more like Rajma beans and the cheese was simple melted cheese served on tortilla chips. The cheese was less but overall taste good.

2)      Burrito bowl with paneer & extra cheese (Rs. 75) – An awesome combo of so many things. Tasted nice.

3)      Soft Tacos (Rs. 35) – Fun fillings made it fun to eat!

4)      Margherita pizza with paneer & corn (Rs.90) – Yum!

5)      Misto pasta (Rs. 60) – Very good!

6)      Spicy Cheese Garlic Bread (Rs. 35) – Avoidable

7)      Quesadilla (Rs. 50) – It just had capsicum, cheese and onion but it was super tasty…almost perfect!

8)      Iced Tea (Rs. 20 each) – Strawberry, Lemon, Peach, Ginger Lemon, Black Currant. You name it; we tried it and loved them all!

9)      Lemonade (Rs. 15)– Good

10)   Cold Coffee (Rs. 35) – Just the way I like it!

11)   Oreo Chocolate Mousse (Rs. 45)– Good

12)   Dutch Truffle pastry (Rs. 45)- Could have been good but tasted stale

After having all this and filling our stomachs to the brim, we paid; wait for it, only Rs. 175 per head! Now isn’t that awesome?! I don’t know of many places where you can eat like a hog, try almost everything from the menu and pay less than 200 bucks! But but but, these prices are limited to this outlet only and if they do open another one, which I’m sure they will, the prices will not be the same so I suggest, go dig in at this place asap!

Ambience & Service– Perhaps the only drawback of this place would be the location. They’re located at the end of BKC, near Kurla (w) station at LBS Marg in an office building (Essar House). The restaurant is a simple, basic contemporary self service place with chic furniture. The waiter is sweet even though he’ll reply with a polite ‘yes’ to most of the questions asked to him whether or not he knows what you’re asking him. You’ll get your food within 5-10 minutes so don’t worry if you’re in a rush.

Verdict– Poncho is awesome! Total value for money for simple and good food! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5


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May 30 2011

The Terrace, Chowpatty- Review


I recently went to not -just -another “terrace” with a couple of friends to see what it was like and here’s what I thought of it.

Food– If you’re planning to eat hardcore, this is not the place for you. Just like WTF! The Terrace serves starters and drinks only. They have an entire menu containing alcohol choices and for food they didn’t have a menu yet ‘cause they had just opened;  but they have starters such as French Fries, Pizza, Bruschetta, Burgers, Sandwiches, Chilly Mini Potatoes, Spinach & Mozarella tikis, etc and no non-veg ‘cause the landlord of the building doesn’t allow non-veg.  Since there were only starters we decided to call for 4-5 different ones. The Grain pizza was the strangest of them all! It didn’t look like a pizza but tasted good anyway. It had a thick wheat base with Bell pepper, Cheese, a Basil leaf and an Artichoke. The cutlet in the Burgers tasted like Kanda bhajiya with corn but it was good nonetheless. Next we tried the Spinach Mozarella thing with sev around it. That was ok. The Mini potatoes were also just ok… the taste of the potatoes overpowered the sauce. So the food was ok. I thought the quantity was very little. We were not even half full! Basically, it’s a place for those more interested in drinking and have starters on the side so make sure you don’t go there just for food. But one thing that I must add is that they’ve made an attempt to introduce new dishes and make them look different so kudos to them!

Ambience– Lovely place. Open air with comfortable seating- chilled out chairs and bean bags to sit on with amazing breeze slapping your face. The best part is that you’ll see our very own Chowpatty beach on the opposite side. So yes, they’ve got the right location with very simple and yet classy décor and furniture which makes the place just awesome and fun to chill!

Service– The service is fine nothing spectacular about it!

Prices– I’d say the prices are fine but the quantity of food is not. So they should do something about that. A Kingfisher beer costs Rs. 180, the pizza cost us 300 bucks and it wasn’t worth the money at all! The mini burgers plate cost us Rs. 225, the spinach Mozarella thing cost us Rs. 275 and the Mini potatoes cost us Rs. 245. So 4 starters, 1 beer and 2 Fresh lime sodas, adding 10% service charge, the bill amount came to Rs. 1460 among the 4 of us. But mind you we weren’t full at all!

Verdict– The Terrace is a great place to hang out with your friends, have a couple of drinks and just enjoy the weather is good ol’ Mumbai. The food, service and pricing is ok. If they make a few changes in the quantity and introduce more things to eat, I’d definitely be coming here more often! It’s worth a shot for sure so go try it asap!

Rating– 3/5


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Apr 25 2011

Some like it Hot, Andheri (W)- Review


I went to this super duper fantabulous restaurant for my friend Rahul’s birthday and I just can’t wait to tell you what I thought of it! Read jjjallldddiiii!!

Food– Some like it Hot has a menu full of yummy things! Pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, sizzlers, risottos, burgers, soups, salads, fondues, Mexican food, mocktails, cocktails and what not! We called for the Paprika Cheese Fondue. They served it with grapes, bread, apples and some pickle and trust me, it’s the best I’ve ever had! We tried the creamy cheese pizza with mushrooms, olives and American corn as toppings which made the pizza taste delicious too! There was the Mexican Risotto with less cheese which was ok, could have been better. The Fusilli Alfredo pasta and Spaghetti Arabiatta pasta which also tasted really good. The non-vegetarians had Hot n Spicy chicken, mustard chicken which got over pretty quickly so I’m assuming it was good too.  The mocktails were a little disappointing though. I didn’t like Pomegranate Surprise at all and neither did anyone else who tried it. The Long Island Iced teas were decent. The quantity of food is very good and so is the taste. So it gets full marks in that department!

Ambience– Its located in Andheri west, next to 4 Bungalows and Lokhandwala. The décor is superb! The colours, the fun stuff on the walls, the black and white checked flooring, red seats and everything about the interiors is just amazing! I love it and so will you! Some like it Hot lives up to its name, only, instead of some, most will like it ‘cause it’s totally hot! 😛 They play great music too! From Whigfield’s Sexy Eyes to We no speak no Americano to a lot of foot tapping numbers, this place is fun, lively and charming.

Service– Since one of the people in our little group knew the manager there, we got excellent service. They were warm, recommended some really nice things to eat and didn’t mind the noise we made. Also, at 12, since it was my friend’s birthday they came with cake together singing with a lit candle. Now that’s really sweet!

Prices– Some like it Hot gives you great food, brilliant ambience and warm service at very good prices! They even have Happy Hours to let you enjoy a couple of drinks before biting into their yummy food. We were about 8 of us and the bill amount came up to less than 3500 which included alcohol, mocktails and food which filled us all up to the brim. I’d say its full value for money!

Verdict– In spite of it being more than an hour away from my place, I know that I’d definitely go there again. I loved everything about it! So I suggest you go give a shot to Some like it Hot!

Rating– 4.5/5

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Jan 2 2011

Sky Café, Fort- Review


Accidental love. That is what this place is for me. I accidentally noticed this place just last week when I went to check the show timings of Tees Maar Khan at Sterling and just when I turned, I saw a lovely open air restaurant called Sky Café. It was love at first sight!

Food– They serve Italian, Continental and Oriental cuisine here along with desserts and mocktails. Let me tell you honestly, we had pizza, pasta and potato wedges among the two of us and taste-wise it was a little above average. The good thing is that they were ready to split the toppings on the pizza-half n half for my friend and me. The desserts were ok. We tried the Rich Gooey chocolate cake and Chocolate Mousse. If you plan to go for coffee, they have a nice 4pm to 7pm offer where you can have unlimited filter coffee for only Rs.45 per person.  They’re also planning to introduce breakfast there which I can’t wait to try!

Ambience– Located opposite Sterling theatre at Fort, Sky Café is an open air restaurant, (very rare in South Mumbai) which not only surprises you but also makes you feel at home. The décor is simple and sweet. There’s no snobbish air around to make you want to run out; in fact, you’d feel like chilling there for a long time. I think the love at first sight thing happens because of the first appearance of the place…but I think its too charming to lose its charm. I just have one complaint- their huge white umbrellas cannot take the pressure of the wind and while chilling there, we saw 2 of them fall. Luckily no one was sitting where they fell. So yeah, that definitely needs to be taken care of. Other than that, the setting is perfect for a date! Super romantic!

Service– This is one of their minus points. They are really sweet and try their best to make sure everything goes right, but the food takes forever to come! I think it’s the kitchen staff that takes so long (45 minutes for a pizza) but in the end it’s the overall service level that goes down. So they need to be a little more careful about getting food in atleast 20 minutes.

Prices– I think the prices are perfect. Not too much and not too less. Totally worth the food, though the food ka taste could be better. All food items (pizza, pasta, etc.) are priced at around 160 bucks. Toppings are about 20 bucks each. The desserts are about 90 bucks each. In case you want to go chill in the afternoon, the unlimited coffee offer is great priced at only Rs. 45 per head! So not bad at all! It came up to only 350 bucks per head and we were super full!

Verdict– Town really needed this place. I love it and totally recommend it to everyone! The food’s decent, the ambience is awesome and overall its paisa vasool!

A word of caution for snooty people– In case you only chill in places with A/C or places which charge a bomb for bad coffee, please don’t ever come to Sky Café…its better off without you! [Yeah, I just tend to get a little defensive about everything I love]

Rating– 4/5

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Nov 25 2010

Ice n Rolls, Vile Parle (w) – Review


Most “burbies” from Mumbai would be well aware of this place located near Mithibai college. It’s new for townies since it’s not your typical “restaurant” or “café”. I was looking forward to trying out Ice n Rolls ever since I heard you get pasta and pizza there… So here’s what I thought of the place.  Read on!

Food– Ice n Rolls is your one stop shop for all kinds of junk food (Veg)! Pizzas, pastas, rolls, sandwiches, salads, nachos, soya protein stuff, juices, milkshakes, desserts floats and what not!  When I went to eat there, I asked Mr. Pandey (who sits there) to suggest what I should eat since it was my first visit. So, keeping in mind his suggestion I tried the Veg Blast pizza and chocolate milkshake. Yes, I ate alone because I was in Juhu for work and was quite hungry after that. So the “Veg Blast” pizza was a normal veg pizza with onion, capsicum, tomatoes, pizza sauce and cheese. It was decent. Very filling! The chocolate milkshake which is also their specialty was yum! It’s better than Cad B (for those who know what Cad B is)! I’m thinking I’ll try more stuff when I go there next. The pasta is supposed to be good too.

Ambience– Let me tell you it’s not a restaurant or a café. It’s like a roadside thing but not a roadside thing… you know what I mean? See the picture, you’ll get it. It is located at Vile Parle west, bang opposite Bhaidas hall or the famous Mithibai college. They don’t have chairs and tables but the good part is that its open 24/7. Yup! So now you know that in case you’re planning to go clubbing in that side of town, you should keep Ice n Rolls in mind if you’re hungry.

Service– Not much to say. Its fast food. They get it as fast as possible.

Prices– The prices are decent. Certain items on the menu are overpriced. Their pizzas start at Rs. 70 and their pastas at Rs.100. Their rolls start at Rs. 40 and desserts at Rs. 80. I didn’t think their Chocolate milkshake was worth 80 bucks. So for a college student to eat there everyday, it would get expensive but otherwise it’s good.

Verdict– Late night eatery, their chocolate milkshake and the variety on the menu are reasons enough for me to go eat at this place again. Me thinks you should try it too.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Sep 16 2010

Brewer’s Café, Andheri (West)- Review


It was a random plan, as usual. I wanted to try out a new place and it was a close friend’s birthday so we decided to go to Brewer’s Café in the afternoon to chill till dinner.

Food– Brewer’s Café serves your typical café food. Sandwiches, pizza, pasta, coffees, granitas, slushes, tea and the like. The reason I chose this place over the usual CCD, Barista, Candies and Costa Coffee was because this place had more food on the menu! We were 3 of us and ordered a Chopped Veg Cheese sandwich which was ok…the cheese wasn’t enough and overall, I wasn’t satisfied. Then I called for a Chocolate Granita which I wont recommend cause it was not chocolaty and tasted like Bournvita. My friends called for a Choco Frappe, Americano and Cheesy Fries. The coffees were good but the cheesy fries were again not cheesy enough and the cheese was quite dry. So overall, the food was very ok! I wanted to try out their pizza but unfortunately it wasn’t available!

Ambience– Located near Mega Mall and 5 Spice at Oshiwara, this sweet little café is a great place to hang out. We had gone in the afternoon and so sat inside, in the air conditioned section; but there’s an outside section too which is nice in the evenings! You can chill there for a long time and relax with your coffee. The entire atmosphere there is quite chilled out.

Service– The service is decent. The guys working there are pretty sweet and don’t take too long to get your food. They even allow you to charge your phone.

Prices– Normal café prices but not as expensive as Costa Coffee or Coffee Bean. I’d say its value for money only if the food is made better but otherwise, I think you can do with a regular coffee or something. My sandwich was for Rs.70 and the Chocolate Granita was again approximately at the same cost. The Americano was around Rs. 50 which is decent. So after having 2 Americanos, 1 Chocolate Granita, 1 Choco Frappe, 1 Sandwich, 1 Cheesy Fries and 2 bottles of Mineral water, our total bill summed up to Rs. 303 which is not bad at all!

Verdict– The place is chilled out, especially outside and maybe the food isn’t that great but it’s not bad either. I wouldn’t say it’s a place you have to try but if you stay at Andheri or close by, you could go and try out Brewer’s Café just to hang out with your buddies.

Rating– 3/5

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