Sep 24 2012

California Pizza Kitchen, Lower Parel- Review


I’ve tried the pizzas at CPK on two occasions, both times for free. Now, it’s a good thing because I love pizzas. Here’s my review.

Food– Apart from pizzas, they have soups, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, pastas, desserts, etc. I tried their thin crust pizzas- Margherita- super bland with a prominent taste of tomato, Spicy Cayenne (spicy cayenne pepper sauce with cottage cheese, sliced onions, red, yellow and green bell peppers)- too salty in some parts and bland in some. It was a weird pizza! Five cheese & Fresh Tomato pizza- Ok. Their thin crust pizzas are wafer thin and barely filling. For appetizers I tried the Mediterranean Wonton Spring rolls (Sautéed shitake mushrooms, grilled eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions and cheese) and the Margherita Wonton Spring Rolls (Fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, cheese) and again, both were superb bland! The Margherita was better though because of the cheese. So, in a way the food in general at CPK is bland and not meant for Indians.

Ambience– Walk into Phoenix Mills at Lower Parel, reach centre. Turn back towards Palladium and go up the escalator to California Pizza Kitchen. The place is dimly lit with comfy couches, a long bar and lots of brown! It looks more like a corporate place to dine rather than a place for young people or children.

Service– The staff is courteous and efficient. No complaints.

Prices– The wonton starter costs Rs. 295 which includes 2 types of wontons. The Margherita thin crust costs Rs. 425 and the Spicy Cayenne Pizza costs Rs. 325! So eating at CPK is not everyone’s cup of tea! Actually it would be, had the food been even remotely tasty!

Verdict– CPK is a big let down with probably the worst pizzas ever! Don’t even think about it!

Rating– 1.5/5

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Jun 30 2012

Dolce Vita Café Bar, Phoenix Mills- Review


Its been long since I’ve tried a new place and I’m so glad I was invited to try Dolce Vita’s Café Bar which by the way is pretty neat!

Food– The menu contains food from all over the world except India. What I went for was the Afternoon High Tea offer which was too tempting to refuse! For Rs.500 plus taxes, 2 people can have unlimited tea or coffee; add to that a choice of veg or non-veg sandwiches with breads of your choice. Dessert consists of 4 different pastries and if that’s not enough, 2 scones with clotted cream and homemade jam. To start with, I called for a cold coffee instead of a normal coffee or tea because I just prefer having cold beverages instead of hot. I liked it but wished it was stronger and less sweet. On the veg platter, we had 3 different kind of sandwiches- Cream cheese with cucumber sandwich ,mixed vegetable sandwich and mushroom sandwiches. All 3 were delicious! Next, I tried the scones with the sweet cream and jam.  The jam had cinnamon and cherry. Since I’m not a fan of cinnamon, I stuck to the clotted cream and the combination of the scone with the cream was fantastic! I was already 90% full but realised that the pastries were still staring me in the face, tempting the hell out of me, and so, I started with the cream roll. That was the best cream roll I’ve had, hands down! I then tried the Mocha Cheesecake which was again out of this world and super sinful! The Lemon tart and Black Forest pastries were good. By the end of it, my stomach felt like a big ball!

Ambience– Phoenix Mills is one of the most celebrated malls in Mumbai and on weekends it seems like the entire South Mumbai goes there to eat, chill and shop. Amidst all the chaos when you find a premium gourmet store (Dolce Vita) and in that you find a warm and cosy café, you’d definitely want to stop by and grab a bite or a drink. Dolce Vita Café Bar is not one of those ‘in your face’ cafes. I go to Phoenix Mills almost once every 2-3 weeks and I didn’t even know about it. Well, now that you know about it, do go and try it. There’s one problem though- too many flies which is not cool when you’re out eating at a restaurant. The flies coming in is a problem though because of a fountain outside. Also, I felt that the music doesn’t quite go with the idea of the restaurant. I’d want to hear some world music instead of Backstreet Boys in a place like that.

Service– Good service. No complaints there.

Prices– The prices per dish are a bit on the expensive side in case you’re going to order a la carte, but if you go for their promotional offers like the one I had, it’ll be totally worth it! Their Afternoon High Tea offer is superb! Go there by around 6 and it’ll be more like an early dinner. Rs.500 plus taxes for superb food and unlimited tea or coffee is a brilliant offer!

Verdict– Great food, chilled out ambience and a High Tea offer you can’t refuse. Go try!

Rating– 3.5/5

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