Jun 28 2014

Kirith’s Patisserie, Byculla- Review


I’m a total junk food and dessert person so it was no surprise that I was super excited to try Kirith’s Patisserie at Byculla.

What I had:

Kirith's pastries1 Chocolate heaven (Rs. 70) – Rich chocolate pastry that’s hard to share! Truly heavenly! Must have!

Death by Chocolate (Rs. 65) – Not as deathly as I wished it was. The cake was not very soft and it didn’t taste that great.

Black & White Forest (Rs. 60) – Soft, creamy and nice. Lots of cherries!

Walnut Brownie (Rs. 60) – Not the best brownie I’ve had but this one’s loaded with walnuts and is quite tasty. Not bad for the price.

Chocolate tart (Rs. 50) – Yum! Worth having for sure!

Kirith's tarts1Veg puff (Rs. 40) – Superb! Loved the crispiness of the puff and the taste of corn, spinach and cheese inside. Really good!

Veg pizza slice (Rs. 50) – The bread was a little chewy but not bad overall.

Green Goddess Burger (Rs. 50) – Avoidable. I’d go eat the burger from Mc Donald’s instead.

Kirith's savouriesWhere? I had called for all the items at home but was not too happy with that service so it would be better to just go to their outlet. They’re located at Byculla, near St. Mary’s school, opposite Mazgaon court. You can call them on 022 67303649.

Verdict– Kirith’s Patisserie is a bit of this and that. If you happen to be around Byculla, do go there and have their Chocolate heaven pastry or Veg Puff.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Jul 18 2012

Not Just Desserts by Sabina, Wadala- Review


Not Just Desserts was a place I had to try a long time ago but couldn’t because Wadala is too far for me. Luckily, they arranged to send a lovely dessert hamper to my place so I could try it and share my review with you guys. Oh and if you’re wondering why this place is called ‘Not Just Desserts’ when all you get is desserts here, there’s no reason.

What I had- Their desserts are mostly baked so don’t go there thinking it might be another yoghurt or gelato place! I got to try some really good desserts and I’m just about to recommend my favourites! I feel some of the desserts are a bit overpriced though.

Chocolate Tart (Rs.25) – This was ok. I would have liked a tastier crust.

Love Bite (Rs. 20)- Nice, the hazelnut on top made it better.

Dessert in a jar (Rs.200)- A perfect mix of rich chocolate, cake,mousse and oreos. Absolutely amazing! Must have!

Florentine (Rs.70) – Similar to the biscotti, only slightly glazed on top but delicious nonetheless.

Biscotti (Rs. 800/kg) – Yummy yummy! You’ve gotta love almonds!

Cappuccino- filled Soft centered chocolate (Rs.1200/kg)- Very good! I loved the filling!

Almond rocks (Rs.1000/kg)- I could have 10 at a time! That good!

Gooey choco-chip brownie (Rs.40)- As good as the Theobroma brownie! Delicious! I recommend!

Cupcakes-Soft, creamy and delicious!  Oreo (Rs.50) Yummy! I loved it!, Angry Bird Nutella (Rs. 120) Too expensive for a cupcake even though the art is good. I’d rather have just the Nutella cupcake which was superb!, Red Velvet (Rs.35)- Awesome! Loved it! Must have!

Where? – Not Just Desserts is your one shop stop for superb desserts! So in case you want to satisfy your sweet cravings, you can pay a one way taxi fare and have it delivered at your doorstep. Otherwise, if you happen to stay close to Wadala, drop in at their outlet which is at R.A. Kidwai road, near State Bank of India.

Verdict– I’ve tried so many desserts here and loved most  of them. The stuff is good. My parents and brother agree. So go ahead and try because your sweet craving will most definitely be satiated! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5

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