Jul 17 2015

Bajrangi Bhaijaan- Movie Review


Bajrangi Bhaijaan posterI woke up at 7am to watch my Salman Khan in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. Excitement was flowing through my system even as I was on my way to PVR Juhu, impatient to watch the 9am show, and before that hoping there wouldn’t be a long queue for tickets. So there I was in my seat, waiting eagerly for my Salman to appear on the big screen. But even before he came, the visuals before me took me in completely, making me forget that I was there, so early in the morning just for him.

Plot in short– ‘Shahida’ (Harshali Malhotra) a mute 6 year old girl from the Kashmiri side of Pakistan named after her mother’s favourite cricket Shahid Afridi gets left behind near the tracks of a train going from India to Pakistan in the wee hours of the night as she gets off trying to save a goat’s kid stuck inside a ditch. Finding another train to get onto, she hopes to go back home to her mother only reaching a village in Haryana where she meets our Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Salman Khan). Pawan or Bajrangi as he calls himself is a worshipper of Lord Hanuman, the monkey God and believes in always telling the truth. He meets Rasika (Kareena Kapoor Khan), his father’s friend’s daughter in Delhi and also stays in their house. They fall in love and want to get married but can only do so if Pawan can make enough money to buy a house.  Shahida who is mute and cannot read or write has no way to tell them where she’s from and so she too starts living with Rasika’s family and Pawan. As time passes by they find out that she’s from Pakistan and the only person who can take her there is Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Will he be able to cross the border and find her family? What are the obstacles that come in their way when he tries to?

The Good– Everything about the movie is good. I am not even exaggerating. Director Kabir Khan and his entire crew have let no stone unturned in making sure that the movie is made in the most honest and sincere way, not thinking of only Salman Khan and his superstar status. Salman Khan’s role is that of a very simple guy and he plays it with perfection. I can easily say that this is Salman’s finest performance and he made us cry this time. The pretty little girl Harshali Malhotra too is excellent as a mute child. She speaks volumes with her hand gestures and eyes alone. Kareena Kapoor Khan is merely a supporting actor here with not much to do but she looks gorgeous and does her usual Kareena stuff. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s entry scene is superb! The funny Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab’s scene is exactly like the one I had seen on Youtube ages ago and laughed my ass off. He’s one of the best actors we have today and is as natural as natural can get. Also, the screenplay is refreshing and moves steadily throughout. The camera work is brilliant. Beautiful visuals. The music is not the typical Salman Khan type foot tapping sorts that we’ve heard and danced to in the past. The ‘Selfie’ song is quite fun though. People in the theatre went crazy! Technically superb and emotionally perfect.

The Not-so-good– To be honest, I can’t think of anything. Just the fact that Salman Khan didn’t have any work to do apart from go and drop the girl to her mother.

Verdict– This has to be the best Salman Khan movie after Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Pure content with brilliant performances. Left me teary eyed in the end.

Rating– 4.5/5

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Aug 30 2014

Raja Natwarlal- Movie Review


Emraan Hashmi has done better movies in the past with decent performances and sadly Raja Natwarlal disappoints not because of him but because the screenplay lacks the kind of writing one would expect from a con film.

Rating- 2/5


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Mar 1 2013

The Attacks of 26/11- Movie Review


The-Attacks-of-26-11-posterJust like the unfortunate 9/11 attacks in New York, the terror attacks on 26/11 in Mumbai have left a deep impact among us Indians and people all over the world. What happened on 26/11/08 was shameful and absolutely disgusting. Now when you have a movie based on such an eventful incident, who wouldn’t want to see it? So how was Ram Gopal Verma’s interpretation? Read on.

On 26th November 2008, 10 members of the the Lashkar-e-Taiba came to Mumbai and attacked innocent people at Leopold Cafe, Taj Mahal Hotel, Hotel Trident, Nariman House, CST station, Cama Hospital and on the streets on a cold winter night. For 3 more days, they housed themselves in Hotel Taj and Nariman House and continued with the killing. After repeated attempts from the Indian forces, all the terrorists were found and killed. Ajmal Kasab who was caught alive gave vital information about the purpose of attacks and what he had been taught by the leader. After 4 years justice was done and he was hanged to death for the heinous crime committed.

Ram Gopal Verma has not covered all of this. He decided to give Nana Patekar an important role because he’s got it in him to deliver powerful dialogues like noone else can. What Ramu forgot to do was to direct and work on a proper plot. I understand there’s so much to 26/11 and he just wanted to highlight a few things but how about doing it properly? In his attempt to showing the attacks, he missed out on Hotel Trident and Nariman House. He also decided that showing people dying is the way to go rather than working on the screenplay and edit. The first half to be honest was a little boring and wasn’t even half as hard hitting as I had imagined it to be. The second half still got better with the Cama Hospital scene. The opening scenes have been shot well but the cinematography is more like the type he does for his horror movies. Also, there’s too much blood.

The guy who plays Ajmal Kasab (Sanjeev Jaiswal) is good but there’s too much faaltu ka dialogue-baazi he maaros which gets a little pakao. Nana Patekar says his lines so slowly in his narration that I was almost snoring and he too has this 100 hrs long dialogue towards the end which was totally unnecessary. Other good actors like Atul Kulkarni, etc have been wasted in cameos.

To me the film was disappointing and didn’t do justice to the sensitivity of the subject. I don’t recommend it.

Rating– 2/5

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Sep 1 2011

Bol- Movie Review


To be honest, I went for ‘Bol’ only because of the numerous awards it’s received. Otherwise I wasn’t even considering it thinking it would be some stupid love story cause all I had seen was the song ‘Hona tha pyar’ which gave me that impression. So here’s what I thought of it.

The movie is basically about this girl, Zainab who is sentenced to death for killing her father. Before being hanged, she requests the president of Pakistan to grant her a few minutes to tell the press her side of the story. In her story she talks about all that she, her sisters and mother have gone through while their father was alive.

Go for ‘Bol’ if you’re in the mood to watch something serious. It’s a drama that requires all your attention.  The subject is very sensitive and has been handled beautifully by the director but I just felt that it was too slow and a little too dramatic! Even then, the setting is real, the cinematography making each scene look even more so.

The performances I felt were over-the-top but maybe that’s just their style of acting in Pakistan. Atif Aslam’s role was ordinary and could have been done by anyone. The father was a little annoying and I seriously felt like slapping him but other than than, everyone else was ok.

The music in the film is ok. I really liked the song ‘Hona tha pyar’ by Atif Aslam and Hadiqa Kiani.

Overall, Bol is a decent film. Could be watched at home too like a serial. 😛

Rating– 3/5

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Jul 19 2010

Tere Bin Laden- Movie Review


@BeingSalmanKhan’s tweets made me watch this! Ok no, when I saw the trailer months ago, I had decided I would watch Tere Bin Laden. The concept was new, it seemed fun and different.

The story – Ali Zafar is a news reporter in Pakistan and wants to go to the USA for better prospects. Since he gets thrown out of his job, he has no money to go there and so, on finding an Osama Bin Laden look-alike, decides to make footage and sell it to news channels. Obviously then his plan backfires on him and blah blah blah.

So the story is pretty simple and predictable. The good part that it’s a funny take on the very famous Osama Bin Laden and its all meant to be in good spirit. Ali Zafar looks super cute and acts pretty decently. Even the guy who plays Osama is quite funny. What’s messed up is the screenplay. The writer’s not done a good job with the main thing- the script! There are so many scenes in the movie which could have been funnier and could have made this film so much more watchable.

I wont say this movie is a must watch but I’d definitely say that it’s a good attempt at making something different.

Rating- 2/5

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