Oct 10 2012

Cafe Marina, Colaba- Review


I love open air places and ever since I read about Cafe Marina, I did want to try it but thought I’d wait it out because the prices were a bit much. So it was one of those random visits again and here’s what I thought.

Food– They mainly serve alcohol here so people would in all probability come here to drink; but they do have food too. We hadn’t gone there to drink though, and after seeing the menu we just decided to call for 2 veg starters among the 4 of us. One was garlic bread with cheese which was good but not something that you can’t make at home. They hadn’t even cut the pieces properly! It was more like 2 pieces of a loaf left upto you to slice! Next we tried the veg assorted platter with which we got a free beer (Fosters- big bottle). The Tandoori Veg Platter had 2 kinds of paneer, mushroom, cauliflower, babycorn, aloo, some other tikki). The variety and taste both were very good.

Ambience– The ambience is the USP of the place. Located in Colaba, walking distance from Gateway of India, Taj hotel, and super close to Radio Club, Cafe Marina is a terrace cafe atop Hotel Sea Palace. With tall tables and chairs facing the breathtaking sea, who will not fall in love with the place?! I did, for sure! Being an open air place with dim lighting and lots of peace, it would be the best place to go to on a romantic date, especially in the winter season.

Service– Now this sucks. We got there at 6 45 and placed our order by 7 max. Our food did not arrive till 8 30! And what had we ordered? Just Garlic bread and a Veg platter. To top that, the beer which was free also did not arrive till we had to ask them to get it at around 8 15! Ridiculous! It’s not the waiter’s fault; he tried his best to convince us that the food would only take half n hour to come. But there was some mismanagement and the cook probably wasn’t prepared to cook (strange to even say this)!

Prices– I understand that the ambience is amazing and all of that but the pricing could be better! The veg platter is for Rs. 475 (we were lucky to get a free beer with it). I don’t remember how much the Garlic bread with cheese was for, adding to that service tax, it came up to Rs. 184 per person. The platter was a good idea, more so because of the free beer. Also, they have some offers and happy hours for those wanting to drink.

Verdict– Ambience- Outstanding! Food- Decent, Prices- Too much for food but ok for alcohol, Service- BAD! You make your choice.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Feb 4 2012

Café by the Beach, Chowpatty- Review


I’d been super tempted to try Café by The Beach at Chowpatty ever since it opened but since it was an expensive place; I just kept pushing it for later till I could take no more.  But today I gave in to the temptation and just went!

Food– Since it’s a café, you’ll find light snacks such as sandwiches, quiches, salads, wraps, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages. We were 3 of us and had decided to call for just 1 or 2 things as we had to go back home and eat dinner. To keep it light both for our stomachs and wallets, we called for Ravioli with sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts & ricotta and a cold coffee. The Ravioli was delicious and the cold coffee was perfect! I just felt that the quantity could have been more. If I ate the Ravioli on my own for a meal, I probably wouldn’t have been fully satisfied but the taste and quality of food compensate for the quantity.

Ambience– Located at Chowpatty, Café by the Beach is without a doubt the best place to have a restaurant/café. It’s beautiful, super duper romantic and just amazing! The décor is simple and yet classy with the right colours and lighting. The sea, the sand, the dim lights, amazing weather and the food just make it right and the perfect setting for those wanting to ‘pop the question’.  I absolutely love the place!

Service– We waited for approximately half n hour to have someone come and leave a menu at the table. Maybe they’re too chilled out and that’s obviously not a good sign. Otherwise, after taking the order, the food came in 15-20 minutes.

Prices– Café by the Beach is not just another café. You pay the price for the beautiful ambience and that’s fair but I do wish it wasn’t so expensive… I would go there very often then! The cold coffee was for Rs. 120 and the Ravioli was for Rs. 375 so our bill total was Rs. 545 (taxes included).

Verdict– Love at first sight! Café by the Beach is awesome! Its easily one of my most favourite places in town and I totally recommend you go there!

Rating– 4.5/5

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