Apr 28 2011

Suzette, Nariman Point- Review


Good news, townies! You know how we townies aren’t as lucky as the burbies ‘cause you’d hear of a new place opening in South Mumbai only once in 6-10 months whereas in Bandra/Andheri a new restaurant opens almost every month! So I was really excited about trying Suzette, especially since it’s very close to my place. And here’s my review of it.

Food– Suzette is a creperie (A crêperie may be a takeaway restaurant or stall, serving crêpes as a form of fast food or street food, or may be a more formal sit-down restaurant or café- Wikipedia). Crepes- savoury and sweet, salads and non-alcoholic beverages are the items on the menu. I went with my brother who had already eaten his lunch so we decided to call for a savoury crepe and a sweet one. We had Italie (Roquette, tomato coulis, mozzarella and oregano). My brother had never seen a crepe before so on seeing it he said, “This looks like a Mysore Cheese Dosa!” To be honest, a crepe is almost a Dosa. The only difference might be that the flour is made of buckwheat or some other organic flour. It was very ok. Next we called for the Nutella Crepe which was heavenly! Simple but yet very well done and very yummy! I’d definitely have that again next time I go there! But I needed 2 crepes to fill me up. My brother hardly had 3-4 bites.

Ambience– Suzette is located at Nariman Point under an office building in place of Barista/Subway. They’ve done it up pretty well using matte black and white as the main colours and light wood furniture. The décor is very simple and minimal which gives the place a very informal and yet classy look. Also, being a small place, there are just 3-4 tables and a couple of bar stools. They also place nice music!

Service– The service is very good. We had the owners come and take our order and suggest what we should have. Only problem was that once they were gone, the kitchen staff was louder than the people eating at the restaurant which was not-so-cool! But otherwise, there’s a lot of warmth and friendliness which I liked in the service.

Prices– The savoury crepes (Suzette Specials) are priced at Rs. 230 and above. There are also the classics which start from Rs. 160. Salads are priced at Rs. 200 and above and sweet crepes/desserts are priced at Rs. 100 and above. They have a variety of drinks too. Juices- Rs.110, Smoozies- Rs. 130, etc. In case you want to go for a breakfast/lunch meal, they have those too priced at Rs. 200 and above. We ended up shelling out Rs. 470 (including VAT and Service tax) for a savoury crepe and a sweet crepe which is slightly expensive on a normal day.

Verdict– Suzette is a nice place, especially for breakfast. Unfortunately when I went there, I didn’t see their last page which has some pretty reasonable package meals. If I did see that, I’d have one of those! So I suggest you consider that before placing your order. I recommend the Nutella Crepe- MUST HAVE!

Rating– 3/5

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Jul 5 2010

Chocolate Treat- Raapchik Recipe


Ok, let me tell you that I’m a foodie but I hate cooking! So, me making something out of choice is actually surprising for most people who know me. I make things that are super easy, and no sweat! Today I made this random dessert which I call Chocolate treat. This I made after my friend Komal told me her mom made Brownies with biscuits.Toh maine socha, chal I’ll also try making a raapchik dessert! My recipe is super easy!

Ingredients (Serves 4):

–          1 packet of Butter Biscuits/ Parle G Biscuits/ Nice Biscuits/ Oreo Cookies (10-12 biscuits)

–          1 tbspn Amul Butter

–          1 cup milk

–          Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup/ Nutella

How to make?

–          Crush the biscuits and turn them to powder in your mixer/grinder. Leave 1 for garnishing for later.

–          Take a bowl. Add 1 table spoon of butter, 1 cup milk, Hershy’s chocolate syrup (depends on how chocolaty you want it to be) and the powdered biscuits.

–          Heat it on the gas for a minute so that the butter settles down and it’s easier to mix.

–          Now put the bowl in your microwave/oven for about 4-5 minutes. Remove it only when you feel your chocolate treat is in a cake-like form and not liquid.

–          Once it feels a little hard, crush the biscuit you saved and make designs with your Hershey’s syrup/Nutella.

What it tastes like:

Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, Chocolate treat tastes best when it’s hot and can be had with Vanilla ice cream.

Responses from family:

Brother– This is the first time I’ve liked something you made!

Dad– Hmmm nice!

Mom– She had a fast and still took a bite and was impressed that I made it in the microwave by myself, willingly!

If you plan to try this, do let me know how yours tasted! 🙂

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