Mar 2 2016

O:Cha, Lower Parel- Review


Oh Cha aHello! I think it’s been a while since I’ve written a full length review. Well, that’s because of so much happening at my end- house getting done, weddings, travelling with family and friends, blocked nose and bad throat, events, etc. etc. Clearly, I’ve also gotten lazy to sit and write so much but I think it’s time to bounce back now.

I was invited to try Oh:Cha and finally went there last week. I left it to the restaurant manager Monisha to send us Veg and Non Veg items according to our preferences in smaller portions. That gave us the opportunity to try 20 items from the menu. Boy were we lucky!

Drinks– We were both rushing from one meeting to another so obviously we couldn’t consume any cocktails. However, we did try some mocktails. I had the Orange & Kaffir Lime Caipiroska which had a nice citrusy zing to it. Karan had the Apple & Cucumber Fizz which would have tasted better had there been real apple juice instead of it being canned. We also tried the Mango Chilli Rocker which was basically mango milkshake with a hint of chilli. The Fresh Lime Soda was nice but quite syrup-y.

Oh cha bFood– For starters in Veg, I tried the Vegetable Chive Dumpling which was light and tasty. Karan tried the Chicken roll and said although it was soft and tender, he did not like the prominent chicken smell that came from it. On the other hand, he absolutely loved the texture and flavours of the Prawns cake with Lemon Grass starter. The Fried Turnip cake in black pepper sauce was one of my favourites. Who knew Turnip tasted that good! It was on the spicier side though. Next, the Stir Fried Sriracha Tofu was super soft and super spicy too. The Gai Hor Bai Toey or Pandan wrapped Chicken with Sriracha lemon chilli garlic sauce was a perfect 5 on 5 according to Karan. He loved the smokey chicken taste. The Gado Gado salad (Assorted veggies in Indonesian style peanut dressing) was a nice flavourful salad and I almost finished the entire thing by myself. Karan loved the Som Tam (Thai spicy raw papaya salad) and ended up eating quite a bit of it. After having so many starters and salads, it was time for main course. The Veg Phad thai noodles were great, more so because of the tamarind sauce and sprouts. We also called for Burnt garlic fried rice as I prefer rice to noodles and I have to say it was perfectly cooked! To go along with the noodles and rice, we had Tofu and Stir fried veggies in Sweet & Sour sauce which I thought was absolutely delicious! Karan had Stir fried prawns in Oyster mushroom sauce which was a bit too salty and it overpowered the taste of the dish.

Oh cha cOh Cha dDesserts– By now, we were pretty full but not stuffed, mind you. There’s always room for desserts, isn’t there? Ha! So we chose to try 4 different desserts! Yes you read right! First we tried the Chilli Chocolate tart with cremed Coconut icecream & chocolate soil. Now, this was basically a chocolate tart with a hint of chilli, coconut icecream with real shredded coconut, topped with Bournvita which they called chocolate soil. So I’d eat this dessert again but totally be ok without the Coconut Icecream. Also, maybe cake/brownie crumbs would be better than the Bournvita. Next was the Lemongrass Crème Brulee which was nice but could have been less sweet, a bit cool and with a bit more lemongrass flavour. The Gooey Chocolate Cake was lipsmacking! Wish they melted it and got it though so it would be a bit more gooey. The final dessert was the Passionfuit pudding with cashew and dates which was the least favourite of them all. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Oh cha eAmbience– Located at the Mathuradas Mills compound, Lower Parel, O:h Cha is easy to find. From the time you enter, you will see a lot of grey, high ceiling, a big eagle, huge cane lamps, a big bar and a very fine dine sorta feel. The music they were playing that day was awesome! Amazing covers of hits by Michael Jackson by some lady singer. (I would like to know the artist.) The place is pretty big and can easily be used for parties and events.

Service– We were served by 3-4 different servers and when we asked any of them about any dish, they all knew what it was so that’s good. They were all very warm and welcoming.

Prices-Considering the quality of ingredients used in making the dishes, the restaurant has priced everything decently but slightly on the expensive side. The starters range from Rs. 350- Rs. 650. The soups and salads are priced at Rs.300-350. Main course dishes range from Rs. 450 for Veg, to Rs. 550 for Chicken based and Rs. 650 for sea food. The rice and noodles range from Rs. 400 to Rs. 750. Desserts are all for Rs. 300. So in all you would end up spending about Rs.1000-1300 per head without alcohol easily.

Verdict– If you love Chinese and Thai food, you must try O:h Cha but I suggest you skip the desserts here.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jul 18 2011

Lollypop Deli, Khar (W)- Review


So, ever since I read about Lollypop Deli and saw their menu, I’ve been wanting to try it and now I finally did. So here’s my Lollypop experience.

Food– Specializing in South East Asian cuisine, Lollypop Deli has a variety of food for your taste. From an all day breakfast to burgers to sandwiches & hotdogs, soups, salads, starters, full fledged meals and so much more! They also have a good collection of beverages and wines. My friend and I had quite a few dishes. Jalapeno Poppers-different and yet nice, Rice Balls- Ok in taste. I liked the dip (sweet chili jam) more than the rice balls to be honest, Fish n Chips- my non-veg friend loved the dish and said it deserved 5 on 5, Chicken Cordon Bleu (Cheese stuffed fried chicken) which was again superb and Chatuchak Fried Rice- Nice and flavourful, especially if you like veggies… the rice was steamed not fried! For drinks we had their Kiwi mix and Lemon Orange coolers which were both a little too sweet but refreshing nonetheless.  After having all this, we were super full considering the quantity they serve! The presentation of the food was remarkable too!  So the food at Lollypop Deli, especially, non-veg is great!

Ambience– I’d imagined it to be a very chilled out place with laidback seating, bright colours, fun music and young crowd and so my friend and I walked in dressed in casual clothes and chappals only to realize that it’s not that casual looking. Once we were seated though, the chilled out mood set in. Located at Khar west, very close to the railway station, Lollypop Deli is a lovely café which caters to everyone who loves food and wants to have a good time. It has a very sophisticated and proper look with a wine rack n all but do not judge it by its interiors. Just make yourself comfortable and call for what you want.

Service– The staff is very welcoming and prompt in their service. They make sure you’re satisfied.

Prices– Everything is reasonably priced and you’d end up spending not more than 250 bucks per head (without drinks) which is damn good considering the quantity and quality of food! The starters are priced at Rs. 89 and above, meals for one are available at Rs. 159 and above, the coolers we had were for Rs. 69 and so on.

Verdict– Easy on your pocket, Lollypop Deli is a great café which takes care of your appetite and taste in food. If you’re wondering where to go for a good meal, this is the place!

Rating– 3.5/5

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