Jul 5 2013

Lootera- Movie Review


Lootera PosterLootera looked beautiful from the time I saw the trailer and the song ‘Sawaar loon’ is lovely. There’s a charm which instantly draws you besides the fact that there’s Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh in this love story directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. Well, there’s more. Read on.

Varun (Ranveer Singh), a thug posing as an archeologist goes to a zamindar’s property in Calcutta with the intention of stealing all his expensive property. Whilst in the process, he falls in love with the zamindar’s daughter (Sonakashi Sinha) and likewise. Very soon though he has to get on with the purpose of his visit and so it’s almost like stabbing the father and daughter who are left with nothing but a small farmhouse in Dalhousie. A couple of years later, they are destined to meet again, only this time, she’s dying of tuberculosis and he’s trying to escape from the police and needs refuge. Is her Lootera here to stay?

Vikramaditya Motwane is a thinking director. With Udaan, he created magic. In Lootera, keeping in mind that it’s a period film, there would be a lot of research and background work before actually starting to shoot it. He’s done a great job as a director by letting the actors breathe and act so naturally. The story is well woven and so are the characters. The screenplay is a bit of a drag though. I wish the film was better paced. Visually it is amazing! From the forest to the snow, including all the grainy night scenes, there’s something very captivating about what you see. The styling, locations and set design has a lot to do with it. Sonakshi Sinha, though in sarees throughout, looks gorgeous. Even without make-up she looks great. Ranveer Singh is well styled too.

The music by Amit Trivedi goes very well with the theme of the film and is not pretentiously ‘old’. As mentioned earlier, the song Sawaar loon is beautiful.

Sonakshi Sinha is brilliant! She’s one of the best actresses we have today and with Lootera the scale goes one notch higher. Ranveer Singh has acted well but his voice is a bit unclear in a few scenes. Divya Dutta has a small role but is good. Adil Hussain as the tough cop was also very good.

As a film Lootera is well made and makes for a great classic romance but is too slow paced to watch it more than once.

Rating– 3.5/5


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Nov 1 2011

Sai Farm, Kolad


Sometimes you just need to get away to a place where you can relax, enjoy the nature’s beauty and breathe some fresh air. Sai Farm is one such place.

Where is it located? It is located on the Mumbai-Goa highway and is about 3-4 hours (120 kms) away from South Mumbai in Maharashtra. It is very close to the river Kundalika where you can go river rafting and indulge in other adventure sports. Mind you, this place has no network in case you’re the type who works on holidays. You’ll be completely cut off from everyone.

What to do there? It is the perfect place to unwind and relax as it is surrounded by greenery and nature’s beauty. Go with your family or friends and just have a great time! The farm has 2 swimming pools, a river just a stone’s throw away, you can play badminton, cricket, football, table tennis, darts, chess and carrom. Besides that, you can get your own board games or just laze around by the poolside or riverside.  There are 2 pools out of which I like the smaller one better. It has a charm of its own. If you’re an adventure junkie, go trekking, kayaking, river crossing, river rafting and the like. So yes, there is a lot to do there.

What are the rates like? You can stay in their rooms (non-ac) depending on the number of people. They cost Rs. 1200 and Rs. 1500 per night depending on the room you choose. The cost also includes using all the facilities there and all the meals which is not bad at all! If you’re expecting luxury of any kind, this is not the place for you! If you wish to go there just for the day, the cost is Rs. 500 with one meal.

What about the food? Oh that’s something you just can’t worry about! The food is yum and me saying that, means it really is yum! For lunch and dinner you’ll get roti, sabzi, dal, chawal and some sweet dish. Breakfast and snacks are also good so just don’t worry about the food! You’ll be taken care of!

Contact Info

Call: Gabby: 9869208251 Mukta: 9869118763


Website: www.saifarm.com

Thank you Tunali Mukherjee and Nikhil Gonsalves for the awesome getaway!


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