Oct 5 2015

Brewbot, Andheri (W)- Review

Pizza and Lemon Cheesecake

Pizza and Lemon Cheesecake

Came here for the second time and it’s been an equally disappointing experience.

Food– The food is bland, the quantity is less and nothing great about the taste overall.
They brew their own beer and we had called for the Mojo Rising 2 ltrs tower which was nice and malty. I had a Cranberry Basil punch which was good.
The fries were so less…smaller than Mc Donald’s regular sized fries. The boys had the Chicken slider which is basically 3 mini burgers that they said were very bad. Karan said that the bread was more flavourful than the pattie. Shame! He would rate that dish -1 on 5. Uuhhh yeah that bad.
The Farmhouse pizza which had a pesto base, topped with bell peppers and pine nuts was so-so. Bland again. We avoided the mushrooms and pumpkin on it. Thank God!
The Onion rings were… wait for it… bland again. Less oily though, which is a good thing.
The Lemon cheesecake was thankfully our last order and luckily tasted good with the right texture and taste. I would have it again if I ever went there.

Ambience– Great place to hang out with a nice vibe, good music and comfortable seating. They have Jenga and Uno to entertain. It’s quite a large place actually with an inside and outside section along with a space on top as well.

Service–  Good service. We would have liked better recommendations for food though.

Prices– We paid Rs. 3549 in total for the 4 of us  including the Beer tower which is not bad but it pinched ‘cause the food was not good at all.

Verdict– Gave it a second chance and was disappointed again. I’m not sure if I’d go there again. Oh well.

Rating– 1.5/5

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Jul 30 2011

Full House- The Pizza Bistro, Vile Parle (W) – Review


So here’s an awesome, newly opened pizza place for all you burbies (lucky people bloody!). Here’s why you’re lucky!

Food– Being a pizza bistro, you’ll find some mouth-watering choices in pizza and besides that, they also have jacket potatoes, garlic bread and Stromboli which is an interesting roll sliced with a choice of filling and cheese. They have ample pizza choices for vegetarians so we were looking forward to trying as many as we could! My brothers and I decided to call for their pizza slices (16”) so we could have a variety.. ‘A Straight’- Plain cheese pizza with cherry tomatoes, Boconccini pearls and basil, ‘The Desi Flush’- Cottage cheese, cream cheese and caramelized onions and ‘The King of Clubs’- Olives, green onions, feta cheese. Being a pizza lover, I personally loved the thin crusted pizzas, my favourites being ‘The Desi Flush’and ‘A Straight’. They’ve got their pizza sauce right, perfect for the Indian taste buds. We also had their Garlic bread with cheese and salsa which was yum too! After having this much, our stomachs were quite full. Even then we decided to call for a Chocolate Mousse. Lekin ek se dil nahin bhara so we called for one more until we could eat no more! 😛

Ambience– Located at Vile Parle west near Tian, Full House is a chilled out, poker-themed pizza place. You can go eat there or order it if you’re within a 3km distance. It’s a perfect hang out for college kids! Unfortunately, the day I went, the ACs were not working and it was quite hot but they had a cooler as a back up so I’d say they’re all geared up to make sure you have a good time while you’re there.

Service– Excellent service. The owners come up and suggest what you should have and make an effort to serve you well. Even the staff is well mannered and polite. We wanted each slice cut into 3 and they were sweet enough to go do it and come back.

Prices– The 12” pizzas (basic) start from Rs. 270 and 16” from Rs. 400. Then you can add your own toppings or get one of their pizzas from the menu as you like. So we ended up paying Rs. 506 (including taxes) for 3 veg slices of pizza, 1 garlic bread with salsa and cheese and 2 chocolate mousses among the 3 of us. Not bad huh?

Verdict– I loved their pizzas and I’m definitely going back there again soon! Totally worth it!

Rating– 4/5

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Sep 4 2010

Torrp it up, Khar -Review


OK after reading that it’s a copy of Subway but better, I thought why not check it out myself! It wasn’t a planned lunch and luckily my friend didn’t mind going there ‘cause we already chilled at Candies for a while and wanted to try a new place!

Food– If you check their menu, they have mainly Subs…Oops! I mean Torrps! So basically, just like your regular sub, this place 2-3 kinds of bread to choose from, toppings, salads, sauces and whatever goes into making a Torrp! Your Torrp can be accompanied by a drink and dessert at a great combo price! They also have wraps and soups. I understand that Torrps actually mean Torpedo sandwiches and they truly are! They are huge in size and very very filling! I had a Paneer Tikka Makhani Torrp with cheese which was pretty good and better than Subway’s and my friend had a Smoked chicken Wrap which he says was better than Mc Donald’s. So food-wise, this place is great! The only problem was that the bread was too soft and was in pieces even before I took my first bite which in turn made it very messy. The people there should probably wrap it tightly and if they don’t while they’re making it for you, do ask them to. The good thing is that they have a “Torrp of the day” for veggies and non-veggies everyday and that too only for Rs. 70, so if your office is close by or if you love the Torrps too much, you wont get bored of having them!

Ambience– Located at Khar West near Yellow Tree Café and Mini Punjab, Torrp it Up is not hard to notice! The place is clean and well maintained and looks just like Subway!

Service– The service is good. After I went to them to show my messy Torrp, they offered to make it again for me but I didn’t want to waste it so I ate it up anyway. The people working there are efficient and will make you Torrp according to your choice of toppings. If you’re confused, they’ll suggest what’s good there and you can take your pick.

Prices– I think it is a ‘Value for money’ kind of place. One Torrp is very filling and is priced reasonably. Having a combo meal can be your perfect lunch or dinner, complete with dessert and a soft drink. The Paneer Tikka Makhani Torrp with cheese, Thums Up and Choco Mousse was Rs. 160. The Smoked Chicken Wrap was Rs. 100. So yeah, the prices are perfect.

Verdict– I really liked Torrp it Up and that too more than Subway. Healthy food and value for money. I’ll definitely go there again!

Rating– 4/5

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