Oct 4 2012

The Chocolate Heaven, Vile Parle (W) – Review


So, this was one of those random, unplanned visits. Actually that’s not new, considering it’s me. So yeah, after snacking at Ice n Rolls at Vile Parle, my friend and I decided to go have some dessert at The Chocolate Heaven. Was it as heavenly as it sounds? You’re just about to find out!

Food– Ok so they have some really cool desserts here. Pastries, chocolates, sundaes, waffles, pancakes, shakes, coffees, teas, cold drinks, chocolate fondues are just among the desserts and drinks. They also have pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and garlic bread. Phew! Now, since we’d already eaten food, we decided to share a Nutella Waffle (2 pieces) which came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The waffle was nice and thick but the sauce on top was not the original Nutella sauce. I could make out from the taste. It was definitely fake Nutella sauce and didn’t taste that good and more so because it was too thin. It could have been a big hit otherwise! For sure! They also had these Chocolate shots which fascinated me and so I decided to try one with Hazelnut syrup. It came in a small shot glass and trust me it was incredibly sinful. I actually had it as a shot and loved it! I recommend that for sure! Also, my aunt said that their pizzas are superb so I’ll probably try them the next time I’m there.

Ambience– Located at Vile Parle west, opposite Bhaidas hall and next to NMIMS, The Chocolate Heaven is a sweet cafe with an outdoor and an indoor section. It’s the perfect hang out for all the college students who want to get out for a quick bite. They’ve got some really awesome quotes on the walls which every chocoholic will agree with.

Service– They’re nice and pretty quick and efficient with their service.

Prices– The Nutella waffle with ice cream was for Rs. 149 and the Chocolate shot was for Rs. 45. The chocolate shot is totally worth it, the Nutella waffle can do with some improvement (Original Nutella sauce). With taxes, the bill came up to Rs. 216 which is decent for what we had.

Verdict– The Chocolate Heaven is here to stay with reasonable rates and good food on their menu. Chocolate shots are a must have! Go try!

Rating– 3.5/5


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Jul 22 2012

Black Gold Café & Lounge, Bandra (w)- Review


A brand new café in Bandra, barely a month old, already had some bad reviews. I just had to try it and find out for myself. And so I did!

Food– So as of now they don’t have a menu but it comprises of coffees, shakes, fizzes, sandwiches, desserts, etc. My friend and I had gone in the afternoon right after a heavy lunch so we decided to have something to drink. I had a Brownie shake which was too sweet  but delicious nonetheless. The Brownie in it made it awesome and probably the best brownie shake I’ve ever had! My friend decided to have an Iced Expresso which was too bitter for my liking but my friend loved it! After hanging out for some time, I decided to call for a Chilli cheese toast which was basically 4 slices of garlic bread with cheese, bell peppers and chilli on top. I liked it and the presentation too. The little rose made of tomato skin was super cute! The sandwiches are made as per choice, similar to the subway concept. I’ll probably try one of those next time.

Ambience– The name Black Gold basically came from the ancient idea of black coffee so before you start thinking what a lame-ass name for a café, its deeper than you thought ok! Located at Hill Road Bandra west near the Bandra Police station, Black Gold is a café cum lounge. The good part is that the café has an outdoor section too which is where we sat. Both the café and lounge have checkered flooring (indoors). The chairs inside look like teacups which is cute! Otherwise the furniture is simple. I love the centerpiece candles on the tables outside; very pretty but they don’t go too well with the look of the cafe outside unfortunately. The lounge area in the day sounds very weird to me. They should let it be a normal café in the day atleast without the gaudy lighting or do something better with that space. I think the décor overall  is mismatched and needs reworking. Also, the bathroom has one red light which is a complete turn off!

Service– The waiters seem slightly clueless about what’s available and suggested we go inside and place the order but luckily we had Elaine (the manager perhaps) who helped us out. They’re probably new to it but I guess with time that’ll improve. Also, there will be parking issues so make sure your vehicle is parked in the right place, in fact, double check that with them. My friend’s bike got towed just 5 minutes after entering Black Gold Café.

Prices– The pricing is moderate. The Iced Expresso was for Rs. 89, Brownie Shake for Rs. 131, Chilli Cheese Toast for Rs. 89. So with taxes the bill came up to Rs.363 which is normal.

Verdict– There are a few things that can be worked on apart from which Black Gold café is a great place to unwind with your friends, some coffee and good food. Go try!

Rating– 3.5/5

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