May 8 2013

36 Oak & Barley, Gowalia Tank- Review


36 Oak & barleyI went to 36 Oak & Barley for my best friend’s birthday dinner. I had heard good things about it and couldn’t wait to try the food and see for myself!

Food– We were super hungry when we reached and picked Nachos as the first item from the menu as a starter. The taste was good; the nacho chips were most certainly from a readymade packet and the quantity very less.  Next we tried their famous Chilly Cheese toast, nice but 4 pieces that were less even for one person and hence had to order one more. Next we tried their spiced scrambled cottage cheese bruschetta. Sounds fancy, right? Well, expect nothing more than paneer bhurji on bread. After that, I decided I just had to try their pizza and see if that was worth it. We called for two different ones. One was a simple margherita pizza with mushrooms, olives and onions as toppings. That was decent. The other one was a 3 cheese pizza, ok because it was quite bitter and the pizza sauce didn’t make the bitterness less. The herbed cheese pasta with bell peppers as topping was good but the quantity, less again. My cold coffee with hazelnut was divine! I wanted more but controlled. I wouldn’t recommend the desserts here at all. We had the Vertigo cake which was very ok and the Mud Cake which was bad. The ice cream was yum! For those of you who drink, they have happy hours throughout the day which means ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ on all alcohol options.

Ambience– Close to Cumballa Hill Hospital, 36 Oak & Barley wont be very easy to locate if you’re not familiar with Mumbai roads. It is close to August Kranti Maidan. Once you enter, you’ll find a chic and classy looking place with lots of space, a long bar and a big screen for watching matches. There’s also a smoking area made separately outside which is cool. A perfect place to go grab a drink!

36 O&B 2

Service– The service is very good! The waiter knew his stuff and was prompt. We got our food pretty quickly. It would be nice to see how it gets when the place is crowded. When we went, there were barely 4-5 tables full so the waiters didn’t have much to do but serve us well. Good job nonetheless.

Prices– The prices are a bit much for the quantity. The Nachos with cheese was for Rs. 225, the Chilly Cheese toast was for Rs. 150, the 3 cheese pizza and pasta were for Rs. 350 each, the cold coffee was for Rs. 150, the Mud Cake was for Rs. 325. We were 5 of us and the total bill amount was Rs.5600 with alcohol and taxes.

Verdict– The food is decent but not for the price. It’s an ideal place if you want to go grab a drink with your buddies. I recommend their cold coffee!

Rating– 3/5


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Aug 27 2012

Spices & Flavours, Fort- Review


S&F has been around for a long time and we know about their outlets at Chowpatty and Worli. More than the food, people went there for sheesha. Now, they’ve opened a new outlet at Fort so I thought there must be something about their food which is what made me go there to try the place.

Food– Spices and Flavours is a multicuisine veg restaurant that serves almost everything. We were 3 of us and had gone for lunch. We called for Flavoured cheese bread which was more like chilli cheese toast and looked like the Shiv Sagar pizza but tasted really good. Next we had Cheese corn balls which were quite bland but tasty nonetheless. The quantity was quite good so we decided to call for main course- mix sauce pasta. It looked really weird cause it was yellow but we were surprised after tasting it. It was really well cooked with the right flavours. Their quantity is perfect! For drinks we called for an Oreo shake and a Diet Coke. My friend and I decided to share the Oreo shake and were glad we did because they gave us amazing quantity and it left us craving for more because it was superb!

Ambience– Located at Hamam street, right next to The Bombay Stock Exchange, Spices and Flavours is a well done up place. With chic décor and furniture, there’s lots of space and comfortable seating. They also have a banquet hall. You’ll find mainly office people here at lunch time because of its officey location.

Service– Their service is good, especially on a day when they don’t have too many customers. They customised our pasta for us which was really nice of them. Also, they forgot to get one of the dishes we had called for which is not a good thing but was good for us because we had over-ordered and luckily didn’t have to waste any food.

Prices–  The prices are reasonable and worth the food. The flavoured cheese bread and corn cheese balls were for Rs. 150 each, the Mixed sauce pasta was for Rs. 160, the Oreo shake was for Rs. 135 and diet coke was for Rs. 45. We paid Rs. 220 each for a wholesome meal. Also, they have a great offer for buffet lunch- Rs. 180 only! No taxes extra! Perfect for office people!

Verdict– Totally worth your money, Spices and Flavours is a great place with yummy food, good ambience and service! I’ll definitely go there again! 2 thumbs up from me!

Rating– 4/5

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