Jan 23 2015

Dolly Ki Doli- Movie Review


Dolly ki Doli movie posterI never really looked at Sonam Kapoor as a good actress especially after seeing all her previous films. Dolly Ki Doli, however was something else. I can say I really enjoyed myself throughout the length of the film. Here’s my review.

Plot in short– Dolly (Sonam Kapoor) is a runaway bride. She and her fake family get her married, steal money and jewellery on the first night of her wedding from the house and run away leaving the dulha and his family in shock and embarrassment. Will Dolly ever be caught? Does she not want to really settle down?

The Good– I have to say that this film is a joy ride. It is 1 hour 40 minutes of drama and fun. Abhishek Dogra, the director has done a brilliant job in making a film that has no dull moments at all. The screenplay has the biggest role in this. It is fast paced and well written. Every actor has performed to the best of their ability. Sonam Kapoor has shown signs of improvement and her accent is less snobbish. Her make up and hair has also drastically improved as compared to the rest of her films. Rajkummar Rao delivers a realistic performance. I remember seeing Varun Sharma in Fukrey and thought he was superb! Well, I repeat. He is superb! Bang on comic timing, natural and a lot of fun to watch on screen. I don’t think anyone could have done this role better than him. For me, he stole the show in Dolly ki Doli and I would want to watch the film again mostly because of him. The other supporting actors- Archana Puran Singh, Manoj Joshi, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub and the others also make the film a treat to watch. Pulkit Samrat looks like a cake but unfortunately didn’t have much acting scope. He was way better in Fukrey. The old actress who plays the fake dadi was also given equal importance with just one dialogue in the film- “Beti de di, sab kuchh de diya.” That was a real LOL scene.

The Not-so-good– While there are so many good things about the film, I can barely point out the bad because I enjoyed the film so much. So Pulkit Samrat is an absolute hotty, he doesn’t do justice to the role. Also, I felt that the climax of the film was a tad bit disappointing. It just didn’t strike a chord. The music too is below the mark.

Verdict– Overall, Dolly Ki Doli is a fun film that deserves a watch. Jaake dekho!

Rating– 3.5/5


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Jun 21 2013

Raanjhanaa- Movie Review


Raanjhanaa-Movie--PosterThere was something very captivating about the trailer. I was looking forward to watching Raanjhanaa for many reasons- AR Rahman’s music, progress in Sonam Kapoor’s acting, the simplicity of Dhanush and a sweet love story from what I could see. But I guess there was more… much more.

A small town Hindu boy (Dhanush) is in love with a Muslim girl (Sonam Kapoor). Their romance begins to brew at a young age and gets over before it even blooms as her parents find out. They send her to Aligarh to study and get over her “pointless” crush. After many years, she returns, in love with a young dynamic student in Delhi fighting for causes (Abhay Deol) while her Raanjhanaa is still deeply in love with her.

What starts as a simple sweet love story takes a complete different path during the course of the film and towards the end. Do not judge by the trailer. Like Sonam Kapoor’s film Mausam where the couple meets and separates at several occasions in their lives, I thought this film would be on the same lines. Luckily it isn’t. The growth of the story is good but there are too plots and messages to convey and the pace is poor leading you to watch a film that goes on and on and on. Director Aanand Rai could have handled the screenplay and editing better even though his actors, music and visuals have contributed the most. The cinematography and art direction go hand in hand presenting vibrant colours and characteristics so deeply Indian. The look of every character is distinct right from the start to the end. Sonam Kapoor wearing the most simple and basic kurtis and leggings with barely any make up looks lovely.

The music by AR Rahman goes well with the theme of the film but doesn’t make for an album I’d like to buy. The song ‘Tum Tak’ stands out the most. The background score helps in creating added drama.

Sonam Kapoor for once does justice to her character. She’s shown progress as an actress and hopefully will get better from here. Dhanush who makes his Bollywood debut has something about him even though he isn’t the best looking guy with a chiseled body or strong personality. In his own way he makes a presence. Now of course, there are parts in the second half where you’d wonder if he has the personality to be a leader of a political party but then you’ll smile feel for him when you see the love for Zoya in his eyes. Even though they both look extremely odd together they form a good team. Abhay Deol in his short role barely has anything to do but does it well. The three of them remind me of Kajol-Arvind Swamy-Prabhudeva together in Sapnay. The guy who plays Dhanush’s friend- Mohammed Zeeshan Ayubb delivers a good performance. Even the girl who dotes on Dhanush- Swara Bhaskar is convincing.

Raanjhanaa is a commendable attempt with good performances and story but it takes forever to end.

Rating– 3/5


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