Aug 26 2015

Apsara IceCreams, Powai- Review


Apsara Icecreams PowaiApsara Ice creams has been around at Walkeshwar since longer than I can remember. The Roasted Almond ice cream was undeniably one of the richest and creamiest I had had. Apsara has been known for its sancha ice cream (Handmade, without preservatives or added flavours). So when I was invited to try the ice creams at the Powai branch, I just couldn’t say no.

Flavours– They have a whole range of flavours from sorbet to chocolate-based to fruit based, even sugar free and apart from that have Kulfi and thick milkshakes. Karan and I were super excited to dig into all the flavours so we actually tried each and every one. The Guava sorbet has to be my favourite. It was light and filled with fruity goodness. It was served with masala on top! So cool! Killer Kiwi and Watermelon Wonder were alright. The Mosambi flavour was slightly bitter. Paan Pasand would be a better and in fact an amazing replacement for real Paan.

Now coming to the flavours we had. I had Funky Ferrerro- a lethal combination of the sinful Ferrerro Rocher chocolate, Vanilla and a hint of chocolate. I thought it was good but could have been more chocolatey. Karan had Mint Marvel which is Apsara’s version of the famous ‘After Dark’. With a not-so-over-powering taste of mint and just a hint of chocolate, this one too was so-so. Apart from ice creams they also have milkshakes and I couldn’t resist trying those either, considering what a big sweet tooth-greedy bugger I am. I loved the Orange Blossom milkshake; bits of orange mixed with milk and barely any sugar. It also had the thickness one would expect from a milkshake. Their cold coco is out of the world! An absolute must have! I must thank the staff there for being so patient and letting us try so many flavours. Apart from Powai and Walkeshwar, they also have an outlet at Vile Parle, Matunga and Thane and have a free delivery service to homes close by.

Pricing– I like that Apsara doesn’t differentiate between their flavours in terms of pricing. All flavours are priced at Rs. 55 for a cup and Rs. 65 for a cone. The milkshakes are priced at Rs. 70 for a glass. Their family packs are for Rs. 250.

Verdict– Apsara is here to stay and after this I am sure I will go back to indulge in some Cold Coco and Roasted Almond Ice cream. Slurp!

Rating– 4.5/5

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Mar 16 2012

Anando Milk, Chowpatty- Review


Anando milk has been around for years now and has especially been known for its ‘Masala milk’. I was lucky enough to win a contest on their FB page which gave me a chance to try some of their flavours! Here’s what I thought of them!

What do you get there? As the name suggests, Anando is a milk place. You get various flavours of milk such as Special Masala Milk, Chocolate Almond Crunchy, Sinful Sitaphal, Splendid Strawberry, Tango with Mango, Blackcurrant Delight, Choco Choco Latte and Thanda Thandai. We chose 4 different flavours. I’m not a fan of Elaichi so chose to have the Choco Choco Latte which was my favourite and I’d totally recommend that! Choco Almond Crunchy also is yum with generous amounts of almonds and is definitely my second favourite. Splendid Strawberry was nice but the biggest hit for everyone in my family was the ‘Special Masala Milk’ with all the dry fruit and elaichi! My mom said, ‘Prem thi dryfruits naakhya chhe’. The milk is thick and rich and you’ll be full after a glass for sure! I can’t wait to try the remaining flavours!

Where is it? There are many outlets of Anando across Mumbai but I went to the main one at Chowpatty beach, Girgaon. Otherwise, you’ll find Anando wherever you see ‘Wraps n Rolls’ at places like Phoenix Mills, Phoenix Market City, Guru Kripa (Sion), Breach Candy, etc.

How much? A 200ml glass of most flavours costs Rs. 45 and the Special flavours cost Rs. 50 which is superb pricing for such a rich product

Verdict– If you love milkshakes or just milk in general, go get your glass of Anando and thank me for recommending it to you! Anando ne humko anand diya! 😛

Rating– 4/5

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