Aug 24 2013

Aye Dios Mio, Marine Lines- Review


Aye Dios Mio

There’s a smacking new Italian and Mexican joint in town called Aye Dios Mio and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Here’s my review.

Food– Their menu consists of everything Vegetarian- pizzas, pastas, salads, wraps, sandwiches, starters, chips & dips, desserts and coolers. On my first visit, I was in a rush and it was coincidently the first day they opened. So I parceled a Margherita pizza (10 inches) along with their Signature Mojito Cake. The pizza had turned cold as I took time to reach home but was still superb! I had it without ketchup and didn’t want to share it with my brother which means it’s a superhit! Their Signature Mojito cake is basically a sponge cake with caramelized walnuts, mint flavoured butter cream topped with mojito sugar syrup and a slice of lime which needs to be squeezed on the cake. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it and neither did my brother. Great concept but didn’t work for me.

The second time I tried Aye Dios Mio was the very next day. I went with a close friend and we decided to share a Combo meal. We opted for the Italo-Mexicano which includes a Chipotle Paneer pizza (10”), Spicy Bean Tostada and Garlic Knots. The owner Puja was kind enough to let us have Nachos with 2 dips (Pesto & Guacamole) instead of the Tostada and I think it was a good decision because the nachos were nice and crisp and the Pesto dip was perfect! Combining both the dips tasted good too. The Chipotle Paneer pizza after tasting the Margherita one was very ok. The flavours are lost somewhere because of cheese and paneer. I would say the same for the Garlic Knots which were a bit hard with too much bread taste which took away the taste of the garlic and cheese. We tried their Oven baked potatoes which were ok and could do with more sauce. It all ended with a scrumptious dessert which I wish never got over! Their Grasshopper Pie which is a combination of crushed cookies and mint cream is to die for and an absolute must have! I also had their Cooler (Flavour of the month- Cherry) and that went very well with my food. Another must have.

Ambience– Aye Dios Mio which means ‘Oh My God!’ in Spanish is a new Italian & Mexican joint located at Marine Lines, near Metro Adlabs. They’re mainly into deliveries because of the little space they have to seat not more than 5-6 people. The interiors are simple and modest with bar stools and a platform table attached to the wall.

Service– They’re super quick with their service and we didn’t have to wait for too long for our food to arrive. They set a delivery time of about 45 minutes like most delivery places and deliver from Cuffe Parade to Chowpatty. One suggestion for them would be that if they’re serving customers at their outlet, they can serve in disposable plates instead of boxes.

Prices– Reasonably priced, Aye Dios Mio is value for money and very affordable for a casual dinner or snack. The 10” Margherita was for Rs. 150, the Cherry cooler was for Rs. 50, the Oven baked potatoes were for Rs. 100, the Italo- Mexicano Combo meal was for Rs. 480, the Grasshopper Pie was for Rs. 100 and the Mojito cake was for Rs. 125. They also had an offer by which if you spend more than 600, you get 15% off.

Verdict– Go to or order from Aye Dios Mio if you want to have good food that’s not expensive. I recommend the Margherita pizza, Cherry cooler and Grasshopper pie! Also their Pesto dip is awesome!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Aug 21 2012

Salsa Wraps, Colaba- Review


So this new Mexican place just opened very close to home, right next to the bus stop from where I catch my bus. I was super thrilled to try it out! Here’s my review.

Food– They’ve got Nachos, Burritos, Quesadillas and Tacos on their menu and I’ve tried all four now as I’ve visited the place multiple times. Their Nachos with cheese are nothing like what we’ve had at New Yorkers, Relish, etc. The Nacho chips are a little hard and the cheese sauce is bland and cold but the fact that they’re nachos makes you want to have them. They have various options in Burritos- Paneer, Mushroom, Chicken, Jain, Shrimp, etc. The Burrito I tried was the Paneer Burrito which had rice, black beans, paneer, vegetables, salsa, cheese, guacamole and sour cream. It was nice. Their quesadillas are my favourite. I always have the bean and cheese quesadilla. With the right amount of cheese, refried beans and sour cream, they taste awesome! The veg tacos (2 pieces) had beans, salsa, lettuce, guacamole in a taco shell. Again, the taco shells were quite hard and the filling was decent. The good part is that they have a lot of non-veg options especially for Burritos and also you can choose your fillings which is a great concept in itself!

Ambience– Located at Wodehouse road, next to Charagh Din and  a bus stop, Salsa Wraps is a Mexican fast food place, mainly into deliveries and take-away because of the struggle with space. Their food counter takes up most of the space and there’s place for only 4-5 chairs to fit on the other side. They do plan to have better seating arrangements in the near future though.

Service– Being a fast food place, you’ll get your order within 5 to 10 minutes. Good service and even the deliveries are quick.

Prices– Superb prices! The Veg Quesadilla is for Rs. 80, Nachos with cheese is for Rs. 45, The Veg Burritos are for Rs. 100 and non-veg for Rs. 120. The Veg Tacos are for Rs. 70. I would be happy with a Quesadilla and probably a Nachos or Tacos and I’m good. So, a good filling Mexican meal would cost me less than 200 bucks!

Verdict– They might not have the best Nachos but I’d swear by their Quesadillas and definitely continue to eat from there. Value for money! I recommend!

Rating– 3.5/5


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Mar 7 2012

Che Bar & Grill, Churchgate- Review


I had passed Che Bar & Grill a couple of days back and made a note to myself that I’d definitely come and try it. Luckily, a plan was made and I got to check it out sooner than I thought! Here’s my review:

Food– The resto-bar serves Mexican, Italian, Cuban, American, French and Brazilian cuisine and a variety of spirits including Absinthe. We were 6 of us and decided to go all out and try as much as we could from the menu. For starters, we called for their legendary Nachos which were so good that we just couldn’t get enough of them! We also had a Veg combo platter which included vegetable skewers which were ok, onion rings and French fries which were nice and crisp and Cuban ‘bombas’ which were delicious! The non-veggies liked their Chicken Skewer Appetizer. After that we called for a Primavera pizza 10” (tomato sauce, grilled onions, bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and asked them not to put aubergine) which was decent.  The Penne Pesto was yum and decided to repeat it. I personally didn’t like the veg Mexico burger (veg patty, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos & cream, chopped onions) and would prefer the burger at Mc Donald’s any day! The steak that the non veggies called for- Chicken steak lemon herbs and chicken mix grill were both good but the chicken could have been more tender. Also, the sauce that came along with it should have been more. I really wanted to try a dessert but everyone was too full to so we decided to skip that. Overall, the food was pretty good but it has scope for improvement. I loved the presentation which made the food look scrumptiously awesome! The quantity was just right.

Ambience– Che Bar & Grill is located at Churchgate near the famous ‘Eros’ theatre. It’s opened in place of the French restaurant- Chez Vous which was a high-end place that not many could afford to dine at. The décor at Che is simple, chic, comfortable and fun. Lots of red and cool pictures all around. The music they play is also fun. From the looks of it, college students from Jai Hind, KC, HR and Sydenham will frequent the place pretty often!

Service– Now this is what got us slightly disappointed. We were not served water till we were almost done with our first starter and that too we had to ask for. We were 6 of us and got only 4 glasses so again we had to ask for 2 more glasses. The AC was not switched on until we asked them to switch it on. Also, some of our dishes took ages to arrive which sort of killed my appetite.

Prices– The pricing is good and reasonable. The Nachos were for Rs. 199, the Veg Platter for Rs. 449, the Pasta for Rs. 229, the Veg Pizza for Rs. 229, the Chicken Mix Grill for Rs. 499 and so on. So including all the taxes and everything, we ended up paying Rs. 550 per head which is not bad considering how much we all ate! For those who find it a bit much for a casual meal can opt for their Lunch Buffet which is for Rs. 349 + taxes.

Verdict– Che Bar & Grill is a great place which had good food, a chilled out ambience, decent prices and service that can be worked on. Their Nachos are a ‘must have’!

Rating– 3/5


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Nov 2 2011

Poncho, Kurla (w) – Review


Poncho wasn’t listed anywhere online and I was really excited to try the food after being contacted by one of the owners to come, try the food and give feedback. I was wondering when I would go all the way to BKC but luckily a friend had her car and 4 of us foodie friends went there finally. I’m so glad I did!

Food & Prices– Poncho is a Mexican & Italian café/ restaurant and has food that will remind you of home food which tastes good and is superbly priced! The menu has so many tempting things that you may want to try everything. We sure did! Serious! You wont find this kind of food at such reasonable prices anywhere for sure! I’ll tell you exactly what all we had!

1)      Nachos with beans (Rs. 35) – Beans were more like Rajma beans and the cheese was simple melted cheese served on tortilla chips. The cheese was less but overall taste good.

2)      Burrito bowl with paneer & extra cheese (Rs. 75) – An awesome combo of so many things. Tasted nice.

3)      Soft Tacos (Rs. 35) – Fun fillings made it fun to eat!

4)      Margherita pizza with paneer & corn (Rs.90) – Yum!

5)      Misto pasta (Rs. 60) – Very good!

6)      Spicy Cheese Garlic Bread (Rs. 35) – Avoidable

7)      Quesadilla (Rs. 50) – It just had capsicum, cheese and onion but it was super tasty…almost perfect!

8)      Iced Tea (Rs. 20 each) – Strawberry, Lemon, Peach, Ginger Lemon, Black Currant. You name it; we tried it and loved them all!

9)      Lemonade (Rs. 15)– Good

10)   Cold Coffee (Rs. 35) – Just the way I like it!

11)   Oreo Chocolate Mousse (Rs. 45)– Good

12)   Dutch Truffle pastry (Rs. 45)- Could have been good but tasted stale

After having all this and filling our stomachs to the brim, we paid; wait for it, only Rs. 175 per head! Now isn’t that awesome?! I don’t know of many places where you can eat like a hog, try almost everything from the menu and pay less than 200 bucks! But but but, these prices are limited to this outlet only and if they do open another one, which I’m sure they will, the prices will not be the same so I suggest, go dig in at this place asap!

Ambience & Service– Perhaps the only drawback of this place would be the location. They’re located at the end of BKC, near Kurla (w) station at LBS Marg in an office building (Essar House). The restaurant is a simple, basic contemporary self service place with chic furniture. The waiter is sweet even though he’ll reply with a polite ‘yes’ to most of the questions asked to him whether or not he knows what you’re asking him. You’ll get your food within 5-10 minutes so don’t worry if you’re in a rush.

Verdict– Poncho is awesome! Total value for money for simple and good food! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5


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