Jul 16 2010

Metta Reflexology Spa, Bandra -Review


I’ve been to a couple of spas before but this one was different. Not just because you’ll find visually impaired people giving you the massage, but the aura of the place was just different.

When you enter, you’ll be soaked in a smell that’s not too nice. The place is simple. There are 3 massage beds only and it’s not the kind of spa you’ve been to before. But there’s something about the place. There’s something about the way you’ll get your massage.

The experience– I decided to go for the one hour Foot Reflexology spa in which you get 40 minutes of foot reflexology and then they massage your back, neck, shoulders, hands and head for the remaining 20 minutes. My masseuse was a lady named Nayomi who started first by cleaning my feet with a hot towel and then applying simple coconut oil on my feet after which she got down to pressing the pressure points on my feet. Time and again she kept asking if the pressure was fine. I can’t tell you how relaxing it was! It felt great! The music they play also relaxes you in a certain way. After the 40 minutes of foot reflexology, she started the back, neck, shoulders, hands and head massage. That is the best part about the entire experience!

You also have an option of getting a half hour facial massage or head massage by paying just 100 bucks more. And so I went for the facial massage which was done by a lady named Pallavi. She applied Aloe Vera gel with some ice on my face and neck. It really felt amazing at the end of it and somehow my face felt softer.

Verdict– The best part is that the people working there are so courteous and nice, even amongst themselves that you feel like you’re in a place where the people working truly love their job! There’s warmth attached to the place which you just can’t ignore. I know for sure that I will go back there for many more lovely massages. It’s value for money and great service by the visually impaired.

Cost & Duration– Rs. 300 for 1 hour.

Location– Metta Reflexology Spa, Pali Village, Bandra.


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