Sep 14 2011

Contagion- Movie Review


Had anticipated a twisted thriller but got an average one with a star cast that was not used to the fullest and an ending that was interesting and yet felt incomplete.  

Rating- 3/5

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Mar 2 2011

True Grit- Movie Review


I went for this movie thinking it’d be one of those dramas I’d need a lot of concentration watching. Well, I did need a lot of concentration to watch it indeed. Reason? Aage padho!

The movie in short is about how a young girl (Hailee Steinfeld) along with a tough U.S. Marshal (Jeff Bridges) and a Texas ranger (Matt Damon) sets out to find her father’s murderer.

Wild wild west! It’s one of those movies which need your concentration because of the old western accent especially Jeff Bridges’s. Starting mein Jeff Bridges has this scene where he’s in the courtroom. I didn’t understand anything! Subtitles would’ve helped in that case! And the girl reminded me of Tom Hanks for some reason. I wonder if anyone else thought the same.

Other than that, there are great performances, a very real setting which will make you go back to the 1800s, a simple and sweet story and some great shots! Apart from all the good stuff, I thought the movie was a little long and could have been edited better. I understand it’s supposed to be a journey but it just felt a little long-ish.

Otherwise, True Grit as a movie was nice. Worth watching once for sure.

Rating– 3/5

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