Dec 14 2013

Vicinia Cafe & Bar- Kemps Corner- Review


When I heard that Subway had shut down at Kemps Corner I was a bit surprised only to find out that a sweet looking cafe called Vicinia had opened. I did want to try it immediately but never got the chance. Now that I finally did, here I am writing about my experience.

Vicinia Cafe2Food– The menu at Vicinia consists of European and American cuisine. My brother and I wanted to get a taste of everything and so we tried quite a few dishes. As an accompaniment with our food we called for mocktails. I had an Orange Blossom which was quite nice and my brother had a Sparkling Guava drink which was alright. As a starter the first thing that caught my eye was the Cranberry and Goat cheese Crostini. Interesting combination and taste. I totally recommend it! We also tried the Cottage cheese skewers which tasted very good but were too small so it was more like having a starter before a proper starter. I wanted to try the pizza so thought a Margherita would be the best to get an idea. The crust was hard and the pizza sauce was just ok so the pizza overall was a disappointment. The Herbed Rice with Mixed Veggies was superb! It had the right flavours to make it deliciously good! I just wish the portion size of all these dishes was larger. Superb presentation of food otherwise! After a heavy meal, surprisingly I still had space for desserts and so we tried the Gooey Chocolate cake which was yummy. The Berry Ricotta Crumble looked better than it tasted and I would have finished it if it was tastier. I also tried their Classic Cold Coffee which I will recommend because it really was awesome!

Ambience– Located at Kemps Corner, Vicinia is a sweet little cafe and bar that replaced the famous Subway. With a mezzanine floor, Vicinia is adorned with simple and yet comfy-classy furniture. Its actually much larger than it looks from down. Well lit, it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling and would be a great place to go on a date or simply catch up with a close friend.

Vicinia Cafe1Service– The staff is warm and know their stuff. Our food didn’t take too long to come and there were some nice recommendations from them which helped us pick what we did.

Prices– I wouldn’t say that the items on the menu are well priced because for the quantity you are paying much more. The portion size is small and you would have to call for many items to go out with a full stomach. The Cottage cheese skewers were for Rs.225, Cranberry & Goat Cheese Crostini Rs. 425, the mocktails were for Rs. 150, Margherita pizza was for Rs. 295, Veg Paprika with Herbed Rice was for Rs. 450. The gooey chocolate cake was for Rs. 250 and the Berry Ricotta crumble was for Rs. 200. The Classic cold coffee was for Rs. 135.

Verdict– A great place to meet a friend for a light snack and cold coffee. I recommend their Classic Cold Coffee, Cranberry & Goat Cheese Crostini and Veg paprika with Herbed Rice.

Rating– 3/5

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May 17 2012

6th Street Yogurt, Kemps Corner- Review


Yogurt has never been a part of my choice in desserts. I prefer ice creams or milkshakes to gelato or yogurt. 6th Street Yogurt was not on my ‘To try’ list but since I was in the area, I thought of trying it anyway.

Flavours & Toppings– We went on a day when they had just three flavours of yogurt- Original, Cranberry-Watermelon and Orange Cheesecake. I tasted all 3 and chose to have Cranberry- Watermelon and my friend Fash had the Original. Waise toh they have more flavours but that day some machine had gotten spoilt because of which we could only make a choice from 3 flavours. Both flavours tasted great and were thick and creamy. They have a good variety of toppings- chocolate-based to real fruits to marshmallows, etc. I chose the Ferrero Rocher sauce which was yummy yum yum with my Cranberry-Watermelon yogurt and Fash chose MnMs with her Original yogurt which was quite nice too. They don’t do kanjoosi with toppings which is a very good thing. They also have smoothies, waffles and parfaits which I would like to try some time for sure.

Ambience & Service– Located at Kemps Corner, near Gangar Opticians, 6th Street Yogurt is a small place where you can just buy your yogurt and get out. The staff is courteous and let you try the yogurt and even toppings before you make your choice.

Prices– They have various sizes of cups to choose from depending on how much you want to have. Rs. 40 for a small cup, Rs. 70 for a medium one, Rs.140 for a large one and Rs.180 for an extra large one. We both had the one for Rs. 40 and that much was perfect for a dessert after our meal. Toppings are Rs. 20 for Regular and Rs. 25 for Premium ones.  So, we paid Rs. 65 each for our respective yogurts with a topping each. Now, considering other yogurt places, this one’s not only good taste-wise but the most reasonable too.

Verdict– Value for money and Yummy in my Tummy! I recommend!

Rating– 4/5

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May 16 2012

Francesco’s Pizzeria, Kemps Corner- Review


Thanks to Burrp’s Twitter updates, and Zomato for putting up the menu, I found out about Francesco’s Pizzeria at Kemps Corner and so rushed to go try it. Here’s what I thought of it.

Food– As the name suggests, Francesco’s serves an interesting variety of pizzas with choices in toppings. I had a basic Margherita 7”(normal cheese pizza with basil leaves on top) which I thought could have been tastier but was decent nonetheless and Fash had a 7” pizza called ‘Insalata’ or Garden pizza (basic margherita topped with Rocket leaf salad, Basamic Reduction, Heirloom tomatoes and pickled onion slivers). As fancy as it sounds, to me it tasted like bitter leaves with cherry tomatoes on a pizza. Fash liked it somehow. For the weight conscious, they also have a pizza called ‘Wellness Pizza’ or ‘Magro’ (Multigrain crust, wood roasted zucchini & honey carrots, Fresh Broccoli Florets, Mini Heirloom tomatoes & Fava Beans). As a side order we had their ‘Garlic Ciabatta Mini loaf’ meaning Herby Garlic bread. I liked the taste but the hard crust spoilt it for us. They also have a couple of desserts so we decided to try ‘Francesco’s Signature’ cupcake- Tiramisu with Mascarpone Frosting. That I will have to admit was just superb- soft, creamy and delicious!

Ambience– It might be slightly difficult for you to find this place if you’re not well acquainted with Kemps Corner. It’s located in a small lane right next to Creo and Subway on the main road, also close to Muchhad Paanwala. It’s mainly a delivery place as most pizza joints are but if you plan to go there, it’s a cosy place with 3 just tables. The décor is simple and contemporary.

Service– The pizzas didn’t take much time to be prepared but the hard crusted Garlic bread took ages and came after we finished our pizza so that wasn’t a very good thing as far as service is concerned. Otherwise, the staff is polite.

Prices– I thought the prices are normal because anywhere you go now you’d end up spending atleast 300 bucks but Fash felt that the prices are a little high. My Margherita pizza was for Rs. 125, Fash’s garden pizza was for Rs. 195. The Garlic bread was for Rs. 50 and a cupcake Rs. 70 each. After getting back home I realized that for a pizza joint, they are slightly over-priced. A 7” pizza would not fill me up for sure if I were to have it for a proper meal. This was just a snack. But we were lucky enough to get 2 cupcakes complimentary from them for which I would happily pay Rs. 70 because they were that rich and delicious.

Verdict– Francesco’s Pizzeria’s pizzas have good quality ingredients but taste-wise can be better. Their prices are slightly higher than the usual pizza joints which could be a drawback especially if they’re mainly into home deliveries. Their Signature cupcake rocks! Go try!

Rating– 2.5/5

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