Aug 25 2016

A Flying Jatt- Movie Review


Remo D’souza is a winner for his effort into turning a complete non-actor (Tiger Shroff) into an actor in a film that may not be the best superhero film (extremely stupid climax) but is entertaining enough to watch till the end and one can even expect a sequel to this.

Rating- 3.5/5

A Flying Jatt poster

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Oct 2 2014

Haider- Movie Review


haider-posterYou know its a Vishal Bhardwaj film when you walk out of the theatre with a heavy heart. Haider is not your typical Bollywood flick and Shahid Kapoor is far from being the ‘Chocolate Boy’ in this powerful film. Here’s my review.

Plot in Short– Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Haider, the film tells the story of Haider (Shahid Kapoor), a poet who returns to his home after several years only to find that his father is missing, his house is burnt and his mother is having an affair with his uncle. Something’s fishy and Haider does not plan to let it be.

The Good– The adaptation has been brilliantly executed. To have Kashmir as the backdrop of the film only made it more interesting. Vishal Bhardwaj has played his cards well and made a masterpiece of a film. Superb screenplay written by him along with Basharrat Peer. I actually made an effort to read the credits online once I got home because making such a powerful film like this, rich in content is not common. Each character has been given life, making the viewer completely engrossed in watching the film from beginning to end no matter how long it is. The cinematographer Pankaj Kumar has captured beautiful moments on camera, making Kashmir look splendid in its most raw form. The most amazing part about Haider is the stunning performances by each and every actor. Award winning performances especially by Tabu, Kay Kay Menon and Shahid Kapoor. Its films like these and a director like Vishal Bhardwaj that bring out the best in these actors. I can easily say that this is Shahid Kapoor’s and Shraddha Kapoor’s best film yet. The music and background score which is intense too goes very well with the theme of the film. The song ‘Bismil’ has been choreographed very well and is well composed. I also really really liked the song ‘Aao na’. I couldn’t imagine anyone but Vishal Dadlani singing it!

The Not-so-good–  There’s not much I didn’t like in this movie apart from the fact that it is slightly long and a bit disconnected in a few parts but I guess that’s the beauty of it.

Verdict– Get blown! Haider must be watched for its performances, direction, story, music, Kashmir, cinematography, background score and almost everything else. I loved it!

Rating– 4.5/5

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Oct 18 2013

Shahid- Movie Review


shahid-posterAfter watching the trailer, I read up a bit about Shahid Azmi and was looking forward to watching the film mainly to see if they’ve done justice to his real life story. Well, you’re just going to find out.

The film is based on Shahid Azmi who lived a short but eventful life. He was born in a Muslim family and after the Mumbai Riots in 1993, things changed for him. He joined a militant group in Kashmir to oppose the injustice done towards Muslims but ran off because he could not take the cruelty and violence adopted as a method for justice. He returned to his family but was arrested soon after under TADA. He serves seven years in jail where he studies and decides to become a lawyer to fight for innocent people typecast as terrorists.

Director Hansal Mehta has dealt with this subject extremely delicately and dedicatedly. The movie spans from 1993 all the way to 2010, covering all the important events and struggles of Shahid along the way including his marriage. I wish the screenplay was a little more fast-paced because you may get a little restless. Sharper editing would have helped surely. What is wonderful is the treatment. Very real and believable. All the characters and their lines are not filmy which is a definite plus point. The courtroom scenes are brilliantly executed adding a great amount of drama. In fact, the last half an hour was the best part of the film. The setting is bang on. Even the styling and make up is unpretentious which is what makes it cool. The cinematography is great for the theme.

The background score is perfect! There are barely two songs in the film and they too fit in very well. Soothing and apt for the theme of the film.

The performances are brilliant throughout the film. Raj Kumar is very convincing as Shahid and acts effortlessly. All the other actors too play an important part in making the film gripping. Kay Kay Menon has a small role but is as good as always. Baljinder Kaur who plays Shahid’s mother is so natural that you wont even think she’s acting. I’d say the same about the lady who plays a female lawyer towards the end. She’s fun to watch.  Tigmanshu Dhulia who plays the boss is not bad either.

Overall, Shahid is a good film to watch; slightly slow but yet well made.

Rating– 3/5


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Jun 14 2013

Ankur Arora Murder Case- Movie Review


Ankur Arora Murder Case posterTo be honest, I didn’t expect much from this film except for the fact that it is based on a real life incident. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it though. Read why.

Dr. Romesh (Arjun Mathur) worked under Dr. Asthana (Kay Kay Menon) at a hospital he was interning at. He had a live-in relationship with Dr. Riya (Vishakha Singh), his co-intern and girlfriend. However, when an 8-year-old boy Ankur Arora (Vishesh Tiwari) dies because of a silly medical mistake by Dr. Asthana, Romesh stands up to fight for justice along with Ankur’s mother Nandita (Tisca Chopra).

The story is written by Vikram Bhatt, who is known to make good thrillers. Although this film is based on a real life incident, the screenplay is well written, especially for the second half. The momentum slowly builds up making it more interesting to watch. Director Suhail Tatari has executed the story well with characters that are well written. There are a few filmy things in the film that might be a put off but the message is the main thing and that is conveyed appropriately. The camera work is good and there are some beautifully shot scenes in the house of Romesh and Riya. Luckily there’s just one prominent song in the film which is melodious and goes well with the theme. The background score enhances the flow of the film.

We have all seen Tisca Chopra as a mother before in Taare Zameen Par and we know how perfectly she fits into the skin of her character. Her acting in this film is also excellent! She’s not melodramatic or over-the-top. Just right. Arjun Mathur as Dr. Romesh is a bit dull in the start but gets better through the course of the film and does his role well. Kay Kay Menon as we know is a great actor and he proves that in this film too with his egoistic, grey character that you will love to hate. Vishesh Tiwari as Ankur is ok. I would have liked to feel more for him or when he died but sadly didn’t. I can’t blame him though because he’s still a child and not every child can act well. Vishakha Singh as Dr. Riya and Romesh’s girlfriend is alright. She’s not too good with doing emotional scenes. Her chemistry with Arjun Mathur didn’t show at all in spite of there being a couple of intimate scenes. Pauli Dam I have seen in a sleazy film again by the Bhatt camp and she was not bad then. She’s a decent actor and as a lawyer in this film too she’s convincing. She reminds me a lot of Mugdha Godse but acts better!

Ankur Arora Murder Case might not have got the right amount of publicity or promotion but as a film it is worth watching. I wouldn’t call it ‘entertaining’ but it is engaging and made with good intentions.

Rating– 3/5

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Jan 13 2012

4084- Movie Review


Superb acting, especially by Atul Kulkarni and Kay Kay Menon, good build up of story, some really funny dialogues but a movie guys will enjoy watching more than girls!

Rating- 2.5/5

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