Oct 4 2012

The Chocolate Heaven, Vile Parle (W) – Review


So, this was one of those random, unplanned visits. Actually that’s not new, considering it’s me. So yeah, after snacking at Ice n Rolls at Vile Parle, my friend and I decided to go have some dessert at The Chocolate Heaven. Was it as heavenly as it sounds? You’re just about to find out!

Food– Ok so they have some really cool desserts here. Pastries, chocolates, sundaes, waffles, pancakes, shakes, coffees, teas, cold drinks, chocolate fondues are just among the desserts and drinks. They also have pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and garlic bread. Phew! Now, since we’d already eaten food, we decided to share a Nutella Waffle (2 pieces) which came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The waffle was nice and thick but the sauce on top was not the original Nutella sauce. I could make out from the taste. It was definitely fake Nutella sauce and didn’t taste that good and more so because it was too thin. It could have been a big hit otherwise! For sure! They also had these Chocolate shots which fascinated me and so I decided to try one with Hazelnut syrup. It came in a small shot glass and trust me it was incredibly sinful. I actually had it as a shot and loved it! I recommend that for sure! Also, my aunt said that their pizzas are superb so I’ll probably try them the next time I’m there.

Ambience– Located at Vile Parle west, opposite Bhaidas hall and next to NMIMS, The Chocolate Heaven is a sweet cafe with an outdoor and an indoor section. It’s the perfect hang out for all the college students who want to get out for a quick bite. They’ve got some really awesome quotes on the walls which every chocoholic will agree with.

Service– They’re nice and pretty quick and efficient with their service.

Prices– The Nutella waffle with ice cream was for Rs. 149 and the Chocolate shot was for Rs. 45. The chocolate shot is totally worth it, the Nutella waffle can do with some improvement (Original Nutella sauce). With taxes, the bill came up to Rs. 216 which is decent for what we had.

Verdict– The Chocolate Heaven is here to stay with reasonable rates and good food on their menu. Chocolate shots are a must have! Go try!

Rating– 3.5/5


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Jul 30 2011

Full House- The Pizza Bistro, Vile Parle (W) – Review


So here’s an awesome, newly opened pizza place for all you burbies (lucky people bloody!). Here’s why you’re lucky!

Food– Being a pizza bistro, you’ll find some mouth-watering choices in pizza and besides that, they also have jacket potatoes, garlic bread and Stromboli which is an interesting roll sliced with a choice of filling and cheese. They have ample pizza choices for vegetarians so we were looking forward to trying as many as we could! My brothers and I decided to call for their pizza slices (16”) so we could have a variety.. ‘A Straight’- Plain cheese pizza with cherry tomatoes, Boconccini pearls and basil, ‘The Desi Flush’- Cottage cheese, cream cheese and caramelized onions and ‘The King of Clubs’- Olives, green onions, feta cheese. Being a pizza lover, I personally loved the thin crusted pizzas, my favourites being ‘The Desi Flush’and ‘A Straight’. They’ve got their pizza sauce right, perfect for the Indian taste buds. We also had their Garlic bread with cheese and salsa which was yum too! After having this much, our stomachs were quite full. Even then we decided to call for a Chocolate Mousse. Lekin ek se dil nahin bhara so we called for one more until we could eat no more! 😛

Ambience– Located at Vile Parle west near Tian, Full House is a chilled out, poker-themed pizza place. You can go eat there or order it if you’re within a 3km distance. It’s a perfect hang out for college kids! Unfortunately, the day I went, the ACs were not working and it was quite hot but they had a cooler as a back up so I’d say they’re all geared up to make sure you have a good time while you’re there.

Service– Excellent service. The owners come up and suggest what you should have and make an effort to serve you well. Even the staff is well mannered and polite. We wanted each slice cut into 3 and they were sweet enough to go do it and come back.

Prices– The 12” pizzas (basic) start from Rs. 270 and 16” from Rs. 400. Then you can add your own toppings or get one of their pizzas from the menu as you like. So we ended up paying Rs. 506 (including taxes) for 3 veg slices of pizza, 1 garlic bread with salsa and cheese and 2 chocolate mousses among the 3 of us. Not bad huh?

Verdict– I loved their pizzas and I’m definitely going back there again soon! Totally worth it!

Rating– 4/5

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Apr 10 2011

Arthur’s Theme, Juhu- Review


I remember the Arthur’s Theme at Koregaon Park, Pune. I’d been there with my friends about 9 years ago when I was in college. Now since they opened one at Juhu I thought why not try that too and so I did.

Food– They serve European, Italian and French cuisine. If you check out their menu, they have very interesting names for all their dishes- named after European Kings and other popular historical figures.  You can check their menu here. My friend and I wanted to eat a light meal and so we called for a Rosa (Penne pasta served in cheese sauce with spring onions and lemon rind). Now that’d probably be one of the cheesiest pastas I’ve had! It was good and would be enough for one person to finish without starters but taste-wise it could’ve been better. For dessert we called for Crepes stuffed with chocolate cream sauce and topped with honey. We got exactly two small rolls of those. I personally am not a fan of crepes and this didn’t change what I thought of them. I mean to say that they were very ok except for the chocolate cream sauce inside. The second time I went to Arthur’s theme, I tried Bors (Jalepeno & Cheese Poppers). At first they looked like bhajiyas but right having a bite I realized looks can be deceptive! They were yum! For main course we tried Humbert (Cottage cheese shaslik with red gravy served on a bed of rice). That too was delicious! In fact, I was pleasantly surprised with the yumminess of the food the second time I was there!

Ambience– I didn’t get a European feel to the place. When you hear ‘Arthur’s theme’ you’d imagine something more royal-looking or something which has that kind of charm and elegance. I’m not saying the décor is bad but it’s not how I imagined it to be. We saw a sword lying somewhere in a corner. It is located at Juhu above CCD and Tian.

Service– The service was just ok for the first time but they took good care of us the second time I went there.

Prices– The prices are normal just like any other restaurant. I wouldn’t say value for money but just normal. The starters are priced at Rs. 250 and up, my pasta was for Rs. 320 and all the mains are also priced at Rs. 300 and up. The desserts were for Rs. 180 and up. I didn’t think my dessert was worth the cost at all!

Verdict– Arthur’s Theme is good. Don’t miss the Jalepeno Cheese Poppers and Cottage Cheese Shaslik with rice! I changed my verdict after going there for the second time.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Nov 25 2010

Ice n Rolls, Vile Parle (w) – Review


Most “burbies” from Mumbai would be well aware of this place located near Mithibai college. It’s new for townies since it’s not your typical “restaurant” or “café”. I was looking forward to trying out Ice n Rolls ever since I heard you get pasta and pizza there… So here’s what I thought of the place.  Read on!

Food– Ice n Rolls is your one stop shop for all kinds of junk food (Veg)! Pizzas, pastas, rolls, sandwiches, salads, nachos, soya protein stuff, juices, milkshakes, desserts floats and what not!  When I went to eat there, I asked Mr. Pandey (who sits there) to suggest what I should eat since it was my first visit. So, keeping in mind his suggestion I tried the Veg Blast pizza and chocolate milkshake. Yes, I ate alone because I was in Juhu for work and was quite hungry after that. So the “Veg Blast” pizza was a normal veg pizza with onion, capsicum, tomatoes, pizza sauce and cheese. It was decent. Very filling! The chocolate milkshake which is also their specialty was yum! It’s better than Cad B (for those who know what Cad B is)! I’m thinking I’ll try more stuff when I go there next. The pasta is supposed to be good too.

Ambience– Let me tell you it’s not a restaurant or a café. It’s like a roadside thing but not a roadside thing… you know what I mean? See the picture, you’ll get it. It is located at Vile Parle west, bang opposite Bhaidas hall or the famous Mithibai college. They don’t have chairs and tables but the good part is that its open 24/7. Yup! So now you know that in case you’re planning to go clubbing in that side of town, you should keep Ice n Rolls in mind if you’re hungry.

Service– Not much to say. Its fast food. They get it as fast as possible.

Prices– The prices are decent. Certain items on the menu are overpriced. Their pizzas start at Rs. 70 and their pastas at Rs.100. Their rolls start at Rs. 40 and desserts at Rs. 80. I didn’t think their Chocolate milkshake was worth 80 bucks. So for a college student to eat there everyday, it would get expensive but otherwise it’s good.

Verdict– Late night eatery, their chocolate milkshake and the variety on the menu are reasons enough for me to go eat at this place again. Me thinks you should try it too.

Rating– 3.5/5

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Aug 25 2010

Areopagus-Temple of Healing, Juhu -Review


I’d been wanting to try out Areopagus Spa for a while now! I’d heard the place was expensive and so I decided to go only when I really really needed to pamper myself. Luckily, a friend wanted me to do a review of the spa for the newspaper she’s working for and so I happily went to Areopagus- Temple of Healing. I was super kicked as this was my first full body massage.

The process– I chose a therapy which they call “Areopagus Ritual Massage”. This therapy involves two therapists instead of 1 giving you a massage! On entering, I was given disposable undergarments which I had to change into. To start the massage, I was made to lie on my stomach first. A little bit of stretching and dry massage was followed by hot oil massage. The same was repeated for the front as well. I can’t tell you how awesome it felt, especially the back massage! Then they proceeded with the head massage and foot reflexology. Imagine your head and foot being massaged together by 2 therapists! Heaven right? Well, that’s how I felt! I so didn’t want it to end! The entire massage thing went on for an hour and fifteen minutes. It felt like just 10 minutes though! After the massage I went for steam and a bath. Unfortunately, the day I went, the Jacuzzi room’s lights were not working and so I didn’t get to chill there. But that’s included in the spa too! They have soap and shampoo dispensers in the bathroom but I suggest you carry your own soap and shampoo instead!

The experience– The moment you step foot inside Areopagus, you’ll feel like quickly running into one of their spa rooms to begin your spa! The ambience is lovely; dimmed lights, Buddha statues and very welcoming staff! Right before starting my massage I was a bit nervous considering it was my first full body massage, there were 2 therapists and that I had to change into their disposable bare essentials! But once the therapy started, all my worries were gone! It was extremely relaxing and felt good! Of course now, getting pampered always feels good, doesn’t it? The best part was that both the therapists co-ordinated and it didn’t feel odd at all! They heat sweet almond oil and apply it on your skin to clean away all the dead skin cells and toxins, leaving your skin fresh and clean!  At the end of the spa you have the option of having a cup of tea/coffee/lemon tea/ green tea. I had the lemon tea which was yummehhh!

Cost & Duration– Rs. 7000 + taxes for a Ritual Massage. Massage+ steam+ Jacuzzi + bath = 2 hours.

Verdict– Areopagus is a high-end spa meant for those who don’t mind spending a little extra money for good ambience and service. The massage is good but a little too expensive for my taste.


Psst…! Thank you Gayatri Sahasrabuddhe! 🙂

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Jun 13 2010

L’Oreal Hair Spa at Harsh Salon, Juhu


Last evening I had some time to kill before dinner and I was at Juhu so thought, chal, time to get a good hair spa. I’ve been going to Harsh since the past 2 and a half years now and not once have I left disappointed.

The thing about Harsh is that most people, after hearing the name itself think it might be some weird, small beauty parlour. But it’s a nice place…OK they don’t have super stylish people dressed in the best clothes and the salon may not play the kind of music you’d like to listen to (they play bhajans), but they’re brilliant at their work and will give you great haircuts and whatever you’re going there for.

So as I was saying, I went there for a Hair Spa yesterday. For those who don’t know, a hair spa is basically a protein treatment for  different types of hair. For example, my hair is coloured and has been falling. So they mix the L’oreal hair spa cream with some other cream which is for my hair type, and then apply it.

They first shampoo your hair and then apply the hair spa cream. Massage it for a good 20-25 minutes and then steam it and then wash it again. At the end of it, your hair is smoother, smells awsome and looks healthier.

Verdict: The L’oreal Hair Spa at Harsh is great! A hair spa which will make you feel awsome about your hair! The best part is that when the guy was drying my hair, I thought my fringes needed a trim, so I just asked him how much would it cost for me to trim it a bit. He said, “Arre kuch nahi…aapke liye free”. So the service is excellent too. I definitely recommend this to everyone! Value for money.

Cost & Duration: Rs. 600 for 45 mins

Location: Harsh Salon, near Juhu Gymkhana.

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