Sep 4 2015

Welcome Back- Movie Review


Ridiculously corny, not funny, not entertaining and not worth your time or money in spite of the huge star cast, production costs involved and the so called legacy of ‘Welcome’.

Rating- 1.5/5



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Aug 23 2013

Madras Cafe- Movie Review


madras-cafe posterMadras Cafe is a political thriller that didn’t seem exciting enough to me so I went for it half-heartedly, expecting it to be completely boring.  But surprisingly it was not bad at all! Here’s more.

John Abraham plays Vikram Singh, an Indian spy working closely with RAW who is sent to Sri lanka for a secret operation. He meets British journalist Jaya who’s trying to uncover hidden truths about the civil war and in the process discovers that a former prime minister is under threat among other conspiracies.

Since I barely read newspapers, I had no clue about the civil war that took place between India and Sri Lanka for so many years. I had only heard the term LTTE but never bothered to find out what it stood for. Madras Cafe sort of educated me in that department. The story is different and deals with a sensitive issue and no doubt director Shoojit Sircar has dealt with it bravely. Ok now I have no idea what happened in the first half of the film. Everything went above my head and I was absolutely clueless and lost. The second half luckily saved the sinking ship and things were clearer. So as a thriller the first half was quite a build up where people like me are only blank and hoping the second half would be better and then it just grips you. . The screenplay written by Somnath Dey and Shubendu Bhattacharya is fast paced but I wish the first half of the movie was as good as the second. Also, I didn’t get why Nargis Fakhri spoke in an American accent if she was from the UK and only spoke in English even when she was spoken to only in Hindi.

Brilliant cinematography by Kamaljeet Negi. Great locations, setting and overall look of the film. It’s a good thing that the director chose not to add songs except for a track that’s played at the end with the credits. The background music is well done.

John Abraham is only getting better as an actor and it shows in Madras Cafe. He’s real, subtle and just right for the part of Vikram Singh. Although his worn out-and- retired-drunk-man look is bad he manages to look super hot in the rest of the film. Nargis Fakhri is shockingly natural and fits the part well. Remember her in Rockstar? Well, don’t! She’s a hundred times better as an actor in this. She looks beautiful too as we know. Raashi Khanna who plays John’s wife in the film did a good job too. Siddhartha Basu, Prakash Belawadi (even with his weird accent), Ajay Ratnam and Kannan Arunachalam did a wonderful job. I can easily say that the performances are all top notch and Shoojit Sircar knows how to bring out the best in his actors.

If you’re looking to watch a film that’s made well and has great performances, Madras Cafe is the one.

Rating– 3/5

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May 3 2013

Shootout At Wadala- Movie Review


Shootout at wadala-PosterDirector Sanjay Gupta is back with yet another stylized action film- Shootout at Wadala which tells us the story of Manya Surve, a notorious gangster who was killed in an encounter in Wadala in the 1980s.

John Abraham plays Manohar (Manya) Surve. In college, he’s a good guy, has a steady girlfriend and even scores well in his exams. So what made him become a gangster? A murder accusation leads him to jail because of which he gets aggressive and wants to kill the people behind his imprisonment.

This is a film only for the masses, rather only for guys who love violence. I went to watch it at a single screen and it was housefull! Sanjay Gupta’s style of film making is typical- action, dialogues and the women all must stand out. The action is very good, the dialogues are killer and the women are nothing but sex objects. In spite of having good dialogues, the screenplay fails to find a steady ground. It goes all over the place and doesn’t do much to tell the story properly. Sanjay Gupta as a director must realize that the film should be beyond violence, abuses and women. The writing is so weak that you wont feel for Manya Surve or his girlfriend. Also, there’s no special effort made by the production team to work on the look of the film. Apart from using old cars, Kangana Ranaut’s styling and Sonu Sood’s clothes in a few scenes, you wont feel like you’re back in the 1970s or 1980s.

On the bright side, the cinematography is rich, the editing for the action scenes is outstanding and yes Milap Zaveri does cause a stir among the audience with his powerful lines.

John Abraham as Manya Surve is surprisingly good. This is by far his best performance to date; probably because he hasn’t got the chance to do any challenging roles in the past. Tusshar Kapoor is alright. Anil Kapoor as always delivers an effortless performance and looks so young! Sonu Sood and Manoj Bajpayee are very good. Mahesh Manjrekar has a small role but is amazing to watch! Kangana Ranaut looks gorgeous but is stuck with the same crying and cribbing kind of role. She still reminds me of a pigeon.

The music by Anu Malik is ok. The background score is very good. What is annoying is that the songs just come up randomly during the movie. Sunny Leone as an item girl has nothing to flaunt but her physical assets. She’s not that great a dancer and can’t mesmerize you with expressions. Priyanka Chopra’s dance number is better.

Shootout at Wadala has nailed it in the camera, dialogue and edit department and can be a major part of John Abraham’s showreel but fails to make an impact as a film based on true incidents. I got quite bored during the course of the film.

Rating– 2/5

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Jan 25 2013

Race 2- Movie Review


Race 2 posterRace came years ago and everyone enjoyed it. Was Race 2 as good? You’re just about to find out.

So, Saif Ali Khan is back in another race for money and love and this time he’s got new competition. Deepika Padokone, Jacqueline Fernandes and John Abraham. They decided not to include Bipasha Basu in this one because Abbas Mustan wanted to cast Johnny boy. Anil Kapoor and his dumb assistant Ameesha Patel are also there to make the film lighter with their double meaning pjs.

The director duo Abbas Mustan is slowly losing it. With the attempt of making it filled with twists and turns, the movie only gets longer and a little pakao. Sure, the film is well styled in all respects and has the shine of a freshly cut diamond but the story and sense the film should have lacks a bit. It clearly isn’t as good as Race.

The actors in the film are all average. I wouldn’t say anyone’s performance is very good. Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel are good but have such cheesy lines that they get annoying after a while. Saif Ali Khan looks his age now with his hair gelled back. His entry scene with him walking out of the water like a young stud boy didn’t help one bit! Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandes look hot with all their sexy outfits revealing their legs and cleavage. Add John Abraham to that list. He’s smoking hot! 😛

The songs are decent and can be danced to. Thank you Pritam! The songs ‘Beintehaan’ and ‘Party on my mind’ are the best in my opinion.

Race 2 as a movie has been disappointing albeit a little entertaining thanks to the 2 and a half  hour fashion show.

Rating– 2.5/5

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May 4 2012

Housefull 2- Movie Review


Stupid glossed out movie with decent performances and songs, good styling, beautiful locations, lame jokes and a very annoying Chunkey Pandey!

Rating- 2.5/5

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Nov 25 2011

Desi Boyz- Movie Review


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, especially ‘cause it’s called ‘Desi BOYZ’ and plus, you know, movies these days aren’t really that great. So… yeah getting to my review…

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham get laid off because of recession and must find a job to meet their expenses which include the rent of their apartment, Akshay’s adopted son’s daily kharcha and school fees, and the fact that John wants to marry Deepika Padukone and keep her happy. So, they become male escorts for Sanjay Dutt’s company- Desi Boyz and decide not to tell anyone. That doesn’t remain a secret and everything changes.

Ok now, as I said earlier, I wasn’t expecting much from this movie because it looked really stupid. But looks can be deceptive. The story is ok but the screenplay is very good along with the dialogues which make it an out and out entertainer. I just felt that more importance is given to the before -after aspects of becoming desi boyz and their role as desi boyz is limited to barely 1-2 scenes and a song. But as a director, Rohit Dhawan has done a good job.

The good thing is that both Akshay and John are given equal importance in the film. Akshay and John are a great team together and it shows on screen. They’ve both acted pretty well. Deepika Padukone looks pretty but her acting is ok as usual, Chitrangda Singh looks hot even with an overly-caked-up face and manages to do her part well. Omi Vaidya has a short role but is too funny and his comic timing is just perfect! Sanjay Dutt was decent and got the maximum number of seetis and taalis from the audience.

The songs are ok to listen to, not bad. I like the song ‘Tu mera hero’. It was a treat to watch Akshay and John and see the amazing clothes Deepika and Chitrangda are wearing. Also, the sets are designed beautifully.

Desi Boyz is a good entertainer and I can so imagine a sequel to this. Go watch it!

Rating– 3/5

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Oct 25 2010

Jhootha Hi Sahi- Movie Review


I didn’t really go with any expectations to watch this movie and unfortunately, I was still let down.

John Abraham plays the jhootha (Siddharth) who works at a Bookstore in London. One day mistake se some Suicide Helpline ka number gets interchanged with his and he starts receiving suicide calls. One of them is from this girl called Mishka (Pakhi- looks like a 40 yr old aunty by the way) who wants to commit suicide but calls the helpline to talk to a “dost” and does not say a word. The next day she calls back to apologize. Siddharth, who is not working for this helpline suddenly then volunteers to help because he thinks he can do some good by just talking to people when they feel like dying. But he starts talking to Mishka everyday and falls in love with her. Then a ‘You’ve got mail’ kind of thing happens. Mishka and Sid meet at the bookstore. He recognizes her but she doesn’t. Toh jhooth bol bol ke, Sid pataos Mishka. Will this jhooth be tolerated by her?

Let me tell you, from the moment it started, I was bored. There was nothing exciting and nothing to look forward to in the movie. It wasn’t even a good chick flick no matter how predictable! They tried to get the “Friends” element in by having next door neighbours but that didn’t work.  It’s funny how Sid has awesome neighbours and the best of friends but Mishka doesn’t have any friends… not even one!

John Abraham is an average actor but this role just didn’t suit him. He’s better of doing movies like Dostana! Pakhi looks like she’s 40 and can’t act! Just because she’s Abbas Tyrewala’s wife, they thought chalo, free mein actress mil gayi, paise bach jaayenge! Raghu is a pretty good actor! I think he should take up acting seriously and start doing negative or comic roles…he’ll do them brilliantly!

The music is not good even though its by AR Rahman. There’s nothing more I can say.

Jhootha hi sahi was just not good enough!

Rating– 2/5

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