Aug 19 2011

Not a love story- Movie Review


I hadn’t followed the Neeraj Grover murder case at all until just now, very recently, when Maria Susairaj was released from jail after a 3 yrs sentence for destroying evidence related to the murder.

Based on a true story, Not a love story is about how this struggling actress moves to Mumbai. She is then signed her for a Bollywood film by a good casting director. They make love one night and the next morning, her fiancé comes to surprise her at her residence but instead finds the casting director sleeping naked on the girl’s bed. Impulsively, he stabs the man with a knife. In order to hide the body, the fiancé cuts the body into pieces and fits it into plastic bags which both the actress and him destroy by burning.

Now one would expect this kind of story to be dealt with in a very sensible way as it is a sensitive subject. But no, Ram Gopal Varma goes all out and makes you squirm in your seat with disgust. The camera angles, the way the kissing scenes have been shown look extremely vulgar, sleazy and gross especially because there isn’t any need to do so. No one killed Jessica (the movie) was atleast done tastefully and not just for popping eyeballs!

Anyway, coming to acting, Mahie Gill (Maria Susairaj) who I thought was a good actress was mostly just sobbing throughout the film and got irritating after a point. Also, Ramu kept zooming into her face which was not exactly pleasant to look at without make up (Sorry), not that her legs were either. Deepak Dobriyal (Jerome) acted well but looked very creepy. I’d partially blame the cameras for that.

I just felt that the cameras could have been handled a little more seriously and respectfully. The annoying thing was that Rangeela song they kept playing throughout the movie, especially as her ringtone.

So, Not a love story is not something I’ll recommend. Follow the news instead.

Rating– 2/5



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