Dec 13 2013

Jackpot- Movie Review


Jackpot-posterJackpot? Really? It’s got Sunny Leone! Ok yes, then has to be a Jackpot. Ummm, well not really! Here’s more on that. Ummm, yeah.

Here’s the story- Francis (Sachiin Joshi) and his friends, all conmen decide to con a casino owner by the name of Boss (Naseeruddin Shah). Boss has a hot secretary (Sunny Leone) who falls in love with Francis without knowing his true intentions. She’s also confused about whether she should be on her boss’ side or Francis’ side. A con is planned but doesn’t really go as planned because Boss is one step ahead. But is he?

Ok I was as confused as you are right now. Haha! The story is not thrilling at all and neither does it make any sense. The screenplay worsens it. Luckily it doesn’t go on for too long otherwise I would have walked out without feeling guilty and trust me when I say that because I would never walk out on a movie. The characters lack any depth. Director Kaizad Gustad was probably thinking he’d hit the jackpot with this one, especially by casting Sunny Leone but he fails miserably.

Everything about the film is so B grade. The cinematography is ok. I understand it’s based in Goa but it just seems that the stylists didn’t bother at all. It’s as if the actors picked up clothes from home and wore them. Sunny Leone obviously would be given special treatment being the star in the film. Oh how special! Her makeup in the film is really bad though. All caked up, she looks like a firang trying too hard to be a simple Goan girl. Obviously now the clothes she wears are to create some excitement in this otherwise dull film. Sadly, that doesn’t work either because there’s just one scene in which she strips to her lingerie. Otherwise we just get to see her wearing tight-fitted clothes.

The music in the film is not worth mentioning and neither is the background score. I can’t say much about the performances either.

Sachiin Joshi doesn’t look or act promising one bit. He’s not got that lead actor thing in him and can easily pass off as a side actor whose presence doesn’t make a difference. Sunny Leone was good in Jism 2. I wonder what happened here. She’s nothing but eye candy and if this is going to be her choice in films, she’s had it with her Bollywood career. Naseeruddin Shah might look very interesting with the wig and funny clothes but I think his role was the most boring in this film. Jackpot is probably one of his worst films, acting-wise too. I can say the same thing for Makarand Deshpande. All the other actors don’t do much either except for go with the painful flow of the film.

Jackpot doesn’t hit the jackpot in any department and I can easily say that I wouldn’t recommend this film at all. Waste of time and money!

Rating– 1.5/5

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