May 24 2013

Ishkq in Paris- Movie Review


Ishkq in paris poster

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Preity Zinta in a movie. The last popular film we saw her in was Jhoom Barabar Jhoom in 2007. The she got busy with her love life (Ness Wadia), IPL, her chat show which bombed, and of course starting her new production company- PZNZ Media of which Ishkq in Paris is a product. So how was her comeback? Let’s get on with the review and find out.

Ishkq (Preity Zinta) who is half- Indian-half- French is a photographer who stays in Paris with her single French mother Marie (Isabelle Adjani). In a metro she bumps into Akash (Rhehan Malliek) who is an “agent” like in Jerry Maguire and since they’re both commitment- phobic and just want to have fun, they instantly hit it off. They decide to spend an evening in Paris (Before Sunrise, Hum Tum, Ekk Main aur Ekk Tu, Jab We Met, Anjaana Anjaani, anyone?) While they’re walking the beautiful cobbled streets of Paris, they meet a weirdo (Chunky Pandey) who sells them a dice. This dice tells them what to do- party, dinner, coffee, movie, sex…In that order, with no repetitions of course. Then it’s time for Akash to go back, only to meet again a few months later. Need I say what happens next? Of course, you already know!

Prem Raj as a director is as lost as the screenplay. What can they do when the story itself is so unoriginal and done to death? Paris looks beautiful though and cinematographer Manush Nandan has captured it so well that you’d it looks like a long advertisement to promote tourism in Paris. The locations, the art direction, the colours, the styling is all aesthetically done barring Preity Zinta’s hair. That didn’t make her look young. It just made her look stupid. Also, whoever did the casting forgot to get a male actor for the role.

Rhehan Malliek is so expressionlessly good looking that he should do modelling in Paris instead of trying to act. The chemistry between him and Preity is like tomato ketchup on a strawberry muffin. You get the drift? Preity is too old for roles like in this film and she might look very fresh with her mascara-filled eyes puffy lips but when she tries to act all young and bubbly like before, she looks like a wanna-be youngster! She only looked her normal self in the Salman Khan song. In fact, I think there was more chemistry between her and Salman in that one song than with Rhehan Malliek in the full film put together! Isabelle Adjani with her strange hair and dubbed Indian voice makes you wonder if you’re watching a badly dubbed Hollywood flop film.

The music in the film by Sajid Wajid is alright. Salman Khan only made the Punjabi song ‘Soni kudi’ better.

As a film, Ishkq in Paris fails to make a mark; but that was expected the moment you saw the trailer! Don’t watch it!

Rating– 2/5



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