Aug 13 2016

Mohenjo Daro- Movie Review


Mohenjo-Daro-posterHrithik Roshan’s personal life has pretty much taken over his acting career. Whether it’s his divorce with Susan or his affair with Kangana that caused it, he’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Whatever said and done, it’s good to see Hrithik back on screen.

Plot in short– Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) an Indigo farmer from a small village called Aamri in the Indus Valley falls in love with Chaani (Pooja Hegde) a priest’s daughter from Mohenjo Daro, a township built for traders and businessmen. As the truth of their past unfolds, things get pretty messed up. Will their love survive through it all? Oh wait, will Mohenjo Daro survive?

The Good– Hrithik Roshan, Kabir Bedi and Arunoday Singh’s performances are definitely the better things in the film. The grandeur of the sets, costumes and overall look of the film is brilliant. Some of the locations are gorgeous, especially that of the opening sequence. I didn’t really like any songs except for ‘Tu hai’ which is a typical ‘Rahman’ song and has a great melody.

The Not-so-good– There are so many things that don’t work for the film-The length of the film, the visual effects, screenplay, music and the fact that it just can’t connect with the audience of today. Actress Pooja Hegde looks pretty with her huge head gear but has quite a lame role to really be noticed as for her acting. Ashutosh Gowariker as a director wants to say so much but unfortunately the content is not strong enough to make it work like he’d have wanted it to. There are so many moments where you would laugh at the sheer stupidity of the scene. I feel bad because Ashutosh Gowariker is such a good, serious director who visualizes big. There’s so much history related to Mohenjo Daro & Harappa which could have been given more importance rather than highlighting the love story so much.

Verdict– As a film, Mohenjo Daro is long, predictable and a bit over the top but visually stunning.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Oct 2 2014

Bang Bang- Movie Review


Bang Bang-PosterI confess! I was super excited to watch Bang Bang only because of the star cast and of course because it was going to be a typical Bollywood film! Was it worth the excitement? Read on.

Plot in short– Harleen (Katrina Kaif) is a bank receptionist and bored with her life. In order to find herself true love, she sets herself up on a date with the help of a site called ‘ Cut to entry of Rajveer (Hrithik Roshan), her date and the thief who stole the Kohinoor diamond and has people chasing him everywhere. Harleen must make a choice. She can either go back to her routine, dull life or be with this crazy man and travel the world with him and his escapades.

The Good– Well, the cinematography definitely tops the charts. Glossy, rich and sharp, the visuals are stunning! I thought the performances were decent but not wow! I must admit though that both Hrithik and Katrina looked droolworthy! They look great on screen! Even the styling, hair and make up is amazing! Beautiful locations too! So I’d say lookwise, the film is bang on! The music and background score is not bad either. There are barely any songs in the film but the songs ‘Tu meri’ and ‘Meherbaan’ are foot tapping and melodious.

The Not-so-good– Bang Bang is clearly a mix of a number of action flicks that have released in the recent past such as Dhoom, Ek Tha Tiger, A Holiday, etc. There goes the originality. The direction by Siddharth Anand is very ok. Sadly it has to rely on the weak screenplay which is nothing but a sequence of chase scenes. Keep an eye out for all the ads you get to see in the film such as Pizza Hut, Mountain Dew, Johnson Tiles, etc. which didn’t have to be so ‘in-your-face’.

Verdict– Overall, Bang Bang is nothing but a time pass film which is high on glamour and low on substance. It may be a treat for all the Hrithik, Katrina, Barbie and Ken fans though.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Nov 1 2013

Krrish 3- Movie Review


Krrish 3 posterThere’s something about superhero movies that draw the attention of both children and adults alike. I went for Krrish 3 because I enjoyed watching Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish. I’m afraid Krrish 3 just wasn’t as entertaining as its prequels but wasn’t bad either. Here’s my review.

Krrish a.k.a Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) is happily married and stays with his father Rohit and wife (Priyanka Chopra) and protecting the city from day to day crimes. Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), an evil genius is all set to destroy the world by spreading a poisonous gas made by him that can kill and cause permanent damage to people. Krrish along with his scientist father must do everything they can to save the people and destroy Kaal’s powers.

Rakesh Roshan is a great director and we’ve seen that in all this previous films. So with Krrish 3 he’s carrying forward the story of a superhero that actually looks like a superhero unlike the one we saw in Ra.One.  Ahem! The story has its drawbacks in terms of content. There are too many clichés that we’ve seen in numerous films in the past and so Krrish 3 is just another rendition of what we’ve already seen. Having said that, it still is entertaining because of the way the screenplay progresses. There isn’t a dull moment. It has an emotional connect and that’s what makes the difference. From start to finish the story moves at a consistent pace. There’s a lot more action that we see in this film as compared to the previous two. Some of them might not be right for children to see considering it’s a film and a character children relate to and love.  The styling of all the actors is right except for the superhero. Priyanka and Kangana look ultra-glam in their clothes and make up.

When you see the visuals in front of you, sometimes they seem extremely amateurish and in some you get to see real talent where visual effects are concerned. So in a film where computer graphics play a major role this one alternates between good and bad.  The cinematography by S. Tirru is lovely, especially for the song ‘Dil tu hi bata’ with Hrithik and Kangana which also sounds great. It’s good to hear Alisha Chinoy singing after so long. I didn’t enjoy the other songs that much though. So overall the music is strictly ok. The background score by Salim-Sulaiman is good and goes well with the theme.

Hrithik Roshan is in my opinion the best looking superhero Bollywood has had yet. He can totally take your breath away with his gorgeous mysterious eyes behind that mask except for the fact that his costume looks really bad and makes you forget all about his eyes. As an actor, he’s excellent and in Krrish 3 he is very good too. I’d like to quote a little boy sitting behind me in the theatre who said, ‘Actor ho toh Hrithik jaisa’.  Even as an old man, he does a fine job. Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have much to do except for add a little drama but she’s done it well. Kangana Ranaut for once didn’t have to use the word ‘Bastard’ or act drunk. She does full justice to her negative role and looks hot. Vivek Oberoi is brilliant as Kaal and will make you hate him. He’s totally into the character and acts effortlessly. I wish we would get to see him act in more movies.

So, I wouldn’t recommend taking children below the age of 10 for the movie because of all the violence but otherwise Krrish 3 is entertaining and I’d definitely like to see more sequels in the future.

Rating– 3/5

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Jan 26 2012

Agneepath- Movie Review


I hadn’t seen the original Agneepath and neither was I that excited to watch this one because of the violence but Sanjay Dutt’s look and Hrithik Roshan sort of made me want to; also because Karan Johar was producing it, I thought it might just be worth a watch.

The story is very 90s so you might not be able to relate to it completely but anyway… Vijay’s father is killed by Kancha (Sanjay Dutt) who wants to claim Mandwa (land/ small town) and use it for his cocaine business. When Vijay (Hrithik Roshan) grows up, he joins Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor) who is into human and drug trafficking and a direct link to Kancha. So he uses him to take badla from his arch enemy- Bollywood’s wanna-be-Voldemort (Sanjay Dutt).

Being 26th January, a national holiday, the theatres were all House Full! I swear! It’s been a long time since Ruchi Mehta has not got tickets for a movie! But luckily, I got at Regal and went for the evening show.

Coming to the movie, I thought the direction was very good! The dialogues could’ve been more impactful to bring out the intensity and filminess. The setting and costumes were pretty good and even the cinematography. I particularly thought the background music was superb and added a lot of character to the movie. The special effects were quite bad though.

Acting-wise, Rishi Kapoor was brilliant and played his part the best, Sanjay Dutt looked eerie and villainous which was the intention and was even pretty good as Kancha but I think he could have still acted better, Hrithik Roshan was very intense, true to his character and did not overdo the acting so yes he was very good, Priyanka Chopra was ok ya just that she had a useless role.

The music was very ok. Chikni Chameli is copied but Katrina Kaif’s moves in the song were just too good! I really really liked this song by Sonu Nigam called ‘Abhi mujh mein kahin’. Beautifully sung!

Overall, Agneepath was ok. Decently entertaining but too long!

Rating– 2.5/5


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Jul 15 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- Movie Review


I had just seen the song Senorita and one dialogue where Hrithik Roshan is formally dressed and Abhay Deol says, “Arjun my buwoy, tum is the uniform mein the mantal lag rahe ho” That was what made me go and watch this movie. Was it any good? You’re just about to find out!

So, like The Hangover, 3 friends decide to go to Spain for 3 weeks to have their Bachelor’s trip before their friend Kabir (Abhay Deol) gets married to his girlfriend Natasha (Kalki Koechlin). Arjun (Hrithik Roshan) is a workaholic and Imran (Farhan Akhtar) works as a copywriter at an ad agency. They decide to do loads of adventurous things as a part of this trip and at the end of it realize ke ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’ toh karo jo karna hai abhi.  

Ok here’s the truth. ZNMD is quite like The Hangover 2- Bradley Cooper- Hrithik Roshan (Serious and sensible, they even look alike), Zach Galifianakis- Farhan Akhtar (entertainer) and Ed Helms- Abhay Deol (the one who is super loyal to his fiancée and yet faces trouble.)It will also remind you of Dil Chahta Hai; only that was more original and funny. In this some scenes were hilarious and at the same time, some were quite blah! You’d wish there’d be more adventure and excitement to really feel it’s a Bachelor’s trip.

ZNMD lacks the “naturalness” of the characters, especially Hrithik. I personally felt he’s too filmy to be in this kind of movie. You know what I mean? He looks great but is fit for love stories which need proper proper acting. This movie is the type that requires the actors to be at ease and let the dialogues flow and not look rehearsed. I loved Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar. For that matter, even Kalki Koechlin and Katrina Kaif were good and did their part very well.

I loved the cinematography though. Superb visuals, especially the song where they’re in the car travelling, it is so beautifully shot I can’t tell you! Luckily there weren’t too many songs in the movie.

So, I thought ZNMD was just okay.

Rating– 2.5/5

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Nov 19 2010

Guzaarish- Movie Review


Two magical movies released together. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and Guzaarish. No points for guessing which one I wanted to watch more eagerly! If you thought Guzaarish, you suck!

The movie is about a paraplegic ex- magician (Hrithik Roshan) who’s been paralysed since 14 years. He has a nurse (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) who takes care of him.  As his health deteriorates, he files a petition in court (aakhri Guzaarish) to be mercy-killed (Euthanasia).

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has created magic… in his sets. Sorry, but the movie is just not that good. I had great expectations and I’m sure many others did, but Guzaarish was slow and dull. I know the genre is drama but it doesn’t need to drag so much! It went at the pace of 20km/hr or something! I expected more magic but was only left to watch drama and more drama!

The Art Direction is superb! It’ll definitely an inspiration to all those doing Interior Designing and art direction. The colours, designs, props and everything used just makes the film look so rich! Even the cinematography… though simply shot, it looks beautiful! The choreography of whatever little dance and magic sequences were there is also brilliant! The music, which is attempted by director Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself, is not something I’d listen to otherwise, but it goes very well with the movie theme. So yes, technically, the movie was 1st class!

Coming to the other things… Hrithik’s acting was just ok. I think anyone could have done his part. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan reminded me of Rekha… the way she looked and even her acting. I’m not saying she was bad… she was ok! Aditya Roy Kapoor, who plays Hrithik’s student had a tiny role that needn’t have been there at all. That angle in the movie just seemed pointless to me. He’s a decent actor though.

Guzaarish is just ok.

Rating– 2.5/5

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May 21 2010

Patangay (Kites- Movie Review)


So I just got back home after watching Kites. Spent 210 bucks at Sterling! Man! They took 90 bucks more just because it’s Kites and Hrithik and all that!

So anyway, about the movie, well… I went with an open mind, as I do for all movies. There were some good reviews and some bad. My brother Deep and one of my best friends Komal joined me for this ‘cause they both wanted to watch it badly!

You know what I think? I think if this movie was made in the 90s, it would be a superhit! But in 2010, a movie like this is sure to flop ya! I mean, the story is so predictable and old school that even a kid would know what’s gonna happen next! I don’t even like the songs… it’s like they’re there ‘cause they have to be there and of course since Hrithik’s a dancer, there have to be a couple of tracks just so that he can show off his moves! Kangana Ranaut in the movie only irks me out! Ek toh she can’t act and on top of that, she looks like a pigeon with curly hair!

The good points about the movie? Great cinematography! I love the way they’ve shot the film especially Hrithik’s close-ups… His eyes are mesmerizing and I can stare at them the whole day…they look so gorgeous! Even Barbara Mori looks stunning!  Hrithik’s acted well and for a first timer, even Barbara was good. However, Kangana still looks like and acts like a pigeon…sorry!

So overall, Kites probably might have great openings and all but to me it was a film of the 90s trying it’s luck in today’s times. I still don’t understand why they needed to name the film Kites! Just trying to act cool using an English word! Ufff! C’mon Bollywood! Show your true potential!

Rating- 2.5/5

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