Mar 22 2012

Troll Comics: Meaning of ‘Pimp’


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Mar 20 2012

Troll Comics: I am so FAT!


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Dec 19 2011

Wrong Party!


Ummm… the Fancy Dress party was next weekend!


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Jul 29 2011

The Smurfs- Movie Review


Oh I’ve waited so long, as have so many others to watch the cute little Smurfs on big screen. Was it worth the wait? Read on!

So basically these smurfs live in an enchanted forest in little mushroom homes. They love their lives and are named according to their individual personality. There is an evil wizard who is after the smurfs for a reason unknown. On the Blue Moon day, the smurfs, by mistake travel into New York city and meet Patrick and his wife who are expecting a child. The evil wizard also follows them (cause he’s after them for a reason unknown). Then there are apparently some adventures and funny moments and then a sweet message at the end.

I was really looking forward to watching Smurfs since the time I saw the movie poster. I thought it’d be cute and funny and the smurfs would be lovable. But it’s quite the opposite. I, to be honest could skip showing this movie to my kids. There’s nothing great about it. The smurfs don’t make you go “Awwwww” or basically feel any emotions towards them which is very important for an animated movie like this. I’m so glad I didn’t watch it in 3d. I don’t think I missed anything! The animation wasn’t ‘wow’ either.

Also, I expected a lot more from Neil Patrick Harris… he just didn’t “suit” the character! 😉

The Smurfs didn’t smurf me enough and so I think you can smurf it! Got it?

Rating– 2.5/5




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Aug 16 2010

The Hidden Village, Atgaon


On India’s 63rd Independence Day, the Roly-poly Gang a.k.a , K, S, F & R (me) set out to explore “The Hidden Village” located at Atgaon in Maharashtra.  By the way this sad name (Roly-Poly Gang) was thought of by none other than Mr. K!

Being a Sunday, we were lucky enough to catch an empty train from C.S.T (earlier, and still known as V.T). Tony, the owner of The Hidden Village, instructed us to take a Kasara fast train and get off at Atgaon station from where a rickshaw driver called Sudham would come and pick us up. [People who are too cool for trains can go by car also!]

We were super duper excited about this trip, more so ‘cause it’s a very different place from any other we’ve been to! The moment we entered, there was this old stone which had “Hidden Village” engraved on it and trees all around. A little wooden bridge connected the entrance to the resort. The weather was awesome! It kept drizzling from time to time. We were greeted by a big black turkey that made funny sounds along with its follower turkeys. There was also a little lamb under a big hay basket. We couldn’t wait to start our day and were quite hungry so we jaldi se ate breakfast- anda bhurji, matki, roti and chai and headed to our room. Ashok was the guy in charge there.

Our cottage was sweet. 2 rooms with 2 double beds, 2 clean bathrooms, a tv and a refrigerator. Quite fancy for a place I thought was like a typical village. Each cottage had an open shower and a stone tub outside which I thought was quite cool!

On seeing the beauty around me, I quickly removed my camera from my bag and started clicking while K made sheesha for us. S as usual was posing away to glory. All 3 of them wanted to chill for some time while I wanted to explore the place and get pictures of the strangest creatures and other things with my camera. I was super restless! It was lunch time at 2 and I was hoping I’d get to eat some junk food, even though I knew we’d get only home type of food. They made gobi, chana, chicken, dal, roti, rice, chhaas & kheer. F and K enjoyed eating their chicken while S and I somehow tried to enjoy eating our veg food. It was quite spicy!

We were prepared to get into the water right after lunch, especially under the awesome waterfall! The feeling was great… being in the running river. There was also a small space where those Garra Rufas or Doctor Fish come and nibble on your feet… but the rainy season is not the best time for them so I couldn’t get my Fish Spa! F, S and K didn’t really care much about it…they were just chilling in the water. The waterfall was strong! It’s like getting a back massage or something. The water comes with so much force! Oh and something really funny happened. K and I saw ducks on the other end of the river and we started flapping our arms on the water like them. That must’ve scared the ducks ‘cause they came flying towards us and in turn scared the shit out of us!  Hahahah it was kinda funny now that I think about it! We were all running for our lives! As soon as that happened, we were out and headed back to our cottage. We didn’t spend much time in the river unfortunately. It was soon snacks time at 5ish and so they sent us Poha and Chai to our room and we happily ate!

After some more sheesha and feeling clean after a good bath, we headed to play some games. At the Hidden Village you’ll find a Games room which has Pool, T.T and Carrom. The good thing was that since it was Sunday evening, almost everyone had left. We had the entire Games room to ourselves! Good fun! We played T.T, Pool and Carrom after sooo long! The only sad part was that there was no fan there and it was very hot!

It wasn’t time for dinner yet so we headed back to our room, this time with the help of the resort people and their torches, since it was quite dark. S was fattoing already and thought it would be better if we sat in the room and ate; but we thought it was better to go back down and eat as there would be a lot of stuff for them to get to our room.

So we went down for dinner at about 8 30. For veg there was bhindi, cauliflower, dal, roti, rice; and for non-veg there was fish. I didn’t like the sabjis at all so I asked them if they could get dahi. Unfortunately the dahi was sour! We felt bad wasting it. The thing is that these people make the food with so much love and there’s always one person standing there to see if everything is ok, that you end up feeling really bad for wasting food.

But anyway, dinner was over and we proceeded to our room again. I slipped on the way because of my stupid slippers! By the time we reached it was only 9 30. We were wondering what to do for the rest of the night considering we didn’t really have any games or anything for time pass. We had sheesha, music and ourselves for conversations and that’s it. Of course, there were insects there too flying around and annoying us. Luckily we had Odomos to protect ourselves from the giant-sized mosquitoes. They gave us Odomos and Kachhua also.  F was already sleepy and went to sleep at 10! She came back an hour later though. The funny thing is that we thought we’d get bored and probably be asleep by 11 considering there was nothing to do really. But somehow we bonded and were up till 1 a.m talking! S and K told us about their love story which was very sweet! K also killed 2 big grasshoppers with his CAT shoes!

After getting good sleep at night, we woke up to leave. I didn’t want to, to be honest. I was loving the place. Oh and I also spotted a small snake crawling pretty close to where our cottage was… Scary! We quickly walked to the eating area and waited for the chai & biscuits to come but it was getting too late. We had a train at 8:40 and the next one at 10:25 and Fash had to get to work. So we had a few quick bites, paid up for the stay, food and thanked Ashok and the others and left in a hurry.

One thing I must say… The people working there took really good care of us. In fact, they were awake for us even at night and made sure we were happy with everything. Great service and great ambience! Ok the food was not my kind of food, but I guess it was just for a day so it’s fine. Next time I go there I’ll make sure someone or the other gets games or something for entertainment!

On reaching CST, S, K and I were hungry so we went to Radio Club for breakfast. Ate like bhukkads! Felt nice to be back to aamchi Mumbai but this one day trip was a much needed change. I will definitely want to go there again! 🙂

Psst!  Raj Parekh! Thanks to you I got to know about The Hidden Village. Awesome experience!


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Jul 25 2010

The Teapot Café, Fort -Review


This sweet little café, located at Fountain, near Bombay House is definitely a hidden treasure! I’ve been wanting to go there since more than a year now and after finally discovering it, I feel super satisfied!

Food– The food on the menu is varied consisting of omlettes, crepes, waffles, pastas, quiches, pizzas, burgers, pastries, puffs, cheesecakes, tarts and what not! They also have coffees, iced teas, tea, milkshakes and many more refreshments. The first time I went there, I tried the Veg corn and cheese quiche which was quite bland and not that great. I also had the Bruschetta which I ordered for the second time that we went too. It was yummy! My friend had a Chicken & Egg burger with Mayonnaise and Cheese and he said it was very filling and also tasted good. The coffee was pretty decent too, not the CCD or Costa Coffee type, but pretty good nonetheless. You also have the option of adding hazelnut, chocolate, etc. if you want. The chocolate tart and Hazlenut cheesecake are ok. So I can say that it comes close to Candies where food is concerned; it’s ok… not that great; but there are so many options to choose from and I still have to try out a lot of stuff from there!

Ambience– The teapot café is a small little place with about 4-5 tables, Italian tiling and simple décor but the café has a charm of its own. The atmosphere is casual and fun and you’ll find games such as Uno, playing cards, etc. on every table. Since a lot of office people who know this place come here, there’s also Wi-Fi. The best part is that you get that warm, homely feeling when you go there and hence feel like going there again and again.

Service– The service is definitely above the mark. The owner herself comes to your table to take the order and makes sure you have a good time at the café. If you’re confused about what to order, ask her to suggest something you may like.

Prices– Total value for money! The items on the menu are completely affordable and well priced. A coffee would cost you 35 bucks; the chicken & egg burger 65 bucks, the bruschetta 55 bucks and so on. So no complaints where prices are concerned.

Verdict– I recommend this place and suggest you go there with your set of close buddies, play some games of Uno and eat some fun stuff. Great ambience, service and fun menu. Lots to try!

Rating– 3.5/5

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Jul 5 2010

Chocolate Treat- Raapchik Recipe


Ok, let me tell you that I’m a foodie but I hate cooking! So, me making something out of choice is actually surprising for most people who know me. I make things that are super easy, and no sweat! Today I made this random dessert which I call Chocolate treat. This I made after my friend Komal told me her mom made Brownies with biscuits.Toh maine socha, chal I’ll also try making a raapchik dessert! My recipe is super easy!

Ingredients (Serves 4):

–          1 packet of Butter Biscuits/ Parle G Biscuits/ Nice Biscuits/ Oreo Cookies (10-12 biscuits)

–          1 tbspn Amul Butter

–          1 cup milk

–          Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup/ Nutella

How to make?

–          Crush the biscuits and turn them to powder in your mixer/grinder. Leave 1 for garnishing for later.

–          Take a bowl. Add 1 table spoon of butter, 1 cup milk, Hershy’s chocolate syrup (depends on how chocolaty you want it to be) and the powdered biscuits.

–          Heat it on the gas for a minute so that the butter settles down and it’s easier to mix.

–          Now put the bowl in your microwave/oven for about 4-5 minutes. Remove it only when you feel your chocolate treat is in a cake-like form and not liquid.

–          Once it feels a little hard, crush the biscuit you saved and make designs with your Hershey’s syrup/Nutella.

What it tastes like:

Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, Chocolate treat tastes best when it’s hot and can be had with Vanilla ice cream.

Responses from family:

Brother– This is the first time I’ve liked something you made!

Dad– Hmmm nice!

Mom– She had a fast and still took a bite and was impressed that I made it in the microwave by myself, willingly!

If you plan to try this, do let me know how yours tasted! 🙂

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Jun 8 2010

Fish Spa at Orchid City Centre (Mumbai Central)


Ever since I heard of the Fish Spa, I’ve been tempted to try it. For those who don’t know, you are made to dip your feet into a little tub of water wherein you will find these tiny little fish swimming about. They are called “Garra Rufas or Doctor Fish”. Doctor fish because apparently they eat the dead skin, corns, eczema or any weird looking stuff from your feet and sort of clean your feet.  Not that I had any of those problems… I wanted to simply just try it out.So I went to Orchid City Centre after I heard how awsome it was!

The process– Ok so first they make you dip your feet in a small bucket of water and clean them, before you dip your feet into the tub where the fish are, (so they don’t die :P) just for sanity purposes. Once your feet are in the real thing, the fish rush to your feet as if there’s no tomorrow! The Doctor fish start nibbling at your feet, eating all your dead skin. Well, that’s their job! They make sure your feet feel softer and cleaner. Now the funny part is they don’t have teeth!

The feeling– At first I was very uncomfortable because I’m a vegetarian and I couldn’t imagine fish nibbling at my feet! It felt very very strange, ticklish and funny at the same time. What makes it very weird is looking at the fish eating a part of you! That’s just gross! I think a one time experience is good enough!

Verdict– Definitely worth a try, especially if you fancy trying out new things, especially spas. But I prefer my normal foot reflexology, thank you very much!

Cost & Duration- Rs. 150 for 15 mins and Rs.250 for 30 mins.

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Jun 2 2010

Kick Ass- Movie Review


After hearing only good reviews for this movie I knew I had to watch it!

Basic story- Geek becomes a superhero (Kick Ass) to fight the bad guys.

Yeah the story is cliché so what’s the hype all about, you ask? Well, beside it being an action-packed bundle of entertainment, this movie has some really awsome scenes and everyone from a 6 yr old kid to a grandfather will enjoy it.  Watch out for Hit Girl in this one! She’s awsome at her age! Even better than Kick Ass!

Things that are really stupid in the movie:

a)      The love angle between Kick Ass and the girl is quite sad.

b)      Big Daddy’s (Nicolas Cage) costume was A LOT like Batman’s.

c)       Kick Ass starts his own profile on My Space…If he’s a geek, shouldn’t he have thought of the IP address and shouldn’t the news people track it down to find out who he is?

Ok so these are just a few stupid things and I’m sure you can point out a lot more of such stuff, but over all, Kick Ass lives up to its name.  Watching this movie is a super fun experience and I’d definitely recommend it to everyone!

Rating- 4/5

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