Dec 28 2012

Happiness Deli, Fort- Review


Happiness DeliSo there was this deal from Timesdeal which said that I could get a pizza/burger, a sandwich/salad and a drink worth Rs. 500 for Rs.250. Was it worth it? You’re just about to find out.

Food– Happiness Deli is just another cafe that serves sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, desserts, hot and cold drinks and sides. Unfortunately we didn’t get to choose our sandwich/ pizza/ drink and with our limited options we could have a cold corn and cheese sandwich, an iced tea, a cold coffee and a Margherita pizza (8”). Our sandwich came first and it was quite bad. There was no salt, pepper or any kind of taste except for boiled corn and cheese randomly put into 2 slices of bread. I asked them to atleast grill it which they said they can’t for whatever reason they have. Next, we had our drinks. The iced tea was good and so was the cold coffee but the quantities of both were more like a tasting. Our pizza finally arrived and gladly that did not let us down. The crust was nice and thin and the taste was superb! I would totally have that again. No meal is complete without a dessert and so I thought chalo let me finish off the meal with a happy ending.  Unfortunately the Oreo Mousse cake didn’t taste as good as it looked. It was quite bad.

Ambience– There are 2 outlets of Happiness Deli in South Mumbai apart from the one at Radio Club. We went to the Fort one very close to HDFC bank at Kala Ghoda. The cafe is decent but a bit cramped up.

Service– The service is alright. However, I would have liked it if my sandwich was grilled for me or the drinks were on our table before the food.

Prices– The prices are reasonable and especially if you go after 8pm, you can get good discounts. But Timesdeal and Happiness Deli certainly fooled us with their supposed ‘offer’. The Corn and cheese sandwich was not more than 50 bucks. The 8” Margherita was for Rs. 105 and the drinks together would not have been more than 160 bucks. So the deal that was apparently worth Rs. 500 was for Rs.250 which is what we would have paid anyway. The dessert of course was at an added cost of Rs. 70 approximately.

Verdict– I recommend the pizza and would like to try more of their food. Reasonably priced, Happiness Deli is a decent enough place to grab a snack but I wouldn’t recommend it for desserts.

Rating– 2.5/5



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Jul 25 2010

The Teapot Café, Fort -Review


This sweet little café, located at Fountain, near Bombay House is definitely a hidden treasure! I’ve been wanting to go there since more than a year now and after finally discovering it, I feel super satisfied!

Food– The food on the menu is varied consisting of omlettes, crepes, waffles, pastas, quiches, pizzas, burgers, pastries, puffs, cheesecakes, tarts and what not! They also have coffees, iced teas, tea, milkshakes and many more refreshments. The first time I went there, I tried the Veg corn and cheese quiche which was quite bland and not that great. I also had the Bruschetta which I ordered for the second time that we went too. It was yummy! My friend had a Chicken & Egg burger with Mayonnaise and Cheese and he said it was very filling and also tasted good. The coffee was pretty decent too, not the CCD or Costa Coffee type, but pretty good nonetheless. You also have the option of adding hazelnut, chocolate, etc. if you want. The chocolate tart and Hazlenut cheesecake are ok. So I can say that it comes close to Candies where food is concerned; it’s ok… not that great; but there are so many options to choose from and I still have to try out a lot of stuff from there!

Ambience– The teapot café is a small little place with about 4-5 tables, Italian tiling and simple décor but the café has a charm of its own. The atmosphere is casual and fun and you’ll find games such as Uno, playing cards, etc. on every table. Since a lot of office people who know this place come here, there’s also Wi-Fi. The best part is that you get that warm, homely feeling when you go there and hence feel like going there again and again.

Service– The service is definitely above the mark. The owner herself comes to your table to take the order and makes sure you have a good time at the café. If you’re confused about what to order, ask her to suggest something you may like.

Prices– Total value for money! The items on the menu are completely affordable and well priced. A coffee would cost you 35 bucks; the chicken & egg burger 65 bucks, the bruschetta 55 bucks and so on. So no complaints where prices are concerned.

Verdict– I recommend this place and suggest you go there with your set of close buddies, play some games of Uno and eat some fun stuff. Great ambience, service and fun menu. Lots to try!

Rating– 3.5/5

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