Feb 1 2012

Oye Kake, Fort- Review


I had heard so much about this place and how it serves pure Amritsari water and blah blah blah that I just had to go check it out! Here’s what I thought of it.

Food– You’ll find North Indian food here- kulchas, dals, parathas, sabjis, chawal basically typical Punjabi cuisine. We were four of us and decided to call for 2 lassis (initial taste-bitter, found a small strip of plastic in mine so probably readymade lassi), 2 makke di rotis (ok), 1 sarson da saag (slightly bland), 1 Amritsari roasted papad (not nice) and 1 Cheese garlic kulcha (no traces or taste of cheese) to start with. We got complementary chhole (decent) with the kulcha. So yeah, after being totally disappointed with the food, we decided not to call for anything more and fill our stomachs properly at a restaurant we could trust. About the Amritsari water taste, does it really matter?

Ambience– Oye Kake is located in an area your dad might be familiar with. It’s in Fort, the left lane from Chroma, right next to Yazdani Bakery. The décor is simple, contemporary with a dash of ‘desi’ness.  The music instruments, frames and fun stuff on the wall brings out the theme but I wish there were more colours.

Service– The service was sad. When I gave them the strip of plastic they just took and it didn’t even apologize let alone do something about the lassi. Also, I don’t think they really cared if we really enjoyed the meal ‘cause they didn’t bother to come and take feedback or in any way look like they were interested in working on their negatives.

Prices– The prices are very reasonable but the food and service make me regretfully say that it’s not worth it. The kulcha was for Rs. 89, the sarson da saag for Rs. 89, Lassi for Rs. 40, Makke di roti Rs. 25. The bill came up to Rs. 368 and we were barely full or satisfied.

Verdict– They’ve got to change their attitude most importantly followed by the food quality. They do have potential to do better.

Rating– 2/5

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Nov 29 2011

iCremeso, Fort- Review


Here’s a new ice-cream place in town! What sets it apart from the others? Read further to find out.

Not just another ice cream– The thing about this place is that the ice cream is made in front of you. No, it’s not like Ice Stone Factory where you can choose add -ons to the ice cream and mix them together. Out here, it’s made from scratch, meaning the milk you choose (normal/yogurt/low-fat/soya) is put in a machine and some nitrogen gas is used to freeze it into ice cream after which the flavour you choose is added from an injection type of tube. Then you can choose toppings to make your ice cream yummier. All the flavours they have here don’t contain any preservative which is a good thing. As of now, I don’t think they have waffle cones but I hope they introduce them soon!

Where is it? – iCremeso is located at Fort, opposite the famous Sterling Cineplex. It shares space with Billo’s Café and you might find it a little small but its ok for an ice cream place.

What we had– As of now they only have the normal milk and yogurt and only serve in medium and large cups. I had the Chocolate Hazelnut flavour and Oreo sprinkles as a topping. I really liked it but wished it tasted more chocolaty. One friend had the Orange Toblerone flavour with Gummy bears. Both my friends liked it but I didn’t because of the orange taste. Another friend had the Raspberry flavour with MnMs. I liked it but liked mine better! 😛 There are many more flavours to try- Blueberry, passion fruit, Biscottino, Bubble gum, Green tea, etc.

How much? – The small cup is for Rs. 65, medium for Rs. 90 and large for Rs. 140. I must admit one thing- the scoop is a little small for the price. We all had medium cups thinking they were small.

Verdict– I definitely will go back and try some more flavours! Go try!

Rating– 3/5

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Nov 1 2011

Paratha Mantra, Fort- Review


On a friend’s recommendation, I went to Paratha Mantra on a Sunday evening for dinner with my brother. Now, here’s what I thought of it.

Food– Paratha Mantra, as the name suggests is a paratha place which serves a huge variety of innovative parathas. If you’ve been to ‘Only Parathas’ or ‘Nandu’s’, you’ll know what I’m talking about. They serve their parathas with a super small bowl of raita and pickle. So, we decided to call for a pizza paratha which was cheesy and yum and a Paneer paratha which I didn’t enjoy that much. In fact, the paneer in it didn’t taste fresh. The parathas are fried (not for weight conscious people) unless you go on a weekday and pay Rs. 25 extra for a roasted paratha. Along with the parathas, we called for a small bowl of Dal Makhani and one Paneer Makhani. Both were delicious! Ab pyaas lagi thi toh ek lassi bhi manga di which was pretty decent too.  I was toh super full after having half a paratha only! Now, let me warn you about the regular drinking water. They give you tap water and you can literally see the dirt in it. No wonder they keep a bottle of mineral water at every table! That made me wonder if they use the same tap water to cook as well and I decided not to ponder on it too much.

Ambience– Located at Fort, close to Ayub’s and Trishna restaurant & bar, Paratha Mantra is nicely done up. It’s a family restaurant on Sundays and a good office lunch place on other days. We went on a Sunday and had to wait for like 40 minutes even though it was only 7:30 so imagine how crowded and noisy it must’ve been! But I loved how they’ve done the ceiling! I couldn’t get a picture of it because of my stupid camera but its lovely I tell you!

Service– The service is super quick and efficient! The owners themselves come and take your order.

Prices– The prices are normal. Not too much and not too little either. The Pizza Paratha was for Rs. 135 and the Paneer paratha was for Rs. 95. The Paneer Makhani was Rs. 135, Dal Makhani small bowl Rs. 45, Lassi Rs. 50 and Small coke Rs. 25. So overall, we spent Rs. 485 among the 2 of us.

Verdict– Paratha Mantra has potential to do really well but they need to watch out for the hygiene factor (should use/ serve clean purified water) which if not considered could be a major issue! Also, I think most people would prefer roasted parathas for health reasons, so they should keep fried ones as the option.

Rating– 2.5/5


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Jan 2 2011

Sky Café, Fort- Review


Accidental love. That is what this place is for me. I accidentally noticed this place just last week when I went to check the show timings of Tees Maar Khan at Sterling and just when I turned, I saw a lovely open air restaurant called Sky Café. It was love at first sight!

Food– They serve Italian, Continental and Oriental cuisine here along with desserts and mocktails. Let me tell you honestly, we had pizza, pasta and potato wedges among the two of us and taste-wise it was a little above average. The good thing is that they were ready to split the toppings on the pizza-half n half for my friend and me. The desserts were ok. We tried the Rich Gooey chocolate cake and Chocolate Mousse. If you plan to go for coffee, they have a nice 4pm to 7pm offer where you can have unlimited filter coffee for only Rs.45 per person.  They’re also planning to introduce breakfast there which I can’t wait to try!

Ambience– Located opposite Sterling theatre at Fort, Sky Café is an open air restaurant, (very rare in South Mumbai) which not only surprises you but also makes you feel at home. The décor is simple and sweet. There’s no snobbish air around to make you want to run out; in fact, you’d feel like chilling there for a long time. I think the love at first sight thing happens because of the first appearance of the place…but I think its too charming to lose its charm. I just have one complaint- their huge white umbrellas cannot take the pressure of the wind and while chilling there, we saw 2 of them fall. Luckily no one was sitting where they fell. So yeah, that definitely needs to be taken care of. Other than that, the setting is perfect for a date! Super romantic!

Service– This is one of their minus points. They are really sweet and try their best to make sure everything goes right, but the food takes forever to come! I think it’s the kitchen staff that takes so long (45 minutes for a pizza) but in the end it’s the overall service level that goes down. So they need to be a little more careful about getting food in atleast 20 minutes.

Prices– I think the prices are perfect. Not too much and not too less. Totally worth the food, though the food ka taste could be better. All food items (pizza, pasta, etc.) are priced at around 160 bucks. Toppings are about 20 bucks each. The desserts are about 90 bucks each. In case you want to go chill in the afternoon, the unlimited coffee offer is great priced at only Rs. 45 per head! So not bad at all! It came up to only 350 bucks per head and we were super full!

Verdict– Town really needed this place. I love it and totally recommend it to everyone! The food’s decent, the ambience is awesome and overall its paisa vasool!

A word of caution for snooty people– In case you only chill in places with A/C or places which charge a bomb for bad coffee, please don’t ever come to Sky Café…its better off without you! [Yeah, I just tend to get a little defensive about everything I love]

Rating– 4/5

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Jul 25 2010

The Teapot Café, Fort -Review


This sweet little café, located at Fountain, near Bombay House is definitely a hidden treasure! I’ve been wanting to go there since more than a year now and after finally discovering it, I feel super satisfied!

Food– The food on the menu is varied consisting of omlettes, crepes, waffles, pastas, quiches, pizzas, burgers, pastries, puffs, cheesecakes, tarts and what not! They also have coffees, iced teas, tea, milkshakes and many more refreshments. The first time I went there, I tried the Veg corn and cheese quiche which was quite bland and not that great. I also had the Bruschetta which I ordered for the second time that we went too. It was yummy! My friend had a Chicken & Egg burger with Mayonnaise and Cheese and he said it was very filling and also tasted good. The coffee was pretty decent too, not the CCD or Costa Coffee type, but pretty good nonetheless. You also have the option of adding hazelnut, chocolate, etc. if you want. The chocolate tart and Hazlenut cheesecake are ok. So I can say that it comes close to Candies where food is concerned; it’s ok… not that great; but there are so many options to choose from and I still have to try out a lot of stuff from there!

Ambience– The teapot café is a small little place with about 4-5 tables, Italian tiling and simple décor but the café has a charm of its own. The atmosphere is casual and fun and you’ll find games such as Uno, playing cards, etc. on every table. Since a lot of office people who know this place come here, there’s also Wi-Fi. The best part is that you get that warm, homely feeling when you go there and hence feel like going there again and again.

Service– The service is definitely above the mark. The owner herself comes to your table to take the order and makes sure you have a good time at the café. If you’re confused about what to order, ask her to suggest something you may like.

Prices– Total value for money! The items on the menu are completely affordable and well priced. A coffee would cost you 35 bucks; the chicken & egg burger 65 bucks, the bruschetta 55 bucks and so on. So no complaints where prices are concerned.

Verdict– I recommend this place and suggest you go there with your set of close buddies, play some games of Uno and eat some fun stuff. Great ambience, service and fun menu. Lots to try!

Rating– 3.5/5

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