Jun 25 2013

Paninaro, Worli- Review


Paninaro1I’ve been to the tiny Paninaro kiosk at Nariman Point several times and picked up a couple of paninis to eat at home.  The one at Atria Mall, Worli just opened a couple of months ago and I went there to try a lot more from their new menu. Here’s my review.

Food– If you’re a healthy eater or wish to have something light for lunch or a snack, Paninaro is the place! Besides paninis, it has plenty of other options- sandwiches, bagels, baguettes, salads, soups, juices, coffee, tea, light munchies with dips and desserts. Not bad huh? In the past I’ve tried the Grilled Exotics, cheese & burnt garlic panini which I love and recommend and the Tandoori Paneer & Minty Mayo panini which is decent but can be better. I’ve also tried and relished the Chocolate Truffle pastry which is to die for! For my recent visit to the outlet at Atria I took a friend along and we decided to share everything we ordered. We tried the Mexican bean & cottage cheese baguette which barely had any beans, a generous amount of cheese, onions, cottage cheese and lettuce. I loved it and would totally recommend it! Next we tried the Feta, Olives & Caramelized Onions bagel. I asked them to grill it so it would be a bit crispy which is how I like my bagel to be. I thought it was alright but my friend really liked it. It had a slightly sweetish taste because of the caramelized onions. I hadn’t tried their sandwiches earlier so did that too. We had the Basil rubbed cottage cheese sandwich which I thought was nice and healthy but a bit bland. A nice sauce inside would do wonders! I got to try the Mixed Berry smoothie which tasted good but I wish it was “smoother”. I took home their Babaganoush with Pita and Onion & Garlic dip with nachos. Both the dips were great but I wish there was more Pita bread and Nachos to go along with them (quantity). For dessert, The Fudgy chocolate was amazing and chocolicious and the Tiramisu was perfect!

Ambience– Paninaro is a brightly lit, contemporary cafe at Atria Mall, Worli where you’d like to go for that cup of coffee and a sandwich or bagel with your work mate. They have outlets at BKC, Lower Parel and Nariman Point too. With a bright red wall ornamented with beautifully shot photos, it is a happy place to be at. I wish they played some fun music though.

Paninaro2Service– The food doesn’t take too long to arrive since it just needs to be heated and served in thermocol plates. You wont find a reason to complain about slow service either. Efficient staff.

Prices– The Mexican Bean & Cottage cheese baguette was for Rs. 90, the Feta, olives & Caramelized onion bagel was for Rs. 90, the veg paninis are for Rs. 120 and non-veg for Rs. 130, the sides with dips are for Rs.70, the desserts range from Rs. 40 for a muffin to Rs. 90 for their pastry/ cheesecake. The mixed berry smoothie is for Rs. 100. Next time if you’re wondering where to have a quick bite that’s inexpensive, Paninaro is the place! Reasonable with good quality healthy food. A combination we all look out for wherever we eat.

Verdict– Total value for money, Paninaro is here to stay. Must try!

Rating– 4/5


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Sep 4 2012

Faaso’s, Colaba- Review


I had been wanting to try Faaso’s for a long time. It’s just opened near my place and my brother tried it before me and said it was good so I just had to try it! Here’s my review.

Food– Faaso’s is all about wraps. They have a good variety of wraps- veg and non-veg. I tried the Cheese Melt Paneer wrap which was quite nice but I wish there was a little more cheese. I also tried the Mixed Veg wrap which was very ok. Slightly on the spicy side if that’s your thing. I wouldn’t recommend that. My brother had tried the Paneer Tikka wrap which he thought was good but liked the Cheese melt paneer better. He had also tried their ‘Meetha Fantasy’ sweet dish which he absolutely loved and didn’t stop talking about it. I’ll probably try it soon some time. Their roti/paratha is soft and much better when compared to a lot of other wraps and rolls places and the size of the roll is not. Also, their packaging is very good!

Service– They travel on cycles so their deliveries are super fast. I’d like to mention though that they messed up with my order. I had called for a potato cheese wrap and a Reshmi Paneer wrap. What I got were 2 totally different wraps. Luckily they weren’t non-veg. Thinking it was the correct order, we paid up, took bites and realised there was some gadbad. I checked the bill and saw their mistake. I called them and told them about it and they were sweet enough to accept their mistake so they sent me another Cheese melt paneer wrap for free and within 15 minutes.  Now that’s what I call superb service! They’re located at Colaba, near 3rd pasta lane, on the main road.

Prices– Their basic veg wraps are priced at Rs. 35 only. The Cheese melt paneer wrap was for Rs. 90, the paneer tikka wrap is for Rs. 70. The non-veg wraps start at Rs. 80 and go up to Rs. 110 depending on the one you order. They have a great deal for those who want a complete meal. For Rs. 110 onwards you get 1 wrap+ 1 chutney+ wafers + 1 drink (500ml). Not bad at all! If you want to add a dessert to the meal, pay Rs. 45 more for a Meetha Fantasy or brownie.

Verdict– Reasonably priced yummy wraps and super fast service! Go try!

Rating– 4/5


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Aug 21 2012

Salsa Wraps, Colaba- Review


So this new Mexican place just opened very close to home, right next to the bus stop from where I catch my bus. I was super thrilled to try it out! Here’s my review.

Food– They’ve got Nachos, Burritos, Quesadillas and Tacos on their menu and I’ve tried all four now as I’ve visited the place multiple times. Their Nachos with cheese are nothing like what we’ve had at New Yorkers, Relish, etc. The Nacho chips are a little hard and the cheese sauce is bland and cold but the fact that they’re nachos makes you want to have them. They have various options in Burritos- Paneer, Mushroom, Chicken, Jain, Shrimp, etc. The Burrito I tried was the Paneer Burrito which had rice, black beans, paneer, vegetables, salsa, cheese, guacamole and sour cream. It was nice. Their quesadillas are my favourite. I always have the bean and cheese quesadilla. With the right amount of cheese, refried beans and sour cream, they taste awesome! The veg tacos (2 pieces) had beans, salsa, lettuce, guacamole in a taco shell. Again, the taco shells were quite hard and the filling was decent. The good part is that they have a lot of non-veg options especially for Burritos and also you can choose your fillings which is a great concept in itself!

Ambience– Located at Wodehouse road, next to Charagh Din and  a bus stop, Salsa Wraps is a Mexican fast food place, mainly into deliveries and take-away because of the struggle with space. Their food counter takes up most of the space and there’s place for only 4-5 chairs to fit on the other side. They do plan to have better seating arrangements in the near future though.

Service– Being a fast food place, you’ll get your order within 5 to 10 minutes. Good service and even the deliveries are quick.

Prices– Superb prices! The Veg Quesadilla is for Rs. 80, Nachos with cheese is for Rs. 45, The Veg Burritos are for Rs. 100 and non-veg for Rs. 120. The Veg Tacos are for Rs. 70. I would be happy with a Quesadilla and probably a Nachos or Tacos and I’m good. So, a good filling Mexican meal would cost me less than 200 bucks!

Verdict– They might not have the best Nachos but I’d swear by their Quesadillas and definitely continue to eat from there. Value for money! I recommend!

Rating– 3.5/5


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